• Streby

    I spent my whole life praying for Jonghyun or Onew to be on WGM because they are so funny and Onew is so awkwardly cute.

  • xchoccies

    Out of SHINee, Taemin’s variety skills aren’t as quite up to par as say Jonghyun (JJong PD!!) or Onew (although Taemin on the recent Weekly Idol was quite hilarious), and this would be his solo variety stint so I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know much about Naeun or A Pink in general and I’ve only watched one or two episodes of their variety show. They’ve worked together before in Minho’s drama as siblings and I thought they were cute there. Definitely going to be some awkwardness, but I’m sure they’ll be just as interesting as the other couples.
    Behold, the Tae-Man! :D and pretty Naeun.
    But I really miss Ssangchu and Ant couple. Oh and YongSeo. Heh.

    • find_nothing_here

      Yeah, I know Taemin is a space, but he can be snarky when he wants. He just kind of get’s overshadowed by the other members.

      • xchoccies

        Yeh, I think being the youngest he sorta holds himself back. But lately since he’s a lot older he’s more outspoken and them biting comments he comes out with makes me LOL.
        Then again, he IS an SM maknae hahaha.

    • http://twitter.com/mrshobbes Alexis Aragona

      I’m intrigued at how Taemin will handle himself without his hyungs to share the camera with him. I will admit in their travel variety show Taemin still seemed rather not as animated as the others while he traveled on his own, but I noticed him being more talkative as the episodes passed. I hope he WILL develop more of a variety sense, as this show is so different from any he’s been on, AND for once, he’s expected to be the one to care for someone, as opposed to all the times he’s been taken cared of, either by his members or even production staff.

  • http://twitter.com/xuanmiin xuanmiin

    I don’t see what the big deal about the age is, since Yongseo were also about that age when they were on WGM? Well, people sure saw the allure of Yongseo. I don’t that many people had a problem with their ages either? o.o
    But methinks they have big shoes to fill since Sunhee was undoubtedly the most popular couple of Season 4.

  • michni

    actually they aren’t the youngest wgm couple
    seohyun was few months younger than naeun when she started join wgm
    and jokwon was about taemin’s age when he joined wgm

    • Ambika_SB

      While individually they aren’t the absolute youngest, as a couple they are since both of the pairs you mentioned had an older, “experienced” counterpart to the younger one.

    • Black_Plague

      At this point, I think it’s safe to say that the show should be called “We Are Dating” than “We Got Married”.

  • happy_slip

    They look cute together! :D

    I don’t watch WGM religiously though. The last couple I really followed was Ga-In and Jo Kwon.

  • KrisMyStar

    Gonna watch the show again :)

  • http://PSYberbully.com/ B1GAY4

    considering how naeun is the most boring member of apink and taemin is barely audible unless he’s around people he knows when it comes to variety shows, i’m curious as to how this couple will drive from looking bland to a more exciting pair for wgm cameras.
    i’m also very dubious as to how nauen got chosen for such a notorious variety show (regardless of it’s viewer status) when she is only known as a pretty face from apink… most people know eunji but don’t even seem to regard she’s FROM apink so i guess cube is trying for some media exposure for the group name? although there still is the issue over how taemin and naeun would even interact when from the clips it seemed as if taemin was in his own world and nauen was just a follower… taemin himself said he prefered older women because he doesnt know how to take care of younger girls and all of apink is younger than him, so there will most likely be some awkward aura between the two… and again on their personality types i do not understand why cube would pick nauen when bomi or chorong are both very out going and friendly? this again goes back to how nauen is the face of the group and there is a high possibility that cube wanted viewers whom are new to apink to think “wow all the members must be this pretty”. but with the personalities it would definitely make more sense to choose bomi or chorong…i mean take yongseo for example. seohyun was very recluse like and shy but yonghwa was outgoing enough that she eventually opened her shell. but if he was also a quiet person woud it have worked out as well? i’m pretty sure i’m over analyzing this entire ordeal and i was definitely biased towards taemin’s well being on the show than naeun’s so i guess we will have to just watch and find out :-)

    • whoa1205

      I think this couple will be either very boring or very popular. Boring because Taemin and Naeun are not very good variety personalities, but they also have the potential to be extremely popular if they execute this “innocent first love” concept correctly.

      I would have preferred other members of Shinee/Apink (Key! Jonghyun! Eunji! Chorong!) if I had the choice, but I can see why Taemin and Naeun were cast. They are playing a direct counterpart to the SunHee couple: loud, skilled in variety vs. shy, innocent/naive. And with WGM being a sinking ship, they are trying to get a couple that viewers will go crazy over again a la YongSeo…and kind of what is happening with Yoon Hoo/Jia on Dad? – viewers are crazy over them and they represent the most innocent type of love there is. It’s WGM trying to move away from being over the top and fake variety (which they get criticized for all the time) and trying to do a more “realistic” (not with the age thing, just with the portrayal) couple, it’s just a crapshoot if they are going to succeed or not.

