• http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

    better received by the audience at large than was the original version of the song sung by SNSD

    So pathetic. 

    ‘The Boys’ was the #1 (physically) best-selling album in 2011 with 398K+ total sold in Korea (in only 2 Months).  ‘The Boys” single was the 10th Most Downloaded Song in 2011 in Korea (in only 2 Months). All of the above is taken directly from GAON. 

    Keep being pressed.  

    In addition to being a smart business move on YG’s part

    LOL. I am glad you mentioned the Piggy Dolls because they will have the same sort of ‘success’.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

    better received by the audience at large than was the original version of the song sung by SNSD

    So pathetic. 

    ‘The Boys’ was the #1 (physically) best-selling album in 2011 with 398K+ total sold in Korea (in only 2 Months).  ‘The Boys” single was the 10th Most Downloaded Song in 2011 in Korea (in only 2 Months). All of the above is taken directly from GAON. 

    Keep being pressed.  

    In addition to being a smart business move on YG’s part

    LOL. I am glad you mentioned the Piggy Dolls because they will have the same sort of ‘success’.

    • nathansgirl

      I think the quality of the song was what was better recieved. I don’t think the writer was saying anything other than that. Rambling off how much who sold what and in a certain amount of time just shows a dedicated fanbase, and a good fanbase at that. However I agree that SuPearls have the vocals, and I can see how people would be more attracted to their version, more so then just the star appeal of the original.
      Not that SuPearls are ‘better’ however you want to take that term, but people are excited about them, and I think with the right approach they can be pretty freakin awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

      OMG why do you sones see everything as a outright attack on GG? I will forever be puzzled by this. Just because sones went on a “bulk buy” spree doesn’t mean that the song had any quality to it. SuPearls manged to make this song into something that even those who weren’t fans of it (that is everyone who’s not a sone) actually enjoyed it.

      Even sones disliked the song and voiced out their opinions about it but that didn’t stop them from buying and downloading the song and the album (which was mediocre to say the least). How many times do we have to go through this album sales ≠ quality!!! And what if the writer thinks this was a smart business move on YG’s part! Most people agree. Not just because of YG but because of those girls. They could have been stranded despite their talent if it were up to certain companies (especially Michelle) but instead they got a chance to showcase their talent. What is so wrong about this?No one is claiming YG is the best, or that YG makes the best decisions, just that this was a smart decision. If you didn’t intend to comment on it properly, why even bother wasting your time by spitting  venom. No one disrespected GG or SM here the writer just stated that the song “The boys” was not received well by the general public despite the album sales. Which is 100% true like I already stated. Please go find something productive to do, and next time if you want to comment make sure you read the article and understood it completely.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

        How exactly do you ‘bulk buy’ on the digital music charts in Korea?

        You must tell me this secret on how to do this so I can make a fortune by telling Korean music companies how to do this considering every Korean needs an personal ID number to register on music sites to purchase music.

        The rest of what you have written is your OPINION which conflicts with the actual sales/chart rankings that ‘The Boys” did in Korea both physically and digitally.

        • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

          Read the entire comment smartass!!!

        • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

          By downloading a song multiple times…?

          And whatever, I don’t care about sales and whatever, “The Boys” as a song is shit, and Quality By Popular Vote is a logical fallacy.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

            Come back and argue when you learn how the Internet is used in Korea and how the digital music charts in Korea work.

            This is what you sound like when I read your last part of your comment.

            ::: nose in the air :::
            Why those tone-deaf Koreans love a song which I dont like.  How dare they … dont they know how stupid and tone-deaf they are.  How dare they like something I dont like, that just proves how wrong they are.
            ::: nose in the air :::

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

             if you perceived Arbitrary_greay’s comment that way, then it’s your fault not his/hers.  

          • Dana_SB

            This is what you sound like when I read the last part of your comment.

            ::: nose in the air:::

            Why those tone-deaf people don’t love SNSD, which I like.  How dare they…don’t they know how stupid and tone-deaf they are.  How dare they not like something I like, that just proves how wrong they are.

            :::nose in the air:::George, you’ve been flagged multiple times on this site for total disrespect.  Clean up your act or it will happen once more.

        • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

          Your comment would be valid if I hadn’t seen sones comment themselves saying “The boys” was an awful song. And it’s not just my opinion dear. It’s a fact.

          And unlike you (being pressed that Big Bang is more relevant than SNSD and that 2ne1 managed to be at SNSD’s heels in just 3 years), I’m not pressed by the fact that SNSD is the top girl kpop group. I accept it and I couldn’t dispute it even if I wanted to. But them being the top group has nothing to do with quality of their songs. If they depended solely on the quality they would have sank long time ago.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

            YG-Stan who says she doesnt care then proceeds to compare SNSD with her YG-biases Bigbang and 2NE1

            1) Forbes Celebrity Top Celebrity Power List 2011 = #1 SNSD; #2 Bigbang
            2) Gallup Korea Top Music Arts 2011 = #1 SNSD 26.1%; #2 Bigbang 8.2%
            3) SNSD = #1 in CF’s/Endorsements
            4) Over 1 Million albums sold in Japan in 2011
            5) etc etc etc …

            I wont bother showing any comparisons of 2NE1 with SNSD because you really have to delusional to even think they are on the same level as SNSD.

            Stay delusional YG-stan

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

            You need to go and check your head seriously! You have some issues I cannot resolve for you. Dear I don’t know who’s the deluded one here.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

            ME : Give actual verifible facts to support my opinions, show proof to support my reasonings
            YOU : Everything about YG is the best.  SNSD and SM sucks because I say so.  And my opinion are the facts, U poppyhead

            Stay pressed that SNSD > Bigbang in terms of popularity in Korea and Worldwide.

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

             1st of all I never said SM sucks, nor did I say YG is the best
            2nd I never put down SNSD as a group
            3rd READ IT, LEARN IT SALES ≠ QUALITY nor do the awards given for those same sales equal quality nor does have dedicated fans equal quality
            4th I never said my opinion is a fact
            and 5th Big Bang’s achievement lies in the quality of their music for which they are recognized Worldwide, and don’t start with the SNSD >>>> Big Bang in terms of popularity in Korea and Worldwide because that my dear friend is your wishful thinking….the only place SNSD is bigger than Big Bang is Japan oh and they certainly do more CF’s I do agree on that

          • Somuchbullshizz

            Lets not get too delusional to claim any musical artist from S.Korea except PSY has ‘worldwide’ recognition.

