20151102_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_miryoHello everyone; hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

Now that Halloween is over, we can look forward to November and its bevy of comebacks! It’s the last chance to capitalise on that Autumn goodness before Christmas season arrives, so I guess the rush was expected.

Some of the comebacks I’m really looking forward to include:

  • B.A.P
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • EXID (I’m always here for people fighting against ballads)
  • Vixx
  • Shinee (Let me have my delusions! Though, all the recent photoshoots and interviews do keep setting my comeback radar off…)

I’d include Winner in that list too, but I know YG is just trying to placate the boycotters with that announcement. The comeback is a lie.

How about you, readers? Which comebacks are you looking forward to? You can find a longer list of November comebacks in our latest Week in Review.

(Images via: TS Entertainment, Apop Entertainment)