KARA, who had previously announced their comeback to be on September 6th, have released the teaser for their new title song ‘Step‘. Although DSP Media seems to have taken a few notes from SM’s books, mainly ensuring the teaser’s audio has as little relevance to the actual song as possible, the video is very aesthetically pleasing. The girls look stunning, the atmosphere is light, and even though they do seem to be plucked straight out of a manga, my inner otaku is very giddy. Check out the girls in all their glory below:

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty hyped about this. DSP have described the song as a mix between ‘rock’ and ‘electronic’ music, so the risk of ‘Step‘ amounting to nothing more than a cute fest is only about 10%. Plus- alright, I’ll admit it.

I’m going to make a bold statement and say that yes, I am a fan of KARA (is there a hotline I can call? 1800-I-LIKE-KARA-ANONYMOUS?). Despite making a name for themselves based on being notoriously untalented, I find something very likeable about these chickabees. It could be the fact they’re ridiculously pretty. Or it could be that ever since ‘Lupin‘, everything these girls have released have sounded stellar to my ears (‘Jumping’ in particular was everything amazing). Heck, I even found myself enjoying ‘Jet Coaster Love’ in all its girly pinkness. There are more talented girl groups out there, but for whatever reason, save for After School, KARA’s material has stuck out to me over all the rest. If they remain consistent in releasing good songs, I might become a die-hard Kamilia by the end of their promotions.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this comeback. It looks like there’s an exciting few months ahead of us: with KARA making their return in September, SNSD scheduled for sometime in September-October, and the Brown Eyed Girls (yes! That Brown Eyed Girls) coming back in October. Heck, even the Wonder Girls are planning to make a comeback in November which, okay, I’m not expecting them to release anything remotely interesting, but it means I can see my beautiful Sunye on variety shows again. Hurrah! It’s going to be girl crush season for me starting this September 6th. Move aside boys!