Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


Debuts & Comebacks

  • Aespa came back with a futuristic bang for “Armageddon.” Check out our MV review, and keep an eye out for our album review!
  • RM took to the street to set things straight in the b-side MV for “Groin.”
  • Chen returned with the… ballad, “Empty.”
  • Yves brought dance club sounds and horror movie aesthetics to a parking garage with “Loop,” featuring Lil Cherry.
  • Ateez definitely put in “Work” for their recent comeback. Our writer dug into the MV here!
  • Artms combined TikTok trends and true editing chaos in “Virtual Angel.”
  • Suho continued his funky solo journey with “1 to 3.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Akmu return with Love Episode and “Hero” on June 3.
  • Xdinary Heroes are back with Boy Comics” on the same day.
  • Rounding out the June 3 returns is Kep1er with their first full album, Kep1going On and the MV for “Shooting Star.”
    • Following this album, Kep1er will continue as a seven member group with Mashiro and Yeseo not extending their contracts.
  • Everglow make a long-awaited return with the single album and MV for “Zombie” on June 10.
  • Cignature return with Sweetie but Saltie on the same day.
  • Trendz drop their Dreamlike single album on June 12.
  • Sunmi‘s new single “Balloon in Love” is out on June 13.
  • Bol4 also releases a the new single “Lips” on the thirteenth with a mysterious featuring artist.
  • Nayeon‘s second mini album Na is out on June 14.
  • Jeonghan and Wonwoo (Seventeen) team up for This Man on June 17.
  • Riize‘s first album Riising and the MV for “Boom Boom Bass” finally drop on June 17.

Other News

  • T.O.P. is no longer going to the moon with the billionaire-funded expedition dearMoon, and he took to Instagram to express his disappointment.
  • Hani announced her upcoming marriage. Congratulations!

(YouTube: [1], Naver, Korea Herald: [1] [2] [3]. Images via: SM Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment.)