20160807_seoulbeats_unprettyrapstar_jiminWith Unpretty Rapstar‘s third season underway, it’s a good time to reflect on the show’s inaugural season and see what it was that made it so special. For me, it was the diss battles. Being the show’s first season, nobody knew  what to expect. The atmosphere was much more contentious and the contestants weren’t afraid to cut deep into one another. As a result, there were many epic battles that took place, some of which I’ll be highlighting here.

Be forewarned that I could not find any clips with English subtitles so I took the liberty to translate the rap battles below in the only way I know how. Watch the clips to refresh your memory and read on for translated lyrics you’ll likely not find anywhere else.

Who could forget all the toe to toe battles between Cheetah and Jimin? While eventually Cheetah gained the upper hand and became the winner of season 1, let’s not forget the time that Jimin, the underdog, held her own and surprisingly came out on top.

Cheetah vs Jimin, Episode 6


This place is like a jungle, no place for pretty flowers to grow

To me you’re still an unbloomed, flower without the petals to show

Coming up in here, there’s a thing or two it’s best you oughta know

Run up in my lair, bad things happen where the sun don’t never show

You can’t achieve half as much when you step up over here

Your limits start to show when you’re frightened, overcome by fear

Your fans can’t even save you when you’re rolling with the big cat

San E can’t even praise you with your lyrics soft and plain bad


Honestly speaking I’m a pretty little liar

AOA leader and my rap is hot fire

Better not come talking smack and shit

Cuz big things come in small packages

Sign sign sign, even your fans know who I am

Your friends don’t even know your songs but they all know who I am

I sing, dance, rap while this is your only schtick

Got million dollar CFs while this is your only gig


Sexy idol, just you and me, no AOA

Ain’t so fly though without your sexy beats, no 808

Can’t date can’t cuss, just a slave to your company

Cat’s got your tongue, but it’s property of FNC

Hey pretty star, come here looking like a barbie

Come here trying to rap but you can’t even rap like Bobby

I’m the unpretty rapstar, it’s more than just a job, see

This my life’s work and to you it’s just a hobby


No matter what I say, haters gonna bash

No matter what you say, it’s all just talking trash

Mouth so rotten, smells like a toilet so go eat shit

Say hi to this middle finger and watch me go ape shit

Yes I’m an idol, it means I get my dough

My career’s in top gear while your’s sitting idle

Posing Like a Cat but you’re nothing but a small fly

This kitty’s got you going cuz I’m freshing and I’m so fly

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Jessi and Kisum had a bit of a rivalry that reached a juncture when the two met in a diss battle on one of the track missions. Jessi, feeling overly confident after gaining several consecutive victories, came a bit unprepared and Kisum took advantage by digging into Jessi’s past.

Jessi vs Kisum, Episode 5


Kisum, you are now in danger

Dont’ be afraid though, I’ll be your guardian angel

Listen, this the gospel and I’m the preacher

Time for your lesson, let me be your teacher

Step one, run Forest run run

Better run for cover, I bring the thunder

Step two, try not to get hysterical

And last but not least, pray for a miracle


Jessi, I don’t understand what you’re saying

Let’s take it back to Itaewon, you know what I’m saying

What happened in that bathroom, the assault case you handled

Avoided all the charges, but couldn’t escape the scandal

Back when you called yourself Jessica H.O.

Went and changed your name but couldn’t avoid the hate though

Should have took more rap lessons from Mi-rae unnie in Uptown

Your skills are inconsistent, now go and take an EXID like “Up Down”


You’re a lightweight and I don’t even gotta rap

I can sell a mill just singing on the track

I represent New Jersey, I got it on my back

In case you missed my rant, well I’m a bring it back

We’re not a team, this is a competition

You can’t judge me, I explain the situation

Now in this game I’m the mother fricking top dog

I’m the CEO and you’re my mother loving lap dog

Now let me show you what a queen do

I keep it classy, take you to the ladies room if I need to

You think you’ve seen bad but you ain’t even seen bad yet

I come and go like a migraine, go and get your brain checked


Got you all worked up when you used to ignore me

Thought you was bad, now your antics just bore me

Your foul-mouth imitation of Biggie is done poorly

Rap in high pitch and make the fanboys adore me

The only thing alive is your pride, I’m a stomp on it

The only thing you got is your career, I just chomped on it

I work hard while you work hard kissing people’s asses

My career’s taking off while your’s fading away the fastest

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Last but not least, the show built up the past hatred and rivalry between Tymee and Jolly V since the first episode. Tymee had been avoiding the confrontation for some time but after San E called her out on it, she came back the next day fully prepared to take her shots. This impromptu battle was every bit as emotional and intense as Jessi’s revenge rap and it was these unexpected moments that made season 1 so fun to watch.

Jolly V vs Tymee, Episode 5


I’m bout to grant your wish so listen up careful

Get your head out your ass cuz you’re bout to get an earful

Stepping on a cockroach is like being in a tub filled with grime

Seeing your face daily makes me want to vomit all the time

I confess I can’t deal with you, who’s not a person but a pig

Your looks and not your skills are what’s close to being B.I.G.

On Show Me the Money you’d be edited out without me

Ask the producers why you’re even here if you doubt me

Instead of riding on my coattail, why can’t you make it on your own

Quit hitting me up for charity, I ain’t throwing no dog a bone

Stop with the disrespect and come correct if you want to get this settled

From my projection to my pronunciation, I’m clearly on a different level

Jolly V

I’m not eye-catchingly pretty so I’m not an idol

No, I can’t be an idol nor a sexy model

But I’m a rapper so like a rapper I rap

But the only thing you do is pretend like you’re all that

You’ll probably shake your chest while you talk like “Shake It”

Or hit us with the aegyo and ask, “Oppa, Can I do It?”

Your stuff was lewd and uncool back before you’re Tymee

Now all you do is fuss and cuss cuz you’re always two timing

I feel pity-a for E.via cuz you looked so fricking tiny

And now you’re here with no career, guess that’s just bad timing

If you were better than me, you’d be here as a producer

But you’re just pissed and broke, so now you’re here a sore loser

Remember Show Me the Money 3, your stage was all fail

Ask me again why I would want to ride your coattail

On the other hand, I could say forget you but I rather say thank you

I ain’t looking for a hand out, I’m just looking to lyrically shank you

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Who’s next?


(YouTube, Image via Mnet)