Pick you clean to the bones with my wicked rhymes

Daze you with my charm, you know that it’s Secret Time

Melt the skin off your flesh like Poison with no remy

Chew you to million pieces the way Bom chewed up Kemy

Amazinger like Magic and Madonna, you can betcha

Turn up the aegyo and tell oppa to come and getcha

Don’t be Shy Boy cuz you a concoction of Colonel Sanda

How dare you steal my name and turn a Zinger to a Hana?

How’d I lose a popularity contest to a burger?

20120921_seoulbeats_zingerRip this chicken’s guts out, call it bird-degree murder


Everybody loves me cuz they know I’m a Boss

From recovering anorexics to Sunmi‘s body on Rick Ross

You and I aren’t much different, we’re both a piece of meat

‘Cept I’ve got better drumsticks even if I’ve got no feet

Snoop Dogg ain’t gotta tweet about your biscuits and behind

Difference between you and I is I’ve got bigger breast and thighs

Come at me girlfriend, you ain’t messin’ with no chicken

My tender juicy patties got the people finger lickin’

20140819_seoulbeats_hana_secretAll this seasoning and spices, bet you’re wondering how to beat it

Like the colonel’s original recipe, I can’t tell you, it’s a Secret


I’m in Love with attention, I say YooHoo YooHoo

Changed my name and my face in time for “I Do I Do”

Stop gazing over there, that’s Sunhwa and Jieun

Stop gawking at Hyosung, my rap is coming up soon


Putting on a plastic face is played out and so done

Ain’t that right Ms. Koreas, Hyuna, Minzy, and Soyeon?

20130221_seoulbeats_ZingerAnd think changing your name to Hana will get you notoriety?

All people will think of now is the former Ms. Miley


Think this blaming and pointless naming can ever make me stop?

I’m a tear this chicken’s head up like I did to “Candy Shop”


I feel sorry for your ego, this must be quite a dinger

When all you get is the bird every time you search the Zinger


Who won? Who’s next? You decide!

(Images via TS Entertainment, Kentucky Fried Chicken)