• sakurahae

    Lunafly really drew me in with their vocals. At first i was just like “oh yeah another idol group” but then i heard them sing, and I was really impressed, and I personally love all of their songs, as they are just the style i really enjoy personally. 

    But um…, Maybe im  a litle confused here, but I thought Lunafly was from nega network? thats whats on the MV anyways. Are Nega Network and Loen somehow connected? I’m just a little confused. help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1163785846 Tizzy Adams

    they’re from Nega Network not Loen :D 
    I love them and I agree with everything <3 they are SO amazing :D

  • http://twitter.com/annazabc KyuZabc

    Lunafly… totally spot on there! The magic is in the simplicity and just (for a lack of better word) – simply great music!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

    Where’s Big Bang?

  • xxix

    There’s a reason why I’m into “idol bands-artists” – CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Lunafly and “soloists singer-songwriters” – IU, Juniel

    CNBLUE and FTISLAND – Though I see them as real bands/musicians rather than K-pop idols, I would not start to argue with anyone who insists that they are idols. They got casted, auditioned, trained, formed and still guided by an agency, do promotions via music shows, dramas, reality and variety shows, they’re mainstream – in short, idols. BUT they are different because they always sing live and perform as bands with instruments, members themselves also freely participate in the songwriting and composing process of their own songs whether in Korea or in Japan. They have the looks, the talents, and the fans who share the same dream and passion. The only thing that is kinda off with me is that their agency STILL don’t let them have their own-hardworked songs as their Korean title tracks…It’s time now, FNC! p.s. Don’t you ever dare accuse them as fake bands just because they do hand-syncing with their instruments during music shows – if until now, you still don’t know the explanation for this *facepalm* 
    Lunafly – These acoustic trio amazed me the first time I heard their song and even more when I watched their live performance video. I recommend you should check them out!

    IU and Juniel – These two adorable gals with irresistible charms, heavenly vocals, play guitar and also write songs. It’s just either you adore them or you love them.  

    “The aftermath of the idol system results in the wasteland of idols groups which litter the current state of K-pop.” – YOU NAILED THIS ONE.

  • Alexa Orduz

    Kind of ironic that in Korea reality show competitions have encouraged this idol-artist concept, whereas in the US if you win a singing competition you’re more likely to be stuck under the thumb of your label for at least your first record or longer. The last five winners of American Idol have all been the “singer-songwriter” types, but their releases were all extremely watered-down versions of their personal styles (we’ll have to wait and see with Phillip Phillips, though his first single shows promise).

    It’s good to see the K-pop is moving more in a creative direction though, and I hope that’s something that bleeds over into the already established idol groups who could really benefit from having more creative control over their work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/em.sea.37 Em Sea

    Actually Yonghwa doesn’t really have creative control over his music. He once said in an interview (I can’t remember where) that he wasn’t allowed to do the same music he did in Japan in Korea. He said in Japan, he was given the freedom the do risky music, while in Korea, creativity is very limited in what his agency says.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wellington-Henrique/100002130636683 Wellington Henrique

       Yes, but that is only for the tittle song. The rest of the song he can do what he want, and in this album that they will release the tittle song will be his.

  • SamiSwanSion

    This article was very well informed and intelligently written, so thank you for that. I would’ve loved more commentary about just Lunafly but don’t worry I understand you can only cover so much in these articles. Bravo,