Here it is: your weekly Music Bank recap (and accompanying unfunny six-word captions) to start off the weekend! And is it just me, or is the artist lineup getting more and more random every week? o_O

Comebacks/Debuts this week: Rumble Fish (“Feeling Good Words”); Gavy NJ (“Let’s Stop”); SoRi (“You Are Not My Style”)

Highlight performance: SHINee + TRAX “Lucifer” collab performance. Sick. Nasty.

FT Island: “LOVE LOVE LOVE” – It’s growing on me. Dystopian jumpsuits = ?!

Wheesung: “I Thought To Marry” – Dancers are like moving set pieces.

Secret: “Madonna” – Homg, in love with their stylist.

SHINee + TRAX: “Lucifer” – They should do this more often.

(And I’m totally cheating the six-word limit now, but I must point out their new hairstyles. Follow-up single, pretty please?!)

Rumble Fish: “Feeling Good Words” – Who are they? I like ’em.

Supernova: “Longing for the Day” – Sorry, but whose voice keeps cracking?

Dalmation: “Round 1” – Cow print jackets aren’t bad ass.

Sistar: “Shady Girl” – Blondie gives off Yoona-esque vibes.

G.NA: “Super Solo” – Disappointingly flat even with MR usage.

G.O & NASSUN: “O-IWI-O” – Repeated “o-iwi-o”‘s grating on ears. Dislike.

JQT: “No Need To Know” – Stylist raided kindergarden craft drawer, methinks.

Gavy NJ: “Let’s Stop” – Finally, some quality vocals. Fog unnecessary.

Moon Ji Eun: “Hibiye Hibiyo” – Cool visuals. How much was lipsynched?

TRAX: “Oh My Goddess” – Good performance, but LOL at 1:31.

SoRi feat. Naco: “You Are Not My Style” – Apparently, pretend footballers are her “style.”

FT Island wins K-Chart this week:

K-pop, please stop sucking soon :(