So, I don’t know about y’all, but where I live, it snowed this week. This wouldn’t be an issue if I lived somewhere where it was actually winter, but I don’t. I live in the American mid-west where May is usually in the mid 70s. The two main results of this are a) I suddenly care much more about climate change, and 2) I have been forced to make my own warmth. To that end, I’ve put together a playlist centered around that which gets me feeling tingly: horns.

Horns are the single greatest thing a musician can add to a mix. They elevate any production by being larger than life. Horns command attention and magnify the emotion of a song, bringing the intensity of even the greatest song up to eleven. More than that, horns are just fun; a touch of the genuine in musical landscape dominated by synthpop and minimalism. So here’s a collection of songs that I hope will get you feeling as horn-y as I am.

Honorable mentions (due to unavailability on Spotify) go to Trouble Maker‘s “Attention” and Spica‘s “You Don’t Love Me”.

Are there any songs that keep your mind focused on that brass? Let us know in the comments!