Not too shabby, old school Kpop fans. While the battle wasn’t as, er, fanatic as some earlier rounds, it was still a pretty tight race. Gotta say, y’all Fly to the Sky fans are intense. But ultimately, Shinhwa fans prevailed. Eric nabbed first place, Brian second, Teddy third, Alex fourth, Son Ho-young fifth, and Kangta last.

Here’s the final round for Seoulbeats’ Ideal Type World Cup. This round will run for one week as usual, and then next week we’ll take all the winners from the previous rounds and the winner from this round to make them fight to the death duke it out.

Your participants for the penultimate round are:

From left to right, top to bottom: Yoseob from Beast, Jung Yong-hwa from CN Blue, Seungri from Big Bang, Jay from TRAX, Yunho from DBSK, and Changmin from 2AM.

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As usual, let’s keep this clean. Happy voting!