Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review! Things are relatively quiet on the music front as the year wraps up, but there is still some news to catch up on before the weekend is out:


  • YG producer Kush was booked for drug offences, but what seemed to surprise (or rather, amuse) people was the fact that he was caught with cocaine, rather than the marijuana that would match his stage name. Kush stated that he had bought the substance due to his depression. While that may help to explain Kush’s actions, it doesn’t necessarily excuse them.
  • It appears Jisoo‘s decision to leave Tahiti may not be a mutual one. The company’s CEO has claimed to have had no contact with Jisoo while trying to accommodate her stated illness and treatment, while fellow member Miso blasted Jisoo on social media for allegedly falsely citing a panic disorder as her reason for leaving the group. Miso appears to claim that Jisoo is only saying she is ill in order to get out of her contract without paying any penalty. There is no way to confirm this currently, and Jisoo has not made any further comments.
  • And 2017 isn’t done with K-pop’s second generation just yet, as Dal Shabet‘s Serri, Subin, and Ahyoung decided to let their contracts with Happy Face Entertainment expire. Woohee is currently the only member still officially with the company, but it is expected that she will follow her fellow members out.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all of the week’s new music in our playlist, above!
  • B.A.P returned with “Hands Up,” but the comeback has been overshadowed by the perplexing use of a body double for Daehyun in the MV.
  • Our reviewer loved Uhm Jung-hwa‘s nostalgic MV for “Ending Credit,” what did you think of the pop diva’s latest offering?
  • Twice have repackaged their Twicetagram mini with new single “Heart Shaker.” Keep an eye out for our review, coming soon!
  • Taeyeon released her first solo Christmas album with This Christmas – Winter is Coming. Our reviewer felt that the Christmas sentiments came more from the emotions elicited than the music itself, but nevertheless enjoyed the title track.
  • If it is more traditional yuletide fare you are looking for, NCT Dream have reworked “Joy” as the next Station single. Because every carol is better with Mark‘s rapping.
  • And Loona have put out “The Carol 2.0” featuring ViVi, Choerry, and Yves.
  • Soyou roped in Geeks for the Primary-produced “The Night,” the lead single for her first solo album, Re:Born.
  • Vixx’s Ravi rapped an ode to “Alcohol” for his mixtape.
  • After featuring in Charli XCX‘s MV for “Boys,” Jay Park has also made it onto the singer’s Pop 2 mixtape. Look out for him on “Unlock It” in our weekly playlist, above!
  • Another East-West collab more people are talking about is Fall Out Boy‘s remix of “Champion” with none other than BTS leader Rap Monster RM.

Teasers & Announcements

  • On the 18th, Laysha are back with “Pink Label.”
  • On the 19th:
    • Got7‘s Jackson will appear alongside ex-Miss A member Jia in her upcoming Chinese release “Mood.”
    • Crush also has new music out.
  • On the 21st, Exo will be pouring out another winter album, Universe.
  • On the 27th, Younha will release her fifth album, Rescue.
  • January is planned to be the time of Infinite‘s first comeback since Hoya‘s departure earlier this year.
  • Eric Nam is also planning a late January comeback.
  • After 14 years, Goo Hye-sun has parted ways with YG Entertainment.
  • Uji, formerly of Bestie, has signed on to Curo Entertainment.
  • Loona’s new girl is Chuu (top) and she’s brought back the Mobius strip.

Other News

  • In other BTS news, the MV for their tourism single “With Seoul” also came out this week. Check it out, above!
  • It has also been revealed that BTS’ Global Artist Award from this year’s Melon Music Awards will be treated as a daesang, in recognition of the group’s hard work and success in bringing K-pop greater international recognition.
  • G.Soul will be enlisting on the 26th, making for a bittersweet Boxing Day for his fans.
  • Seventeen‘s The8 will be sitting out promotions to focus on treating his back injury; wishing him a full recovery.

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