Not gonna lie — the results of round 4 surprised me. When the polls first started, Siwon and Seung-gi‘s fans were basically duking it out for the 1, 2 spot, but halfway in, G.O.‘s fans surged way ahead to take the lead, giving him the first place spot in round 4 of our game.

Honestly, who knew MBLAQ fans could be rallied to pull G.O. through that poll? I saw how absolutely abysmal Joon‘s rankings were in round 2, so I really didn’t expect this win. (Yes, Joon was up against some bigger competition, but look at how many votes he actually got, and the percentage. Absolutely pathetic.)

The winners for round 4 are as follows: G.O. at 1st, Siwon at 2nd, Hong-ki at 3rd, Seung-gi at 4th, Key at 5th, and Eli at 6th.

This week, we bring you a round of some of the older (and finer, some might say) gentlemen of Kpop. You might say that some these guys are the grandfathers and fathers of Kpop boy bands, and others would say they’re just old (but talented) geezers right now trying to stay relevant in the youth-hungry Kpop biz. Whatever the case, here are your choices for Round 5 of Seoulbeats’ Ideal Type World Cup, after the jump.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Son Ho-young of G.O.D.; Kangta of H.O.T.; Teddy of 1TYM; Eric of Shinhwa; Alex of Clazziquai; Brian of Fly to the Sky.

[poll id=”24″]

Let’s see where all y’all old school Kpop fans are, and if you are just lying dormant and low for the time being.