            Global mainstream trend is electro and hip hop as we all know and even though Big Bang is aiming and making music towards that genre, they are still nobodies for an average mainstream listener.

            Sadly there are dozens of rock/metal bands who you might call nobodies are even 5x more popular and more well-known globally than Big Bang or any S.Korean idol.
            Heck it is even worse when it comes to electro/hip hop. While U.S artists lack the organized fanclub thing and solely rely on public to sell, Big Bang are still cookies for them.

            Such as an average rapper Tyga, whom you might ask yourself WHO?? But it wouldn’t change the fact he is 5x more popular than Big Bang at the moment.

            Honestly quality wise Big Bang can’t even match to YMCMB who are always trashed down and called out for their bad music all the time from elitist hip hop audiance.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

             UGH everybody here just STFU already! Especially you ‘George’! did it ever occur to you that NOBODY GIVES A FLYING RAT’S ASS about your statistics?? god all this effing arguing over nothing! this isn’t about SNSD, 2NE1, BIGBANG…it’s about SuPearls. If you have a problem with SuPearls either state it and leave, or just GO! but stop bringing up other shit in here. shit, all fans know how to do is bicker! stop it!

          • http://twitter.com/SunnyJellyFan Blueberry (ACW)

            It’s a good thing people like you exist, or I would’ve gone insane a long time ago. Preach it; I’ll listen. :)

          • Winter Rose

            “2ne1 managed to be at SNSD’s heels in just 3 years”
            in asia? no its really not even close. like at all. facts show it.

      • idontknoe

        Why are you going to reply to a crazy troll by bashing SNSD? Seriously Sones on here don’t like him either, but why bash them and SNSD. Yes, there are people who do like the Boys. I think most international fans don’t because of the idiocy of the English lyrics, but as a song it was good. Just because you dont think their music is good doesn’t mean others can’t/don’t like it.

        • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

           When have I said SNSD’s music wasn’t good or that I disliked it. Their music isn’t my cup of tea but I don’t dislike it. I said “The boys” wasn’t good. That’s all!

          • Winter Rose

            “how much more can they rely on singing crappy songs like “Genie” “Mr. taxi” or “The boys”.”

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

            Just because I’m a YG stan doesn’t mean I think all other groups and companies suck.

            2am isn’t making it because of catchy songs. B.E.G, Boa, Se7en either, most of the older kpop groups didn’t just make their money and popularity on catchy songs. CN Blue and FT Island don’t have catchy songs etc. Not everything in kpop is about catchy songs. There are some groups that concentrate on quality more than quantity.

            It would be nice if SM actually allowed SNSD to showcase their talent fully and not just rely on the catchy songs. But alas that’s apparently impossible.

          • idontknoe

            “how much more can they rely on singing crappy songs like “Genie” “Mr. taxi” or “The boys”.”

            Alot of people happen to like those songs. People do like SNSD because of their music, not just their faces and variety skills.

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

            I know SNSD has good songs but which of those quality songs achieved something? None! Just those sugary ones got views and sales and attention and rewards! I never saw any of the songs that were actually good be in the spotlight or even promoted. They just rely on the catchy songs that sell! And by my comment I’m not undermining SNSD as a group but SM and their managing of the group and the songs they give them.

          • Winter Rose

            “They just rely on the catchy songs that sell!”

            SO DOES EVERY OTHER KPOP IDOL GROUP. omg why are you so pressed, people (not just sones) like a lot of snsd’s songs, get over it, SM is doing perfectly fine with their management of snsd considering they’re the top kpop girl group.

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

             No dear not every group.

          • Winter Rose

            wtf yes 100% of the groups do. *sigh* no point in arguing with a YG stan who thinks their groups are so much better and more “original” than every other kpop group when in reality there is very little difference.

            if people only focused on quality when buying music, your YG groups wouldn’t be as popular as they are today either. in fact, if people focused only on quality, kpop idols as a whole wouldn’t be as popular as they are today. because kpop as a whole is extremely overrated.

            and i say this as someone who is a huge VIP.

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

             When did I say it’s YG groups?

          • Winter Rose

            well i mentioned “kpop idol groups rely on catchy songs”and you said not every one, so who else would you be talking about considering you’re YG biased? my comment was restricted to IDOL groups only.

          • idontknoe

            Besides the boys, I think all their title tracks were the right songs to choose from the albums. The don’t do full on promotions of some great songs, but they do sing in on shows occasionally.

      • Winter Rose

        um excuse you genie and mr taxi were actually good pop songs coming from someone who isn’t a sone. i agree the author wasn’t bashing snsd but you are so get out. its not just sones who buy their music, the general korean public loved gee and most of their other songs. and while the english lyrics of the boys were extremely stupid, the korean lyrics are different and are a lot better. while i personally didn’t like it, there are many people who thought it was a good simple catchy pop song and nothing more, not everyone who bought it or liked it was a delusional sone.

        • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

          OMG I cannot with you sones. You’re beyond repair and so deluded that all you see in my comment about SNSD is me bashing them. You do not go through the trouble of reading my comment and actually trying to understand what I’m saying. The only thing you see is “SNSD sucks, they have no talent, their songs are awful” so I won’t even bother anymore.

          • Winter Rose

            um i just said i wasn’t a sone….maybe you should learn to read.

            the main issue i have with your comment is the first and last parts where you said “how much more can they rely on singing crappy songs like “Genie” “Mr. taxi” or “The boys”.” and “SuPearls manged to make this song into something that even those who weren’t fans of it (that is everyone who’s not a sone) actually enjoyed it.”

            sones are not only ones who buy snsd songs and just because YOU think their title songs are crappy doesn’t mean that they actually are. there were people who aren’t sones who bought the song, get over it. album sales not correlating to quality applies to ever single kpop idol group.

      • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

        Mr. Taxi is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE song in Korean. Should have stayed with their Japanese album.  Both versions of The Boys are terrible too..

        I like Genie…and a few others of their Korean songs but I think their Japanese album was MUCH better

        However fans are going to complain to SM but keep buying records for fear of what SM might do to GG if they don’t sell.  Same situation SuJu is in because goodness knowns 5th jib was terrible too. 

        The SM basement is real.  Jino and The Grace want out.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

      Ehh, I tend not to put too much weight on record sales. I mean, Vanilla Ice was the highest selling rapper of the ’80s. And he’s the laughingstock of Hip Hop.

      For the record, just because you sell the most doesn’t mean you’re making good music.

      • Paloma

        Was Vanilla Ice really the highest selling rapper of the 80s?? Whoa, the things I learn here…

        • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

          LOL yup! Until MC Hammer came along.

          Ice, ice baby :)

          • idontknoe

            Lol still a clastic though. I have teachers that can sing/rap the entire song still.

      • Dana_SB

        Lima, you’re kind of my favorite.

        • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

          Lol, we all know who your favorite is. Her name starts with a T and ends with an iffany :P

    • haiitsvi

      I didn’t want to involve myself in all this fanwar nonsense, but I just wanted to point out that the type of harmonizing TaeTiSeo does in Twinkle is different that the type of harmonizing that SuPearls did. It takes a lot of skill to layer vocals in the way that SuPearls did and they executed it perfectly. TaeTiSeo and SNSD in general tend to sing in unison or one person at a time with one or two people doing some vocalization on top.

      As someone already commented on, it disappoints me that Kpop groups do not take advantage of the numbers and do some serious harmonizing like an a capella group. But this lack does not take away any group’s popularity, as anyone can see SNSD is a very popular group.

    • Grace Ecarg

       I missed you, man….

    • Blah2341

      It’s the “facts” guy again! WB!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      Funny how SONEs have a way of making everything about KPop about SNSD.  Sure, sure, SNSD is the best in everything.  Thank you for your statistics.  Now, I’m bored.  Move!

  • FallingSnow

    Definitely. THE debut I’m looking forward to in the near future. 

    At first I was puzzled as to why the judges were sorting the contestants into mini groups and getting them to sing. But with SuPearls, I finally understood how brilliant an idea that was. I think YG said it best after their fabulous rendition of “The Boys”: they were perfect for debut as is, immediately. Each brought something different to the table and together they highlighted the best of each other. Perfect group dynamics to boot. SuPearls is just simply magical. 

    Selfishly though, I wish Park Ji Min hadn’t signed with JYP just so SuPearls could have stayed together for their official debut. I have no doubt that PJM will have a successful solo career under JYP in the future but I can’t help feeling she would have done just as well, if not better under YG and together with the other SuPearls members. A solo career is really hard, particularly for a girl so young – even if you have amazing vocal chops. IU was very lucky but there are many more examples of failures (relatively speaking): Younha, Navi, etc. I felt that as a member of SuPearls, she (they all really) had something special – that X factor – and apart, I don’t know if it’s still possible. Plus, it’s not like solo ventures will be out of the question in the future, just look at Big Bang. 

    I’m not completely happy with Lee Hayi as a replacement for PJM in SuPearls either. Not because she doesn’t have the vocal chops to match that of PJM, but somehow, I feel that Lee Hayi is conversely much better suited to be a solo artist. Her voice and demeanor is so unique that she’ll really stand out and shine in the music industry. I wish she had gone to JYP instead, he would have groomed her well as a true “Soul” diva. The producer for Kpop Star was quoted saying, “Park Ji Min is a singer, and Lee Hayi is a star.” And the more I listen to my playlist of Kpop Star tracks filled with both of their covers, the more I’d have to agree.

    But anyway, that’s just my only regret and grievance with how things have turned out for the Kpop Star contestants. I’m still eager to see how everyone’s paths will turn out in the future, and also eagerly awaiting Kpop Star Season 2 :D

    • Haibara Christie

      You make a VERY important point.  SuPearls is not the same without Park Ji Min especially when considering the “X-factor” that SuPearls has.  We also have to consider that being able to sing covers really well may not translate so well to releasing original music.  Without out that X-factor, we may end up with another CSJH, a great singing group that “flopped” in terms of popularity domestically and abroad.  

      Regardless, I wish SuPearls the best of luck!

      (Oh, and when did YG say that they were going to be a group? I just thought that they signed the members to YG)

      • hapacalgirl

        When he made the announcement that he had signed them he stated that he was going to debut them as SuPearls with Hayi replacing JiMin and that he hopes to make them into a group similar to the style of Big Mama. The other people he signed he plans on training for a few more years before debuting them. 

    • syvellium

      I agree with your sentiments on Park Ji Min and Lee Hayi… although she doesn’t fit that well into YG, personally think Ji Min would do better within SuPearls (I think she can do the vocal gymnastics, but nothing about her voice or personality really manages to captivate me), whereas Hayi can shine on her own with her soulful vocals…. I REALLY wanted for her to make a solo debut and go down a route similar to Gummy. I can imagine in my mind what kind of music Hayi would give us as a solo artist (classy, sultry, slightly jazzy)… Ji Min, not so much.

      • hapacalgirl

        The good thing about her being in YGent is that even though she will be a part of SuPearls, if any of YGent’s treatment of his current artists is any indication, there will definitely be opportunities for her to do solo work later on.  I think doing a group will be good to give her a footing in kpop before she attempts at doing the solo thing because lets face it, kpop is not too friendly to soloists. 

  • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

    Now as far as SuPearls go, I think that it was an excellent move on YG’s side. I’m glad these 4 girls with tremendous talent will get their shot in the industry. Michelle especially, seeing how Koreans aren’t that welcoming of bi-racial people in the entertainment industry. Yes Insooni and Mirae are successful but the truth is that they went through a lot of shit, pardon my French, in their own time. And are still going through racial discrimination in a way.

