20151101_seoulbeats_superjunior_heechulinsta_leesoomanHello everyone, and welcome to Comments of the Week. Before we get to the comments, let’s take a look at what was covered on Seoulbeats these last few days:

Just for Halloween, there was the 2015 Halloween Costume Round-Up.

In music, we reviewed Xia Junsu‘s latest solo mini-album and SB Mixtape covered some of our favorite love it or hate it songs. We ended October by talking about the Unsung Artists of the month. Laverne also interviewed Korean band, Galaxy Express, along with a giveaway of a signed CD.

There was also the recap of Best of Weekly Music Shows.

In socio-cultural articles for the week, there was a discussion on color wars. In lighter fare, Lorenza theorized her own LoL team and explained the basics so that readers can create their own.

Meanwhile, in drama, we covered episodes 10-13 of She Was Pretty, episodes 1-4 of My First Time, and episodes 5-8 of Sassy, Go, Go. In variety shows, episodes 4-6 of Unpretty Rapstar 2 was covered.

In The Sunday Social, Gaya talked about the upcoming November comebacks.

Finally, you can get a briefing of the highlights from this weeks SB Week in Review.

Here are some of our favorite comments of the week:

Sonwabile Sony Antonie on The Sunday Social, 11/2: November Comebacks!

For me nobody does the dark theme better than Vixx and it look like they’ll be returning to that for their comeback. So i really cant wait for them. It feels like it’s been ages since they’ve released something.

Shinee goes without saying, the most consistent idol band is definitely Shinee and i know what they will release will be solid and great to watch and listen too. So im crossing my fingers that they will make a comeback.

Cynthia Marie
on Avoid Color Wars: Fight Back With Symbology

I definitely agree that using symbols would be a much better choice, like the A.R.M.Y Bombs and BAP‘s Matoki lightsticks, but I don’t think the fandom color craziness is limited to k-fans, and I don’t think that we international fans can’t or won’t ever fully understand the emotional connection. Especially with fans of the older groups. I know so many Shinhwa, TVXQ/JYJ, and SuJu fans that get just as angry over color wars as K-fans seem to. Honestly, I was very upset with the iKON color issue – as were all my other Cassie friends. I realize that it’s not rational, and I realize that I shouldn’t feel so attached to a color…but I just DO. Seeing a red ocean for anyone NOT tvxq/jyj would just make me feel like the guys and Cassies took a huge slap to the face. My friends and I feel proud – just as proud as k-fans I would think – to see that red ocean.

At the same time, I get the same feeling when I see a sea of A.R.M.Y Bombs! So I am absolutely with you as far as that goes – and I actually think that going forward it might help create an even closer relationship…??? Like, with the A.R.M.Y Bombs…it’s continuing a theme – I mean, BTS is really committed to the whole military thing, from the fandom name to calling their fanmeetings “musters”, and I think that it creates a more solid unity and identity that’s a lot harder to break.

Guest… on Unpretty Rapstar 2, Ep. 4-6: Getting Off Track

Gotta say I’m still a little annoyed that Gilme was eliminated so early on in the show. It’s true that she did have a few slip ups with forgetting her lyrics, but in that diss battle she delivered a much better tap. I don’t think Truedy understands the meaning of a diss battle seeing as in both her face off against Gilme and Yezi she spent most of the time hyping herself up. Also, and this is directed towards the judges and producers, but Truedy clearly broke the rules of the diss battle. Each battle consisted of two rounds, but Truedy was allowed to go again without being penalized. Just because she got emotional doesn’t mean she should be allowed another chance to say what she wanted; she had her alotted time just like everyone else.

That’s a wrap for this week. As always, thank you for reading and commenting!