From the “Sultan of Sexy” TOP to the “Prince of Pretty” Nichkhun, everyone has their bias. And regardless of who is picked and regardless of who they are picked by, citizens of the internet are always raging in agreement or trolling in disagreement. Now, it is YOUR chance to decide.

In the spirit of purely frivolous fun, each week we will have you vote on a random selection of idols from the most popular male groups and have the winners of each round face off until you guys crown a Seoulbeats’ Ideal Type!

Please note that due to the high population of males on the idol scene, we could not include every man in KPOP. We only included the more mainstream players but hopefully, whether it is their sexy smile, charismatic character, or tantalizing talent, you still have the chance to forgo objectivity and unleash your inner bias.

Round 1:

[poll id=”20″]

So who is the conquistador of your heart? “Prettier than you” Jaejoong? “Make you want to make babies” Taeyang? “Killer voice with a side of killer abs” Seulong?

Oh and feel free to spam your love for your idol of choice in the comment section until your heart explodes into a fury of unicorns, rainbows, and cupcakes.