    SuPearls showcased an enormous potential and I’m glad YG recognized it. I hope he markets these girls the way the deserve to be marketed. As true stars. I know for YG it won’t be that big of a problem because he had sort of a practice run with a similar group back in the day, Big Mama. This time around he’s wiser, has more money to invest in this group and already has a successful girl group under his belt.

    I’m not concerned abut Hayi filling in for Jimin. Hayi is an excellent vocal and she has everything that it takes to make it. I’m not worried about the group dynamics because the girls know each other very well. Hayi was with them throughout the whole season and the fact that she wasn’t in SuPearls makes no difference.

    My only hope is that YG uses their talent and potential fully and that he gives them songs in which they can show their vocal ability and not have them singing “Oppa oppa saranghaeyo” type of songs. But knowing YG that will never happen. I am anticipating big things for this group if everything goes the way it’s supposed to go.

    • hapacalgirl

      After the announcement was made that YGent signed the rest of SuPearls he stated that his goal with the group was to make them similar to Big Mama albeit a lot younger which I couldn’t be happier.  Although there is definitely some risk in promoting them as a ballad/vocal group in terms of gaining popularity (lets face it, kpop is all about the idols) , I think Big Mama type music would really display their vocal and harmonization abilities. 

      • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

         It is a risk I agree, a high one at that that’s why I hope he’ll market and promote them well and give them good songs. But the rest does depend on the audience. We can only wait and see, but I do wish them all the best all 4 of them sure as hell deserve it.

  • Paloma

    “It’s a sad day when I find myself impressed that TaeTiSeo managed to harmonize two bars of music.” 
    This. Just this. As someone who has been in a choir, there’s nothing that exasperates me more from K-pop than seeing groups of five, seven, nine people not singing at the same time even once. I mean, what’s the point of so many singers if they are not going to sing different voices? I am obviously a K-pop fan, but if SuPearls continue with this style, I think they will bring the breath of fresh air I was waiting for to K-pop.

  • idontknoe

    I don’t want to be negative, but I see a Huh Gak trend with them. Their first song/album/mini/project will be explosive digitally, but eventually diminish. They have alot of talent, but companies have even more talented individuals in their basement. Even a vocally talented, dance talented, good looking group like The Grace never achieved the fame and recognition they deserve. I think they can have a long and happy career, but I don’t think they’ll enjoy the fame and success they’ll achieve at the beginning of their careers in their later years. I wish them the best, but if their songs aren’t amazing like (Can’t let you go if I die), I don’t see them being extremely popular for longer than a year or two. The American Idol effect?

  • kk

    The writer is clearly a fan. Other than a little over praising, it’s pretty much correct.

    I see SuPearls as a music group, marketed like an idol group, due to the audience K-pop Star has brought. You can’t expect everyone to be mature and appreciate talent. Their success will stay domestic. In Asia there’s already too much bashing on their looks, especially Chinese K-Pop fans. Internationally apart from old time YG fans, the response is very much focused on their looks and weight. 

    YG is looking to expand, so any group with an already established brand and basically no investment they’ll include, but no way will they be pushed as the main act internationally like they’ve done for 2NE1, Big Bang, and soon the new girl group. 

    Group dynamic will definitely change with Lee Hayi replacing Park Jimin. Lee Michelle will probably fill her role as the “belter”, but overall Hayi has more soul suited to the type of songs SuPearls sing. I’m excited to Hayi’s solo as well, but knowing YG I’m expecting an release date of 2015.

  • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

    I wish these girls the best, and just hope that YG gives these girls some awesome R&B material, to hearken back to YG Entertainment of years past, and switch up the copious amounts of electropop that they’ve been churning out. And, no aegyo, por favor!

  • whirlypop

    Lee Ha Yi’s just as good as Ji Min so I wouldn’t really mind. I’m not sure if this group will fare well but I know I love the fact that they could all sing. I even am quite touched by YG. You just have to applaud his sincerity. Most judges or CEO are all for show on cam and they don’t bother off cam but he signed them all up.

  • animasaurus

    I see it as a gimmick rather than some sort of great idea, but I like these girls so I wish them the best.

    • sarajgh

      YG is full of gimmicks, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Props for signing a black girl though.

      • animasaurus

         I do commend him on Michelle, and yeah agreed…

  • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

    If it were any other country, I would be very positive about their future popularity. 
    However, being Korea, I can’t help but see the business aspects of – let’s call them still – SuPearls: although there is nothing wrong with their appearance, they are not idol material. Idols are only partially entertainers, everything aside performing on stage is modeling and promotional work for companies. 

    After experiencing how even the most sexiest, healthy built idols started dieting I see dark for SuPearls unless they completely change their looks. Right now, they are only desirable because of the aftermath of K-Pop Star and their upcoming debut. Once the hype around their talent chills down what will be left? A group of extremely talented performers without ‘idol qualities’. 

    Of course we could say 2NE1 isn’t your typical idol group either, yet they have gone far – yes, but don’t forget that even 2NE1 has a slim, cute “face” who is Dara. Also, 2NE1’s charm is that they are different from the typical Korean stereotypes and have been marketed as such. Rather trying to blend in, they created an own, distinguishable style. 

    SuPearls are average girls with fascinating talents – in the idol lead Korean music industry, that’s not enough. Talent stands behind the measure of how marketable someone is – Piggy Dolls. 2NE1 had the advantage of being different, but SuPearls are exactly like every other girl of their age – in the West, that would probably be considered as charming, but let’s be honest: when was the last time a Korean entertainer was praised for his/her commoner-like features? 

    Idols reflecting perfection puts a certain gap between fame and the folk – kpop is a world of illusion the average person can’t identify him/herself with; nor does he/she feel like having to improve…In the Western world, the entertainment society is in fact very real since it involves every aspect of the average life – dating, marrying, breaking up, friendships, getting jailed, working out…etc. All these ‘scandals’ and ‘events’ make the person ‘real’ and their popularity achievable ( in our own environment at least ) so people actually strive to become like their ideals…
    In Korea the exclusion of everything ‘too average and human’ allows people to dodge insecurities since “even if I’d try to, I couldn’t possibly become as perfect as XY”. Remember when that Korean girl ( sry forgot her name ) with high qualification got into space? People – not only netizens, but the media as well – focused on what idol she would want to meet and how she looks unpleasant on screen…She was an average though very smart young woman – and every other butthurt young woman thought “why is someone like her being sent to space?” 

