I’m not going to jump to presumptions that’ll just disappoint me in the end and say JYJ might finally be allowed to promote like normal human beings, but if the latest Sukira broadcast is worth anything then we might be seeing a glimmer of light.

On the 14th September broadcast of Sukira, something unexpected but welcomed happened. the DJs Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk decided to take JYJ’s OST song ‘Chajatta‘ out for a spin.

And the world exploded.

Could this be a sign that the hostility between the SM artists and JYJ is slowly disintegrating? Possibly. Looking at Eunhyuk’s (adorable) smile after Leeteuk introduced the song, as well as his bromantic tweets with Junsu, it looks like true friendships really never die.

What’s even more interesting is the blasé atmosphere in the studio when they were discussing Yoochun and Junsu as well as their little ticks. This is particularly amazing since for whatever reason I always presumed JYJ was a taboo subject for all the artists under SM’s belt. But here they are referring to the JYJ bros as ‘friends’ and we even have them affectionately mocking and imitating them. Leeteuk, who’s known to be SM’s biggest fanboy, was pretty chill when good-heartedly jesting about Junsu’s pronunciation problem (‘that kid’- I died right there) as well as JYJ’s recent CF.

Maybe SM loosened their grip on their idols because they realized they were coming off as a corporate monster more than anything else, or maybe Eunhyuk and Leeteuk woke up that day and said ‘screw the agency’ and decided they’d be friends with whoever the heck they wanted to be friends with. Either way, this happening on Sukira is no little deal. Sukira is a widely viewed/watched radio program, and is definitely the most popular program in its allocated time slot. Heck, it even got its own cameo in ‘Dream High‘.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this broadcast was some kind of omen in regards to a good future for JYJ’s career. Because if I’m going to have to live off shoddy fancams and mediocre camera work at Daegu in order to watch Junsu dance like a third rate pole dancer live, then I might explode.

JYJ’s ‘In Heaven‘ Music Video was just released, and I spent the last two hours comparing it to the epic ‘lulz’ that was their last attempt at videography, ‘Ayy Girl‘. The Music Video is nothing profound or anything (and I’m not sure if it even remotely correlates with the meaning of the song), but I see a lot of Junsu (plus ‘female’) and it is nicely shot and engaging for their fans. Indifferent to the song for now, but if they finally get a decent promotional run in Korea I might be able to look past all my anxiety.

This whole JYJ/DBSK dilemma needs its own movie one day. Seriously, if they can pull it off with ‘The Social Network‘, then they can make something motion picture worthy out of all this drama. Jaejoong can play himself, Junsu can get his twin brother to act in his place to prevent the awkward acting witnessed in ‘Scent of a Woman‘, and they could just get a 40 year old man off the streets to play Yoochun. (Just kidding! It’s all out of love for my boys.)