Welcome to the 24th episode of Seoulbeats Chat Box! I can’t believe we’ve already recorded 24 of these, it seems just like yesterday Subi was crying over DBSK ;)

A lot of you guys have actually been wanting us to talk more about certain groups and your wish is my command. Inspired by Infinite‘s well-deserved first win on Music Bank, my guest and I kick off with a discussion on Infinite’s charm, how we got into them, and the members we like; Block B‘s interesting (and slightly controversial) image; BAP‘s explosive rookie charisma, and spend way more time than is necessary talking about how young (but talented) Zelo is.


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To my surprise, nobody got the songs from last time! That’s a first. The songs this week are easy peasy: if nobody gets them I’d be sorely disappointed.

Let us know what you want to hear us talk about next time and we’ll definitely keep the suggestions in mind.

Happy listening!