    I’m afraid after a period of hyped popularity, SuPearls will be out-shadowed by the next debuting act who is able to meet marketable standards OR will be forced to change…

    • black_rose45000

      Interesting pov you have there. I never would have thought it might be a more complex reasoning behind ppl choosing looks over talent other than plain shallowness. Not saying I agree (because I can’t know if it’s true or not) but it’s interesting to hear.
      That aside, what is the whole thing with the space-sending I missed? O.o What you say about the media sounds infuriating.

      • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

        It’s most likely even a more complex issue, I just pointed out one single aspect. Idols are not only an un-achievable ideal but also everyone’s property – the nation’s boyfriend/little sister…etc.

        I don’t know the exact story, but apparently a South Korean young woman was chosen to partake in a space program. She was very smart and had the right qualifications but looked quite average.
        When she had a time to speak with the media from space, they asked her the most stupid questions, like “what idol would you like to go to space with” which I think she dodged by saying “none, because they don’t have the right qualification” or something along the lines. 
        Also people started an anti-café against her and pointed out how she doesn’t look glamorous and pleasant in space…etc. 
        Some people or the media, I don’t remember well, even edited an independent interview with her and took her words completely out of context which made her look like a bad person. 

        Even if these actions and comments don’t reflect the general public, this small group of people are near insanity when their standards aren’t met. They would go into extremities just to prove their point or destroy the fame of people – or the opposite, create fame around people who don’t deserve it. 

        I’m afraid SuPearls will have to face these people and I’m not sure how long will they be able to dodge the seemingly general dislike. It won’t be just netizens but also the trash media feeding on the netizen comments. I’m sure at least one dumb journalist will ask them why they don’t get surgery or why they don’t diet to get in shape. At least one netizen will say they are a disgrace to the nation because of their ugliness.

        It’s sad, but the possibility of it to happen is high in Korea.

        • black_rose45000

          “none, because they don’t have the right qualification”
          Exactly what I was thinking too, and would’ve replied, but I didn’t expect she said the same thing too :D But like I said, the whole situation is disturbing, frustrating, and infuriating as hell.
          I totally agree with you on the SP issue – I mean, already-established celebs have it tough with the netizens’ criticism (Solbi got “why won’t you just die” type of messages when she got chubby, and this is one example that comes to mind rn). Can’t even think what will happen to these girls and the backlash that they’ll get.

    • http://marisu-dono.livejournal.com/ marisu

      Maybe YG won’t be debuting them specifically for domestic purposes. The way I see it, with the way K-pop wants to break into the international market, these girls would probably stay relevant and taken more seriously than most acts out there.

      Sure you have Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus who are good looking and actually vocal wise not too shabby. They sell a lot of records, but at the same time compare them to say Adele – who isn’t pretty- and who is more respected and taken much more seriously?

      I think if YG is smart, and knows how to market properly e.g. creating a demand in the Kpop market for a group with mad vocals rather than superficial gimmicks, I think the world is in for a Kpop treat.

      • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

        I don’t really think YG aims at a US success. 
        2NE1 is more a case of Will.I.Am being interested in them rather than YG wanting to promote them overseas. The main difference between 2NE1 and WG is that when WG flopped the responsibility fell back on JYPE and he received a lot of “well, that was a dumb idea from the start” comments.If 2NE1 flops, the responsibility will fall on Will.I.Am and YG – being not involved – stays innocent in the matter. 

        If YG really wanted to debut in the US he would’ve used the recent global exposure of BB to charm people – not break into the market, but hint the existence of BB there. Much like they did with 2NE1 and their English remake of Can’t Nobody – remember the line “we’re Asians, we’re thirsty”? The song wasn’t a showcase of the girls’ talents but an overall ‘hint’ that hey, we exist and we have this style.

        I’m not sure what plans does YG have with the girls. We have to wait for their debut. I’m just afraid, a single wrong decision can make this awesome group of talents flop without giving them a real chance.

    • palebluedot13

      you have to realize though the music industry in korea is not just idols. not all koreans listen to idols. even thought they will be idols i am fairly confident the public will love them

      • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

        “in the idol lead Korean music industry” – I never said the Korean music industry is equal to the idol industry. 

        To be honest I only call idol music kpop because everyone else does although I prefer to call it Korean idol pop – same for jpop. To me idol music is a part of the whole music industry – unfortunately the most supported part. 

        By support I don’t necessarily mean the public but the financial input of companies/agencies and the demand of other industries – let’s face it, most  commercials and magazines feature an idol instead of a “real musician”. Idols sell and you have to agree, Korea buys it. Not everyone, but the majority – otherwise they wouldn’t be marketable. 

        Also, the public is a funny thing: you can’t possibly foresee their reaction. That’s why I wasn’t talking in statements but in possibilities – there is a chance for SuPearls to flop for the reasons I mentioned. Not claiming they will flop, but we have to keep in mind that the chances are high.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexis-Testman/100000892581132 Alexis Testman

    I’m with the author I was a SuPearls fans form K-pop Star. Each girl was just electrifying and if they were to debut that day I was so a fan. Like the author the original unit glued me and turn me on to listen. With the replacement of  Park Ji-min for Lee Ha-yi doesn’t bother me as much.

    The article focus on what musically SuPearls can bring but the situation with Michelle Lee. I see her being the determining factor if this group can be successful enough and  compete with idols or other singing groups. Michelle presence will question if South Korea progress with race relations and appropriateness is moving in a positive direction. 

    Isnooni and Tahsa (Yoon Mi-rae) are good examples but these women struggle as soloist and still and a stamp in Korea’s music world. Michelle has the advantage of being in a group but we are well aware how fickle native and even some international fans can be. We international fans are just as tantamount to prejudice as native. Although we express “we live in a multiracial society.” We can be equal ignorant to race and nationality. Example how some international fans consider Michelle foreign even though she was raised in Korea. We feed into the native idea of constantly perceiving Michelle as “foreign” instead as true born Korean. If you are born on the soil of that nation (earning you natural citizenship) and raise there then you are NOT foreign. So Michelle is a Korean, even if her father is American. She does not earn her American citizenship through her father’s place of birth but her own. Which is in tern South Korea. She is a Korean and her fellow country men need to see her this way and nothing else. Not a half breed, happa, or an alien but a Korean. 

