Solo projects are – while nerve-wracking – always a great chance to show fans a distinct, more personal side of a singer they knew as part of a collective. Part of the risk involved in a solo project is the delicate balance of straying too far from the group’s colors, versus solidifying one’s own. Sometimes, the two are complimentary; other times, they may seem like completely separate entities. It can also seem burdensome if everyone else’s results have seemed successful thus far, as the next-in-line would want to keep the momentum going.

All this to say, these are some of the challenges Jimin faced prior to releasing his first debut album Face. Following the string of solo debuts from fellow members J-Hope, RM, and Jin, our talented dancer and vocalist Jimin took up the torch to officially explore his own artistic identity apart from his group. Though he previously topped charts with solo tracks “Lie,” “Serendipity,” “Filter,” “Vibe,” etc., Face was his chance to tell a story through the composition of an album. The pre-released track “Set Me Free Part 2” was the first glimpse, but it was “Like Crazy” that launched his next stepping stone as his official title track.

Clearly, Jimin grew exponentially since the start of his solo ventures – “Like Crazy” is a fully-fleshed, mature return to the stage. His experience and charisma speak volumes of his long years performing, and he successfully recreates a familiar synth-pop trope into his own dreamy piece. As opposed to “Set Me Free Part 2,” it’s more of a sad, yet stylish song that tugs at the heartstrings. It’s a satisfactory comeback to be sure, albeit a bit safer as opposed to groundbreaking.

Of course, not every project has to be considered groundbreaking for it to be of fine quality. Scenes of partying, being dreamy, and losing oneself to forget someone while in a club may not be new, but it provides the mood needed to enhance the song and its message. In this case, it directly goes hand-in-hand with the genre of the song – it is definitely a club jam, perfect for both crying and dancing the night away. While utilizing the familiar, the MV also differentiates itself through unique sets that best allow Jimin to shine.

The beginning of the MV showcases Jimin getting lost in drinking and dancing, only for him to be swept up in thoughts of his lost person. Special effects added to the visual creativity, such as the slow/blur effect, and the use of thermal camera vision on some of the people surrounding him. Outside of the club (which heavily relies on a blue palette), Jimin and the set rely on reflections to highlight his isolation. In the bleak bathroom set, the details are sparse, and the color palette is a weak beige. This is much like the beginning of the MV, where he is alone and lonely at home.

The colors add a subtle significance to the overall mood – blue in particular is a symbol of depression and down moods. And while beige is usually a bright tone, this set appears bleak and grimy, as opposed to calming.

Otherwise, the bird’s eye vision of Jimin singing above the aforementioned thermal shot of a couple was innovative and refreshing. It had a slight Y2K flavor to it, along with his simple but eye-catching Acne Studios shirt and leather pants. This shot further broke from what are otherwise pretty realistic sets (bathroom, dining room, hallway, club) and instead brought us into his perspective for a few moments. Though if you peer in at the bathroom wall by the sink, you may witness a cute typo on the notice board (hint, hint).

One aspect that could have been included to enhance the production is the occasional choreography break – dancing is one of Jimin’s best strengths, and any Army can imagine a smooth, sexy set of moves to match this track. After all, “Like Crazy” is another very distinct track alongside the rest of his discography – signaling an ample amount of new potential. Perhaps the MV was dedicated to symbolism and visuals this time around (reminiscent of the comeback trailer featuring “Serendipity”), so as to redirect fans’ attention to his incoming live performances. Or, they wanted “Set Me Free” and “Like Crazy” to be remembered in different ways.

Either way, this comeback set a milestone for our growing solo artist and definitely raised the expectations for future projects Jimin may release. What did our readers think of Jimin’s latest comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

(YouTube. Images via HYBE Entertainment)