Round 3 was a doozy. Rain and G-Dragon had a relatively tight lead over the four other contestants, but eventually Rain and Junsu led the race. Clouds were doing a huge part in keeping their idol way ahead of the game, but it always surprises me how fervent Cassies are. Don’t get me wrong, I love DBSK, but I almost feel bad that anyone else going up against a DBSK member immediately becomes an underdog. Heh.

Anyway, Rain had a pretty consistent lead over Junsu and G-Dragon, but a lot changed in the final days of the poll. Junsu/DBSK fans seriously killed it in the end with their enthusiasm. I thought Rain had this in the bag, but the winner of Round 3 is: Kim Junsu of JYJ!

Coming in second is Mr. Rain, third is GD the man himself, fourth is Thai prince Khun, fifth is magnae Taemin, and sixth is Se7en. Se7en fans, where you at?! Y’all left the man with an abysmal 125 votes.

Well, let’s not waste words. Bringing you the fourth round with the follower competitors:

From left to right, top to bottom:

Siwon from Super Junior, Lee Hong-ki from F.T. Island, Lee Seung-gi, Key from SHINee, G.O. from MBLAQ, and Eli from UKISS.

Who’s it going to be this round?

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A note about the poll: We have fixed some kinks with the polling and the official rule is that one vote per IP is allowed.

Once again, please stay civil. Other than that, happy voting!