20150628_seoulbeats_shinee_keyHello all, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review. Here’s the news you need to know:

Serious News

  • A number of SM idols, like Key, have publicly come out against sasaengs who have been harassing them on social media.
  • Descendants of the Sun is currently under scrutiny by South Korea’s media watchdog for excessive product placement.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Twice is back with “Shut up” — I mean, “Cheer Up.” Yes.
  • Seventeen is back too, but they seemed to have undewhelmed with “Pretty U.” Would you agree, or did you love the song? Do you enjoy it with a glass of water?
  • Lovelyz have gone in a more fantastical direction for newest single “Destiny.”
  • ‘Aunt’ Hwang In-sun, of Produce 101 fame, has officially debuted as a soloist! Check out the MV for “Emoticon.”
  • Cocosori adds some heavy metal to make their new single “Exquisite.”
  • SM also went the metal, teaming up with Inlayer for SM Station‘s “Mindjack.”
  • Lee Sung-kyung features in Eddy Kim‘s “Lips Like Warm Coffee.”
  • Vidan pays tribute to patriotic hero Chu Nongae in “Wishes of the Rings.”
  • Babylon teams up with Dok2 for “Between Us,” while Ha:tfelt assists on B-side “Rainy Street.”
  • April adds to K-pop’s musings on TInkerbell with a single of the same name.

20160501_seoulbeats_akdongmusician_akmu_ygeTeasers & Announcements

  • Everyone’s favourite sibling duo, Akdong Musician have finally started teasing their comeback! The pair leave the lush greenery of Play for a new apartment and disquiet in the city with new album Spring Vol.1 (思春記上). The accompanying art film reminds me a lot of “Big Jet Plane;” and I loved that, so I may very well love this, too. How about you?
  • f(x)‘s Amber and Luna are teaming up with DJ R3hab for Station release “Wave.”
  • AkMu labelmates iKon has added six more stops to their tour, including four in South-east Asia.
  • Infinite’s Woohyun is also teasing his solo debut. Are you looking forward to Write..?
  • BTS will be bringing the “Fire” this comeback.
  • Your vampire faves VAV will be coming back with “Brotherhood.” Loving the Eastern strings!
  • If you’re looking for Monsta X’s teasers for their comeback, then Instagram is where you want to be.
  • Instagram is also where you can find Tahiti members teasing their comeback, too!
  • After solo and sub-unit promotions, AOA will be making a comeback in May.
  • Produce 101‘s I.O.I will be debuting on the 4th of May with mini-album Chrysalis!
  • Meanwhile, Cathy has teamed up with Bae Yoon-jeong for “Bee Strong,” a promo single for Kolon Sport.
  • Speaking of survival shows: Cube will be putting new boy band Pentagon through the wringer on Mnet.
  • Jessica Jung‘s full tracklist for her debut mini is out now! The lead single will be “Fly” ft. Fabolous. I wonder if Sica is a fan?
  • And now that May is here, Tiffany will also be making her summery solo debut. So if SM and Coridel are bringing the drama, will us fans have to supply our own popcorn?
  • 20140413_seoulbeats_kahi_izeAlso preparing for a summer release is Jonghyun!

Other News

  • Loen group History celebrated its third anniversary on the 23rd. Best wishes to the boys!
  • Kahi has spoken out on a recent variety show episode about being ostracised by After School as Pledis added more and more members. She claims her hadline approach was misunderstood, but some fans are saying she’s just playing the victim. What do you think?
  • Racism alert: Winner‘s Mino is sporting braids.
  • Stellar may be on the brink of disbandment.
  • Got7‘s JB has been experiencing back problems, causing him to sit out performances. Hopefully, he gets better soon — wishing him a full recovery!
  • We may be on the verge of another round of inspirational articles about idols persevering in the rain, with Perez Hilton covering WSJN‘s recent slippery performance at a Show Champion concert. Idols from other groups also injured themselves during the outdoor concert, leading to questions on why the organiser did not delay or cancel the event.
  • Oh, and Shinee‘s Japanese management has turned the group into cats. As you do.

Catch the short PV with the actual Shinee members (and a bemused boyfriend) here.

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