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This week, it was announced that Taemin and A Pink‘s Na-eun would join the cast of We Got Married, presumably as a replacement for Sunhwa and Kwanghee, who will be departing the show.

We took to Twitter to ask you guys who you would like to see on WGM, or who you would like to see coupled up in general.

Couples you would like to see together?

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With all these marriages happening in K-pop, both real and fake, what are some couples you wish would just get hitched all ready? #SBChatSeoulbeats
@seoulbeats seo in guk and eunji-
@seoulbeats I REALLY WANT GAIN & KWON to get MARRIED in future! hehe…. #SBChat Adaminmyheart
@seoulbeats Kim Bum and Kim So Eun #bofSania Kim
@seoulbeats Still hoping Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin hook up again. #perfectcoupleAnna
@seoulbeats My forever favorite WGM’s couple : Ssangchu couple.. XDDu know me!! ❤
@seoulbeats Choi Minho and suliiiiiiiiiii … really want them to be a real couple Minho taejoonie
@seoulbeats GOGUMA COUPLE OF COURSE! KEKETypingTofu.
@seoulbeats MBLAQ G.O & Sistar Hyorin #SBChat잘했다82 (노파)
@seoulbeats yonghwa and shinhye… Even though I know that they are only good friend… Haha #yongshin #SBChatazeezah badrul
@Seoulbeats TS’s Gummy Leaders~ Jeon Hyosung and Bang Yongguk! #SBchatMorgan 彡
@seoulbeats i know it. kyuhyun and victoria please #SBChatdina
@seoulbeats GD and CL!!! #SkyDragon ;PJee Jra Ghoon

We turn it over to you guys in the comments section to do the same. Assuming that WGM will continue to be aired because MBC’s producers refuse to part with the show — no matter how horrible it gets — tell us who you’d like to see on the show and why.

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