The winner of round 1 is… [Drumrolls please] …Kim Jae-joong! Jae-joong’s fans have still got power, and that is pretty amazing. As for you other fans, you have failed your oppas.

Just kidding. Jae-joong won a good 46% of the poll, and had a healthy lead over second, where Taeyang of Big Bang scored only 18%. Junho came in at 3rd, Hyun-joong at 4th, Eunhyuk at 5th, Seulong at 6th, and Dong-woon at 7th. Poor Dong-woon.

Well, let’s not fret. Today we bring you round 2 of Seoulbeats’ Ideal Type World Cup. Like we previously said, we can’t possibly accommodate every boyband member there is, but here are your contestants for the second round, from left to right, top to bottom:

Taecyeon of 2PM, Kim Heechul of Super Junior, Changmin of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jay Park, Joon from MBLAQ, and T.O.P. from Big Bang.

[poll id=”21″]

Who’s it going to be? Joon of ballet and abs? Heechul of 4D and crazy? TOP of general hotness?

This poll will close in a week’s time, so get your vote in for the second round of Seoulbeats’ Ideal Type World Cup and we will be revealing the winners next week. Feel free to spazz and/or freak out in the comments section, but remember ladies and gents, let’s keep this civil.