Trainee Ailee made headlines yesterday after her superb performance on MBC special “Singers and Trainees”.   Not only did she win the contest but she also gained a huge following as the result of her breathtaking performance.  The Korean press and netizens were simply fascinated by her swag and talent.  And the fact that Wheesung could not stop complimenting his hoobae.

After spending an hour listening to Ailee’s covers from the past (she is a former YouTube star) and watching her performance with Wheesung on repeat, I started to wonder if Ailee is too good to be true.  The girl can sing.  I mean, she covered Beyonce’s Halo on the show and it wasn’t perfect, but it was good and I’m very stingy with compliments.  She is also very pretty, naturally pretty, or that’s what it appears to me.  And based on what I can read from her facebook and twitter feeds, Ailee from Jersey is bilingual and seems outgoing.

While researching what I can about Ailee, I couldn’t help but to think, if this too good to be true?  In some odd, twisted way, fans of K-pop are wired to expect at least one flaw in our K-pop entertainers, whether it be plastics, talent, or lack thereof, crazy histories, weird personalities, often referred as fourth dimension personalities, etc.  And the fact that I can’t seem to identify Ailee’s flaw makes me worry, like those – is this too good to be true moments that makes you worry that it’ll end soon –  but excited at the same time.

In sum, Ailee reminds me a lot of Lena Park and I hope that Ailee’s music will be as moving and impressive as Lena’s, which is a very hard act to follow and will probably take some time.  Ailee is tentatively scheduled to release her first album sometime in the next year and as long as she doesn’t fill her debut album with songs like “Shoe Game”, I think she’s headed in the right direction.


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Thanks Julia for sharing!