Hello readers, and welcome to May!

K-pop has been teasing a lot of new releases for this month in particular, and now we are finally here! BTS just dropped the MV for their repackaged album, and we will be getting new music from AkMu and more this week.

Later on in the month, Woohyun will be making his solo debut.  SM and Coridel have also deigned to match up solo releases for Tiffany and Jessica releasing music — during this time, please remember to stay hydrated and not to overload on the drama. You can pick up spilt popcorn (five second rule!) but spilt words are harder to mop up — especially online.

The release I’m looking forward to most, though (even more than Jessica) is Amber and Luna’s “Wave” with DJ R3hab. I think SM is testing the waters for a f(duo) here, and would love to see more from a Lunber duo.

Which May releases are you looking forward to?

(YouTube. Image via: Osen)