Another segment we’re rolling out: podcasts! We bring you the first episode of the Seoulbeats Chat Box, where our writers chat about a variety of K-pop topics.

This week, Patricia, Subi and I talk about Dong Bang Shin Ki: the strengths and weaknesses of both HoMin and JYJ, post-split. After the tremendous response on our last DBSK post, we thought there was no better time to discuss in-depth the two groups as objectively as possible, seeing that the three of us have kept up with DBSK for a long time and are witnessing, with the rest of you guys, the work HoMin and JYJ continue to do today.


Download the podcast here.

Anyone who correctly names all the songs used in the podcast get a shout-out from us next week ;)

If there’s anything you’d like us to talk about in the future, leave a comment and let us know!