Supernova recently made an appearance on Japan’s TBS program, “Kuraberu Kurabera” as a part of their recent Japanese promotions. And, like many Korean idols appearing on Japanese television, Supernova were faced with questions from the hosts regarding the cultural differences between promoting in Japan and Korea.

During one segment of the show, the members remarked, “A lot of Korean celebrities do get plastic surgery, and they openly admit to it. When idols confess about their plastic surgery to their fans, they only gain popularity.”

“It’s not really something to be proud of, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, either,” remarked member Geon-il.

Well, duh. Right?

However, Korean netizens responded adversely to Supernova’s open remarks, saying that Supernova’s remarks had an adverse effect on the image of Korea and Korean idols. “The Hallyu image is already at risk after the KARA scandal; Supernova’s remarks were unnecessary and inappropriate.”

(I’m pretty sure that the KARA dispute actually boosted sales overseas and was anything but detrimental to Hallyu, but okay.)

Supernova’s representatives responded by saying that it was unfair for viewers to pick apart a one-minute segment in a two-hour long show, and that the purpose behind members’ remarks were only to reveal current truths within Korean society.

I think it’s a little sad that Supernova’s own representatives had to take such a defensive stance regarding something that had little to no controversial value. In fact, the whole ~controversy~ behind plastic surgery as a whole should just go away – it’s not as if everyone doesn’t already speculate about who’s gone under a knife and who hasn’t.

Ah, if only the K-pop world were that perfect.

(newsen, naver)