    On the other hand the issue with YG entertainment. I know many of YG stans have stress that this company is the better compare to the latter. I believe to some degree this holds truth but if you look back at YG’s past you’ll start to doubt.

    When you compare YG and their success rate with female groups its only recent. 2ne1 is the most successful group since YG’s decade and half of releasing music. Those before SWIT and Big Mama failed under the management of this label.

    Swit was YG’s first hip hop trio similar to TLC. The group lasted only briefly do to internal conflicts. They were YG’s first attempt of an all female hip hop group that had failed. One of the members end up being Suk’s future wife and mother to his first born child.

    Big Mama originally under Mboat which was YG sister label failed do to promotional issues. Like SuPearls, Big Mama focus on there  vocal ability and not image. Sense they did not fit the image of standard or ideal of Korean beauty. This was a major handicap as the image of “idol’ control the mainstream media. They release a couple of albums under YG but soon left. Suk till this day blame the media but lets be honest he didn’t know how to market them in an idol dominated market.

    2ne1 is not a vocal group like Big Mama. They fit the ideal image of an idol with an ostentatious presentation and characteristic marketability. Their music is quite mainstream and prep  for the audiovisual era. Swit was an experiment and 2ne1 the final result once all the kinks were figure out.

    YG never attempted another Big Mama like group until the coming of SuPearls. What YG saw on K-pop Star and the audience reaction must have been pure nostalgia.

    YG also has another female group in the works yet the info on them remain ambiguous. Good luck to SuPeals and I hope YG marketing and production teams can bring out the best of this group. I hope YG doesn’t get derail by obstacles  like the past female groups. Develop a new image of idol that is more diverse than the last. But above all I hope both international and native fans keep an open mind to SuPearls. Allow them to succeed or fail, change and rearrange.

    • csh1987

      m-boat and yg were separate companies who had a partnership agreement. big mama’s contract was with m-boat and m-boat split with yg after big mama left.

      would they have had a different fate with yg? i don’t know. yg then was a very different company than it is now so it’s difficult to say. but yg had little to do with big mama leaving m-boat.

    • palebluedot13

      well for one this is years and years later.. he might have a better idea of how to handle a group like this. look at 2am. they are a fairly successful ballad idol group

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    I for one can’t wait to see what they put out! 

  • intheshort

    Maybe we’ll see some a capella back in KPop? That’s one of the things I miss most about 5-membered DBSK…

  • Ditu3ka

    When I heard them doing Fame I was like: “please, make them form a group, please, please … don´t put any of them in some new girls idol group, don´t make them dance in slutty oufits, just let them sing and shine”. Now I can hope they will shine.  

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    You know YG LOVED Big Mama…so I’m glad he got to make Big Mama 2.0

    • idontknoe

      That’s completely true. A lot of ifans think that if you have no international popularity or sell tons of CDs then you’re nothing. There are tons of singers that enjoy a great deal of success without being an idol or Hallyu star.

  • black_rose45000

    This group would be the only relevant thing in “idoldom”, imo. But tbh, I fear for both Park Jimin’s and the SuPearls’ future.

  • Ricardo Villapando

    you guys can fight, bash, bicker and get bitter all you want. regardless of the quality of songs the music companies produce for their idols, even if they suck, as long as there are fools out there who buy them and clean the music store shelves empty, at the end of the day, the music companies are the ones celebrating and hugging the money. as long as the product sells who cares about talent and quality?

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I dunno about this….I like park jimin too but Lee hayi’s voice is so distinguished from many other singers that I feel like putting her in a group won’t do her voice justice.

    • gowhalego

      If all goes well with SuPearls, YG is most likely going to let them release solo albums (as he did with Big Bang) so he gets the best of both worlds. So I would say debuting Lee Ha Yi in a more or less established group is a wise, if not, strategic business choice. 

      • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

         Oh, you guys are right. I never thought about that O.o

    • hapacalgirl

      If she goes solo first there is a high risk she will fail because soloists do not fare well in kpop. By having these girls gain footing in the business as a group first, it allows them to gain a somewhat stable fanbase first so that they will have better luck when they eventually do solo work. Also these girls are young and unlike other idols, they havent had years of training so by being in a group they can gain more confidence and become more comfortable with performing in front of crowds so that they will be able to handle the pressure of being on stage solo later on.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

    I still yell out “Fame” like those ladies did in their rendition when I’m just messing around. They were amazing together!  Being that Lee Hayi was my favorite contestant, I have only high hopes for her in SuPearls. Lee Michelle, my second fave, has so much charisma and spunk, along with the other girls who stood out individually that I”m so excited to see how they will progress. YG Family concerts will only get better after their deduts. Ugh, SuPearls is perfection.

  • dodo18

    i really would have loved them to debut in another company , because the current yg unless they are established soloist , yg is nothing more than an idol machine. time yg used to have hip hop artist , solos singer, reggae, is over . he is even debuting an snsd look like . and i’m saying this as a vip , i used to love the old yg but right now the only thing that make me stick there are bigbang & gummy . and in the future he will only have idols like sm or jyp anway. so i see them yg letting them on the side like he do with his solo artist and keep overpromoting his idols . and those girls deserve good promotion they are too talented to fall in the background

    • hapacalgirl

      i get where you are coming from but the fact that YG wants to make them more like Big Mama musically gives me hope that he will utilize their talents well because Big mama had amazing voices and music that really let those vocals shine.

    • Black_Plague

      At least YG can’t be worse than shittier companies like Core Contents Media and Open World Ent. The girls wouldn’t have it any better in SM, considering SM is THE biggest idol factory out in Kpop and JYP isn’t that far behind either.  

      • imhigh

        your comment makes a lot more sense.