      • http://PSYberbully.com/ B1GAY4

        if you ask me we’d have to wait like 10 episodes for the show to stop being boring as hell. even then i’m pretty sure it’d be like taecyeon and gigi where right after shooting they just get up and leave set. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Guest

      one member of apink was born in 1991. three are the same age as taemin (this includes naeun since she was born in february 1994, so she would be in the same grade as him in school). only three members of apink would be considered younger then taemin.

      • http://PSYberbully.com/ B1GAY4

        the oldest one is whom I’ve previously mentioned to be a better fit with Taemin, Chorong. Then the two born in the same year as him are Eunji and Bomi. I already suggested Bomi be paired up with him aswell, and it’s not likely Eunji would go on the show when she has her own solo activities. That’s 3 out of 7 members, leaving everyone else younger than him if not by less than a month. And even though he is close to Nauen and Yookyung in age (1 year), They would not consider him “friends”, but older boy instead. That’s how the honourifics and age respectance go. Sorry if I came off as too harsh when you were simply correcting my statement that they’re all younger than him (only 1 technically is)! (๑ ऀืົཽ₍₍ළ₎₎ ऀืົཽ)✧

  • Jaclyn

    I know four things: 1) This was only made to try to grab ratings. 2) It will be hella boring. 3) I wish WGM did same company pairings because Taemin and Krystal would’ve been hilarious. 4) I’m not watching this.

    • WorthInClay

      I would really ship Taemin + BoA more! And I believe most people do? Why???

    • lokifairy

      Well I guess they are paying a lot for Taemin. The reason must be a lot of money or why else would SM allow Taemin to join a show shich is a sinking ship…

      Anyway I never liked this show & I’ll not start to watch this now – not even for Taemin.

    • 091095S

      1) True, but so are the other couples. Why would they be in a freakin show anyway? To catch potatoes? 2) Though I thought so too at first, I can honestly say they are surprising me. 3) I won’t even comment on it. 4) Your loss.

  • http://twitter.com/LiannaKuku Lianna

    Considering the last couple was loved so much because of their unique personalities, I’m worried how Taemin and Naeun are gonna make it because Taemin is very shy and Naeun is just plain boring. It will hurt both of them if the ratings are very low and there isn’t really anything they can do about it. However, if they do manage to pull this off, I’m sure the ratings will be wonderful because Taemin and Naeun are the idols who people wish will open up more and show more of their personalities instead of just being good looking on stage. Actually, Taemin is my ultimate bias and I’m not really looking forward to seeing him lovey-doveying with Naeun but I’ll still watch the show and I hope (my hopes aren’t that high but I still hope) it’s gonna be an exciting show to watch.

  • shannie4888

    These two will be as interesting as watching paint dry.

  • http://twitter.com/RyuuseiHikari 流星ヒカリ☆Ryuusei Hikari

    1- Taemints won’t watch this…
    2- 2min shippers won’t watch this….
    3- Most shawols won’t watch this…
    Why wasting money on a show that will be not watched? -_-

    • FranFOD

      I’ll watch it for sure. I’m a shawol, Taemint and a 2min shipper, but I’m not delusional enough to believe that Taemin will ever belong to me, nor do I actually think that 2min exists outside of fanfiction and the occasional fanservice. You shouldn’t doubt all of us. If anything, i feel like this could give a Taemin an opportunity to step out of his SHINee hyungs’ shadows. He can be snarky and funny if he gets the chance. Weekly Idol was hilarious.

      • Bstar5

        I’m definitely watching. I wanted Jonghyun on this show before his earth shattering dating news broke way back when but now I doubt he’ll do it. Minho pretty much said he wouldn’t do this show at one point so that only leaves Taemin and Key since Onew is assumed to be dating Jungah. Taemin on the show means SHINee’s on the show. The more the inlaws pop over the better. And bring on all the the members of A Pink too. One of the things I love the most on WGM is how often the in laws and friends pop over. Lettuce Couple hooking up SS501 members with Wonder Girls members. 2AM and BEG hanging out in the apartment, Soshi girls going crazy on Yongseo’s move in day and Yongseo hanging out with the rest of CNBLUE in their dorm. Dork 2PM members going nuts dancing to ‘Heartbreaker’ in a karaoke room during Khuntoria’s stint and Minho looking like Victoria’s gorgeous sibling helping her suprise Nichkhun. Even though I don’t know if TAemin and Naeun will steal my heart or bore me to death, I’m definitely watching because I know SHINee will be visiting.

    • 091095S

      For generalizing like that, you just sounded like an idiot.

  • Guest