bobbyPicking up on where we last left off in the idol diss duel drama started by Bobby of iKon, derived from various raps he penned for Show Me the Money 3, Ravi of Vixx had just fired back with a rap of his own, generating mixed reactions. Following Ravi’s timely yet unpolished retort, audiences waited to see if there would be a second respondent, namely from the most prolific rapper called out in Bobby’s lyrics, the leader and anchor of BTS, Rap Monster.

As the days passed, a response seemed less and less likely as excitement towards the idea of a possible idol rap feud began to dwindle. However, it seems that Rap Monster was simply taking his time to craft a carefully constructed critical response to be unleashed upon Bobby and the public. With Rap Mon’s fearless response now out, will other idol rappers follow suit?

Below is a blow by blow recap of the events so far.


I’m a born hater

Dishing out an idol diss of poor nature

An iKon of idol rap instigator

Call me a Monster or call me an innovator

I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass

I put this Boy Scout up and out on blast

Wake his Bangtan butt up and get him up in class

20141214_seoulbeats_bobby1I’m your teacher for today and there’ll be no hall pass

That’s right, I’m calling all you out, lads

Against me, they never seem to outlast

Step up, and get your stuff outclassed

Run scared, and get your name called out fast

Idols ain’t rappers, they all just sellout fast

Think you’re hip hop but it thinks you’re an outcast

Besides B.I, Zico, Mino, PO, and me

20141214_seoulbeats_bobby2Rest of y’all ain’t nothing but tone deaf MCs

Instead of doing your Clock Dance on M! Countdown

Get your butts in the studio and write ‘em rhymes down

I’m Different from all you Empty rappers, no apologies

Come Here and see why I’m K-pop’s new rap prodigy

Boy group rappers wonder how I do what I do

And to all you skinny Boyfriends, yea y’all suck too

20140404_seoulbeats_bts_rapmonster2Rap Monster:

You’re not a Rap Monster, you’re just a damn poser

If you’re not a born Winner, then you’re just a damn loser

Calling out your peers before you’ve even made your debut

Are you trying to start a fire or are you trying just to flame fumes?

Call me a sellout but you don’t know what it’s like to be me

I answer my critics freely, just come correct, no B-Free

Stop playing up your street cred, dissing rappers is played out

20120624_seoulbeats_verbaljintI Do What I Do, ask Verbal Jint to get this laid out

Verbal Jint:

With that kind of skill, how dare you think to mess with me?

Rap Monster:

20140225_seoulbeats_bts_rapmonsterWith that kind of flow, how dare you think to contest with me

With no time in the underground, no way you’d get the best of me

With no way out to fend your ground, no way you’d stand the rest of me

This about to get ugly, I hope you won’t think any less of me

Call me a Cook Monster cuz I’m serving up the recipe

To get you nerved up irritably

To get you served up lyrically

20140404_seoulbeats_bts_rapmonster3I lay it down for you here to see

Your lines were written carelessly

Your lyrics are like heresy

They make me laugh hysterically

They make me tear my hair, you see

You wrote your raps in earnest but they came out quite satirically

You wrote your rhymes in circles while I rhymed all this spherically


Hello, this is Ravi

Shout out to this hater Bobby

20130508_seoulbeats_vixx_raviWe were in the same boat when he tried to up and rob me

Luckily, rap battling is my new favorite hobby

Call out my Clock Dance but you ain’t even try to know me

Go on Show Me and take your money and your trophy

I’m a Diss Hater cuz this hater straight up showed me

Takes more than a few words if you wanna try and slow me

Plus my rapping is not bad, that’s what Chad Future told me

Call yourself a prodigy but you’re just a big bologna


Bobby, think you can just go around and talk crap?

What’s that? Didn’t think that this Boyfriend could rap?

I go boom bada boom and ratta tat tat

Say what? Didn’t think this boy fiend would snap

Never thought your raps would get you strung out this far?

I’m done with you, let me turn the mic to this bad Sistar


I’m through with these idol nobodies trying to get a damn piece of me

Rabbit’s out the cage, now nobody’s gonna get peace with me

Take a shot at my Starship and find that you screwed up royally

How can you have a rap battle without the presence of rap royalty?


20141202_seoulbeats_shinee_minho_smtown_jpnY’all call this rapping? Cuz all I hear is dibidis and dibidis

Y’all ain’t wanna try me cuz y’all can’t get with this, can’t mess with this

Rap God in the building, just finished with that Hyuna diss

You asked for flaming charisma, now you’re gonna get a ton of it

Gunning at these idols, Bobby, I know you’re really wanting this

Run one on me, rookie, it’s time to put some fun in this

Dibidisdibidis, and I ain’t put no pun in this

My name is Minho, and I’m the one straight running this


Who won? Who’s next? You Decide!


(Radio Palava, Images via YG Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, GQ, Brand New, Jellyfish Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, SM Entertainment)