  • imhigh

    yg plans to debut them as soon as possible. the rush is probably because he wants to take advantage of supearl’s popularity while it’s still fresh in people’s minds. fine…he can rush the trio as a 3-girl group supearls without hayi. for me, hayi should do a solo act after a reasonable amount of training. even though she has the vocal talent, her singing skill still needs to be  honed in. she should master the technical areas of singing before she hits the live stage. keeping my fingers crossed on that. 

    • palebluedot13

      well yg says that he doesn’t know if he is having them release an album first or if hayi is getting her solo album first

      • hapacalgirl

        i think it would be smarter to debut them as group first while the name SuPearls still has public recognition from kpop star and then let them do solo albums after they gain some success as a group. I think being in a group will allow them to gain some footing and help them become more confident with the stage so that when each of them does solos they will be much more comfortable. Also it is very hard to gain success as a solo artist so there would be a high risk of failure if they go solo first even with all of the talent each of them possess.

        • imhigh

          to be honest, i dont see hayi being a failure. she’s different from other soloists that i’ve known. she’s got that aura that other soloists don’t have. she hasn’t even debuted but she’s been getting a lot of attention already. not to mention that her songs have been charting really well on various music portals like daum, gaon and even on kpop billboard. she just needs to continue on her tv/radio show appeareances so that she won’t be lost into oblivion.

          • hapacalgirl

            Even though she is different than other soloists, the fact remains that soloists (especially females ) have a lot more difficulty gaining success, especially if they are a new artists.

          • imhigh

            it’s not that they’re having difficulty gaining success. they’re just being overshadowed by kpop idols, but it doesn’t mean they’re not successful. it’s true that idols are more popular and sells more but soloists have longer survivability in korean music entertainment and are recognized more for their talents  than just being visual stage actors. 

    • http://twitter.com/sue3333333 sue smith

      Just because he says he plans to debut them soon doesn’t mean he will, I always take what these companies say with a grain of salt because one there could be translation errors and two they aren’t always true to their words.

      Like for example when YG announced Bigbang would comeback January 2010 then it changed a couple of times and they finally cameback Febuary 2011. And Cube said in 2011 that they would debut a unit called double yoon yet I haven’t heard anything about that unit since. And SM said f(x) was going to debut in Japan January 2012 and yet again nothing. So I think it would be best to sit back and wait to see what may or may not happen.

      And i’m sure Hayi will probably do some solo actives when she is good and ready, tons of idols in groups do solo work.

      • imhigh

        i don’t care about the other companies, but you’re right about yg. he has a reputation of  always changing his plans. i hope he delays hayi and supearls debut. 

  • goldengluvsk2

     im really looking forward to their debut!!! and right now! is the perfect time to debut them because even with the sea of idol groups debuting at a 2 groups per week pace theyre quite forgettable since they lack vocally and SuPearls will DEF stand out with their explosive vocals!! and to know that each member could safely have solo mini albums/singles/albums a la Big Bang is amazing :33 i’m curious of how YG will promote my bias Lee Michelle… im nervous because we know people can be obnoxious im not expecting Yg or Michelle to change the whole world about how people discriminate and treat others like aliens because theyre different but we all know music is powerful and I would like to see that they try to make SK know they should change the way they treat or think about mixed babies, kids born abroad or even foreigners…

  • cswuey

    people talk about them not being idol material and then about kpop being a short-lived phenomenon. THESE GIRLS CAN SING. worm out of the money-making mentality and acknowledge their talents.  companies can make weak singers into beauties, but at the end of the day, real singers and musicians (that’s a rare word these days) are what the music world is truly about.  fame (no pun intended) is short-lived, but talent is forever. let’s take a moment to respect music.

  • Sharlene Shartpants

    I don’t care if it’s a good idea or not. I’m just happy that Lee Jung Mi will debut. I honestly believe that she was robbed by that demon cheerleader from California.

    • JammySmoochie

      lol, that was bad. But I laughed real hard. :)))

  • 1dontcare

    Wow.. i never paid attention to kpop Star until now but these girls are awesome… As hopeful as i am for them though, there are lots of questions to wonder if they can make it in the k-pop industry.. their talent is unquestionable, but would they be able to withstand the killer schedule, crazy fans and netizen and do they have that variety quality? would they end up being forced to spread out to variety, movie etc, which may not be their forte? would the songs YG give them be able to match up to their vocal prowess or would they become one of those sad cases of impressive singers being stuck with mediocre songs? 

    • palebluedot13

      1) i doubt yg will force them to do anything they don’t want to. does 2ne1 or big bang have to go on variety shows? no. why would he force them to go in to acting? seriously do you know yg at all. he doesn’t force his idols to do these things. they have some freedom in that

      2)  yg had big mama in the past and the main reason he is so excited about this is because he said that he wanted to create a next generation big mama. so i think he knows what he is doing in that regard

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      Relax. They’re going to YG, not CCM. 

    • JammySmoochie

      Calm your tits, darling. I know, I have my apprehensions too, but trust Papa YG to handle these concerns. And I don’t think Papa YG will let them debut without prepping them up for those things you mentioned. :)))

  • samlun100

    SuPearls is what make the show K-pop Star famous.
    They’re just perfect together. The harmony, the love, and the confidence of them outshine all other groups. Lee Ha Ji is better as solo singer and Park Ji Min is better as part of SuPearls. Too bad it’s opposite.

  • samlun100

    SuPearls is what make the show K-pop Star famous.
    They’re just perfect together. The harmony, the love, and the confidence of them outshine all other groups. Lee Ha Ji is better as solo singer and Park Ji Min is better as part of SuPearls. Too bad it’s opposite.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    They sound legit.  I think that is why people love them.  Hopefully, people’s nostalgia for the original four will be forgotten as soon as SuPearls with Hayi debuts. 

    I love every member of this new group.  Lee Hayi and Lee Michelle may make the headlines, sure, but JungMi and SeungJu will definitely not fall behind in the talent aspect.  The group will be pretty balance and hopefully impressive when they debut. I’m crossing my fingers that they get the success deserving of their talent– as a unit and as individual artists, some sooner, some later.

