20160911_seoulbeats_mobb1Bobby of iKON seems to have gotten himself into another controversy involving diss lyrics. He’s been at the center of a diss rap controversy before, having thrown shade at idol rappers in his lyrics for songs he penned while participating in Show Me the Money 3, calling out the likes of BTS‘ Rap Monster. This time around, his lyrics are directed towards his label mate at YG Entertainment, Mino of Winner.

Mino and Bobby each recently debuted with solos and also together as a sub-unit, MOBB. Having simultaneous promotions and constantly collaborating with one another, it seems that the two have stirred up quite the rivalry. It’s not surprising that, as rappers, they’ve chosen to take out their anger and frustration towards one another through their lyrics.

Bobby made his solo debut first and took the first shots at Mino. Mino wasted no time in responding, making his solo debut the following day with lyrics that took jabs at Bobby. Things spiraled out of control from there. Surprisingly, nobody noticed this epic rap battle was going on until now. Continue reading for an unabridged transcript of all that’s gone down.


From Mix & Match to WIN, y’all know I started from the bottom

20160913_seoulbeats_bobby1Bounce back from defeat to rock the beat, check my vouchers, see I got ‘em

Then came Show Me, y’all got to know me

Nobody can slow me, even YG can’t gonna hold me

Back, when I got this money, this title, and this trophy

Whack, is your sexist lyrics against the gynecologist

Smack, all the endless scandals made you one damn fine apologist

Slack, there’s none of that for the stuff you lack so face it

You’re an idol rapper and a runner up cause your skills are worse than Basick

Your legacy was pre-Block B, but your stint on BoM erased it

Your eyes can see I’m the prophecy, but your tone deaf ears need lasik


I see you’ve stepped your game up since you went up against Nam-joon

But you’re still not ready to run with me, I’m afraid it’s just too damn soon

My game is tight like a Diamond, it’s also strong like bamboo

Your dreads say hard of tryin’, bet they wash right off with shampoo

Don’t be mad at me cause there’s just no we

Instead of you and B they chose A and me

20160913_seoulbeats_mino1Show Me seasons four and three

You and me had it so easy, it’s plain to see

That both of we needed Papa YG just to succeed

They all know it was rigged right from the beginning

Your herd’s grown thin and it’s only been thinning

An idol from start to finish, and in the middle innings

Cause even when you win, there’s no way that you’re winning


Holup, don’t diss the game, just take the blame and sack up

20160907_seoulbeats_Bobby_iKONShow up, to your diss battles so you don’t get owned by Black Nut

Your stages are boring, lyrics are soft, I swear you hit the lotto

To even get as far as you did, thanks to Zico and Paloalto

Don’t act like we don’t see through your con, walk around tryna be like GD

Who’s that reppin’ for team iKON, just mad we selling more CDs

Ask B.I. to write more your songs cause “Empty” was off the heezy

Top of the class of YG trainees, and I make it look so easy


20160913_seoulbeats_minoYour Body of work is terrible, nobody can make any sense of it

I-fans think you’re a fake and that you’re culturally insensitive

Your growl’s played out, there’s not a bit of subtlety or suspense to it

Your songs fade out when nobody’s tryna sing along or dance to it

Your rapping’s got no tact, just ask The Quiett and Dok2

Even when I do your act, I do it better, Okey Dokey

There’s me and then there’s B.I. if you’re wondering who’s the best

There’s you and then there’s me, why, again I WIN: Who is Next?


20160913_seoulbeats_b.iHow y’all form a MOBB squad and not bring on good ole B.I.?

How’s your name so Deep in lame, it just makes no sense to me, why

Your hair’s done like a rasta, I don’t get it, tell me, B, why

You insist to portray an array of cosplay, I really don’t get or see why

Mino, you’re so obsessed with fame, on pop collabs you rely

I ain’t diggin’ the stuff you kickin’ when it’s with Dong Young-bae and Lee Hi

Y’all talk about who’s the best when there’s one thing you can’t deny

Compared to me, no YG trainee can best me, myself, and Be I

Rap Monster

20150321_seoulbeats_rapmonsterWatching y’all fit and quarrel, I can’t help but feel some pity

The only reason you’re popular is cause fangirls think you’re pretty

Think anyone would give a damn if not for your YG tag?

Your diehard fans wouldn’t wipe your ass if not for your GD swag

You’re idols through and through, so stop it with the moaning

Saying you’re good for an idol rapper, I seriously don’t condone it

Check out me and Agust D, see shit looks real now, don’t it?

Gotta spit your lines with honesty, show ‘em what is true and own it

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(Images via YG Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment)