Welcome to another week of K-pop Indie Gem, and this week, we’re featuring Handsome People. For those of you who have been into K-pop for a much longer time, you would most probably be no stranger to the lead vocalist of Handsome People. Tei, the famous ballad crooner back in the day, made his debut in the band with two other members – Choi Young-ho (Keyboards) and Uhm Joo-hyuk (Guitar) – early last year with “Shall We Dance.”

Going into a completely different musical direction as compared to Tei’s past works, Handsome People’s music has a unique mix of funk, electronic, disco, plus a tad bit of rock elements. One of my favourite tracks from them is actually their 2nd single, “Crazy,” which actually got me interested in them as it came off as something I’ve rarely heard in the works of Korean music.

The group has also released their first full length album this year, titled, Are You Handsome? with a total of 13 tracks including their first 2 single releases, as well as their 3rd single, “Woowei Woowei.” There were many great sounding tracks in the album but one track that had me listening to it over and over again was “Beautiful.”

And for those missing Tei’s earlier days, here’s another song from the album closer to his older works, “Broken Boy.”

After the release of Are You Handsome, Tei has since enlisted into the military, which means it’ll be a few years before Handsome People makes their comeback, so hopefully this full length album will last some of us fans till their return. Till then, enjoy the music and pop us a comment if you love what you’re hearing!

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