    JiMin is a very good singer and I do hope she goes far.  But if it should happen that SuPearls, the new group, will outshine JiMin’s star, we can only look back at JiMin’s independent decision on the matter. Hopefully, it will not come to that because as it is, JiMin debuting apart from SuPearls seems rational. There is a place for JiMin and it is now up to JYP to deliver songs that would make JiMin the star she has a potential of becoming.

  • YourYG Bias

    As much as I adore Lee Ha-yi, I think that no one can replace Ji-min. Ha-yi was known for her soulful, rich and deep tones while Ji-min can belt the high ones. With both Michelle and Ha-yi owning the lower range and the other 2 Su Pearls members being slightly mediocre in the higher range, I feel like they’ll be missing the powerhouse adlibs that Ji-min could deliver.

    Don’t get me wrong, I stan hard for Ha-yi. Her emotion and song delivery wipes the rest of the contestants off the map. Gosh, my secret wish was that Ha-yi would just debut as a solo singer. But I’m still hoping for the best for the girls! They deserve it! 

    • JammySmoochie

      My thoughts too. Ji min conquers those high notes like nobody’s business. Although we shall see what Hayi could offer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    I am looking forward for their debut. Seriously, I am sick and tired of Kpop debuting armies of idol groups with no raw talent to promote, but their chocolate abs,long legs, aegyo factor, S-Line. I am not questioning the training of idols though, but what makes them questionable is they have debuted since 20XX but no sign of improvement, no sign of originality. Everything about them is manufactured, and the fact that they are overshadowing the Korean music scene makes my head to swell. Another thing that makes me cringe is the never-ending autotune that rather destroys the voice than enhances it.

    • http://twitter.com/Drin_koo DK Woo

      I’m so agreed with you!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/em.sea.37 Em Sea

       OMG! exactly what i think too! right on!

  • http://twitter.com/Noobologie Jub Jub

    … … granted. My younger sister has a problem with Michelle Lee’s face though. I don’t. This group will be different for sure! No similar pretty faces for everyone in it… guaranteed vocal candies. It will do just fine!

  • imhigh

    if yg plans to debut them early (as reported), i hope he doesn’t debut them in june or july, because i read somewhere that 2ne1, wondergirls, and even secret are all making or at least planning to make a comeback stage in june. it won’t be smart move for the new supearl to share the stage with them at the same time.

  • destinyanglin

    What you said about Ji Min is so true. I adored her every since her audition and it really will be diff without her.

    I like that they are under YG. He will be able to play to their possible dance weaknesses and (hopefully like he does 2ne1) the girls will all have their its and bits of mini solos.

  • imhigh

    wrong post

  • Capri08

    I think it’s a great move for YG, to make a group using those talented girls. Even through it won’t be SuPearls. At least those girls get a chance to achieve their dreams.

  • http://twitter.com/Drin_koo DK Woo

    I believe in YG,also in that four girls,the new SuPearls.They had the abilities to catch our eyes before that I won’t think they will disapppoint us later,also with YG’s elaboration.Just let’s look forward to their new bright appearance.

  • JammySmoochie

    I think this is a smart move for YG, since a lot of people have been attached to SuPearls so much that they wanted them to debut even during the competition.

    My only apprehension, so to speak, is Lee Hayi. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and she’s my favorite Kpop Star contestant after Baek Ahyeon. I worry that people would compare her too much to Ji Min simply because she’s the replacement. And Hayi and replacement do not belong in one sentence (it’s a mortal sin!). Hayi is too good to be a replacement. Although I have faith in Papa YG. I know he planned this carefully, so I put my full trust to him.

    This is the first group that I will stan without an official debut! Here’s to the future of Kpop!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HKB7GFOQNZ3SX7CWW6ZG4OJVI Nam Vu

    YES! YES! I AM GOING KANYE WEST’S CAP LOCK MAD FOR THIS NEWS! No seriously, it’s about freaking time. Ever since Big Mama disbanded, I am long for a group that can cure the boredom I have with K-pop’s lack of vocal talent. I’m gonna drink for Supearls tonight!

  • http://profiles.google.com/simone.halo Simone La

    It is a great idea indeed. Kpop has been needing a group like this for a long time. And SuPearls are going to make it big. And Papa YG thanks alot, for taking Michelle under your wing, as a black person/mixed this make me extremely happy. You don’t care about skin colour but you care about the talent and ability of that person.

  • GreyLeaves

    Though, I wish Michelle had a solo debut in the U.S., I’m still rooting for them to succeed majorly and snatch every wig, weave, clip on extension in the industry.  These girls have really, really good vocals. I will pray that their music is not entirely electronica/pop. Also, I pray people won’t be racist pricks to Michelle.

  • whateverwha

     Yes, Lee Michelle is biracial, but I’m tired of reading people focusing
    on that instead of praising her vocal skills. Only Lee Ha Yi and Park
    Ji Min get this recognition, not fair. Go check Lee Michelle’s Work It
    Out performance on youtube. 

  • Yutsuki Sohma

    First off, about Michelle, I really dont care about her racial or ethnic background. She is, after all, my bias (even though I love all of SuPearls) and I simply adore her voice. So thats my take on that.
    I saw Lee Hayi’s debut video and the song is simply precious. But I’ll be honest: she did look extremely awkward and uncomfortable. But I guess thats because she’s a rookie so I’m pretty sure she’ll grow out of it.
    I am soooo excited for SuPearls’ debut. I’m sure YG will make it amazingly awesome! Good luck girls!

  • Miriam Mercer

    Why do people always have to compare YG to SM? I mean I’m really looking forward to SuPearls’ debut. Thats why I’m dissapointed reading this article because you always seem to drag the topic over to SM groups and bash them in anyway you want. “certainly better received by the audience at large than was the original version of the song sung by SNSD”, “thirty teasers, prologue songs, and obnoxious showcases like some group that I could name (coughEXOcoughsputter)”, ” It’s a sad day when I find myself impressed that taetiseo managed to to harmonize two bars of music” Like seriously. Can you praise a group instead of comparing and bashing. People like you I just want to kill sometimes. Please, Let me read an article about SuPearls WITHOUT seeing my favourite groups get bashed. Thankyou.