Superstar K winner Seo In-guk is set to shake up the summer with his hot new single “Shake It Up.”  It’s a great little Kpop dance ditty and is quite possibly my favorite Seo In-guk song to date.

The song was written by American composer Drew Ryan Scott and it’s a great blend of dance track and good vocals by Seo In-guk.  Too often artists slack off on dance tracks letting the music make up for vocals, but this song doesn’t do that.  It has an infectious beat and a solid vocal performance by Seo In-guk.

The MV features T-ARA‘s Jiyeon who gets tired of doing “Roly Poly” and comes out of the television to share some quality time with In-guk. It’s a fun and colorful MV and has appearances by Norazo, Jewelry, and Mighty Mouth.  How could you go wrong with Sangchu and Shorry J?  Check out the MV.


I gotta say that I much prefer the natural looking In-guk in this MV than some of his previous styling, especially his Mr. Spock look for his “Broken” concept.  The neon-paint-in-the-club scenes reminded me of the Sandra Bullock movie classic, Miss Congeniality.  The MV isn’t going to win any Video Music Awards for creativity or originality, but it was fresh and fun and showcased the song well.  “Shake It Up” is a nice little addition to the hot Kpop summer giving fans a cool summer jam and, uh…. world peace (didn’t you just love Miss Congeniality?).

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