• edenhyper

    Can someone explain what Woolim did to Tablo? Because I thought the whole debacle about Tablo’s university thing happened way after Epik High left Woolim, unless I am missing something. This is the second time a SB author has written about Woolim’s shadiness with Tablo? Confused.

    Anyhow, nothing wrong with Woolim trying something new. However, like JJ Project the twins are suffering from an identity crisis. I get the producer who made this was a newbie? But seriously…it’s not a good song. Sure it’s catchy in some sense, but I was disappointed. The live performances, whilst the choreography is good – they don’t really seem to sing (other than the slow part near the middle (end) live; and it is choke full of auto-tune, which fine listening to Infinite is a shock to the system.

    The music video also looked cheap, and the fact they basically stood in front of one set, and had two outfit changes was basically all you needed to know. I get their wasn’t going to be some storyline, and they were focused on the “performance” here – but I think Woolim has probably done the duo a disservice here. They’re good looking guys, and with Infinite fans wanting to support them they’ll get a good fan base. Musically it was all a mess, and that makes me a little sad like you – because you expect Woolim to produce quality. I sincerely hope he doesn’t go through the idol route, but the fact he debuted two guys who’re born in 1988 and not 1995 probably shows you he isn’t buying into idol-babies (yay!).

    I think it’s back to the drawing board for these guys for me. Pick a music genre, stop the auto-tune, give them a good producer and we’ll see.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Nah. The Tablo scandal happened when Epik High went back to Woolim. Woolim basically didn’t help Tablo when he needed it most. They didn’t help Tablo fight against Tajinyo. Woolim let the issue get bigger and bigger, not even releasing statements against it or coming up with a way to fight it.

      • Ariel2003

        The situation with Tajinyo was hell, I got a lot of satisfaction when some of the members were brought to trial, bully for them. This is just speculation on my part but I think the CEO of Woollim doesn’t have much experience dealing with controversy, still if an artist and a friend was being bullied I would have done something to stop it. I knew of Woollim before I even knew there was an SM, Nell was my first love, followed by Loveholic but then Jisun left and I found out she signed on with Woollim. Discovered Epik High who was also with Woollim, in my mind Woollim must be the greatest music company in S. Korea to house such great talent. I got into Infinite a little later in the game say 2012, lol.
        Epik High signing a contract with YG broke my heart but there was nary a peep from Woollim, a situation highly improbable from what I know of K-pop. But I’m just an ignorant bystander I have no idea on the contents or terms stated in the contract between Epik High and Woollim. What I would like to believe is that Woollim’s CEO let go of Epik High because he failed to protect Tablo, like those drama tropes that I’m so addicted too. In my heart I’m glad its YG they respect talent and artistic freedom and I will always be a fan of EH.
        I checked Tasty out just because they came from Woollim but I was disappointed with their debut track, although I liked Solo the mini as a whole did not impress. The dance was clean and beautifully choreograph but I can’t always carry my laptop to watch I really need good songs to be invested still both have the talent. I just wish they get better songs on their next comeback. I read somewhere that they’re former JYP trainees and have worked as backup dancers, is this the story of Beast ver. 2.0.
        Now I’m really curious about Woollim’s CEO, you’ve tackled the CEOs of the big three, Cube and too a lesser extent that wonder boy of PR management CCM.
        I’ve watched a lot of Infinite interview and this is what they say about their CEO:
        He’s not married nor does he have a girlfriend.
        Their first dorm is the house of their CEO and there came a point where 14 or 15 of them were living in that house with 1 bathroom.
        They’re CEO had to sell his house in order to fund their album.
        He nags and is very timid.
        I saw a picture of their CEO with clown make-up and running around in Infinite Ranking King acting as a ghost.
        What kind of CEO is this, my head just can’t compute. Please can someone in SB dig around and give a comprehensive personality profile on Woollim’s CEO?

        • edenhyper

          Maybe you are right, maybe he was inexperienced and had too much invested in his company to say anything. I’m not saying he should be let of the hook. As a CEO he should have stuck up for his artist by releasing a statement. He knew Tablo was telling the truth, so there was no reason for him not to. He wouldn’t have lost out on anything.

          The Infinite boys seem to adore him, and I can see why because it has been stated he has sacrificed a lot for them to even debut. Maybe he’s gotten better as a CEO, and has learned from his mistakes. I kind of like that he is low-key and not in your face like the other big companies. In Strong Heart someone mentioned he was a manager first, so it would be cool to know about his back story.

      • edenhyper

        I didn’t know Epik High went back to Woolim, that’s why I was so confused. But I appreciate everyone explaining what happened. I can now understand why so many people are miffed with Woolim. I cannot believe the CEO didn’t release a statement backing his artist, you have people like YG release statements every five minutes because people get offended over whatever GD says. I can understand why Tablo’s wife said to him to join the company.

    • syvellium

      You have half of it correct, you’re just missing the other half:

      Epik High left Woollim to form Map the Soul (their independent label) in early 2009. However, they realized soon afterward that the endeavor forced them to put a lot of energy into technical aspects of managing the company that they would rather be spending on producing music, instead.

      The solution — in early 2010 — was to merge Map the Soul back into Woollim. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement — Woollim would manage the company aspects (marketing, distribution, etc.) while Epik High could focus on producing high quality music.

      The Tajinyo situation first became a front-page issue in Korea in mid-2010, shortly before Epik High went on hiatus (due to Mithra Jin going to the army). Woollim stood by while the whole controversy was taking place. Tablo has made media statements that their inaction regarding the situation was personal (and huge) betrayal to him.

      In late 2011, Tablo signed an individual four-year contract with YG, thanks in no small part to encouragement from his wife — Kang Hye-jung — who is a YG actress. Since then, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin have also reportedly signed contracts with YG (so I guess the entirety of Epik High is now under YG).

      YG has announced that they’re making a comeback in September, so excited~!

      • http://twitter.com/sisitum Siti Umi

        “The Tajinyo situation first became a front-page issue in Korea in mid-2010, shortly before Epik High went on hiatus (due to Mithra Jin going to the army). Woollim stood by and did nothing the whole time the controversy was taking place. Tablo has made media statements saying that he regarded their inaction regarding the situation (making no motion to protect their own artist) as a huge personal betrayal.”
        It’s right though, and because of this Woollim Ent. got a lot of hate from Epik High fans.

        But how about seeing this from both perspective rather blame it all to Woollim?

        I don’t want it sound as if i’m defending Woollim because i do hate it when they didn’t help Tablo even though i’m Woollim fan and i love all of Woollim artist. But Tablo scandal is really big at that time, moreover korean people is sensitive about scandal like that and no matter statements Woollim gave at that time they’ll still talk about it over and over again and won’t gave a fuck about it until there’s an evident from Stanford itself (that we will found out later after Tablo sign in with YG).

        But it’s wrong for us to blame Woollim about their act at that time. Tablo scandal happened at mid 2010 which is the year they plan to debut Infinte. At that time, Woollim wasn’t a big and stable company, but there’s still a lot of people work there and the CEO invested all of his money in Woollim, so stay silent and do nothing upon Tablo scandal is the right (and hard) decision for them if they don’t want to go bankrupt that would make a lot of people lose their job. And after hearing Tablo said that it was a huge self betrayal, i bet that Woollim CEO didn’t tell him about that.

        And once again, it’s the right decision for him because it’s better to heted by Tablo and Epik high fans than make Tablo felt guilty toward the employee of the company if they lose their job because the company is defending him because Woollim CEO is a man that have a pride like the other man in this planet. You could assume that Tablo will understand about the company circumstance and then he won’t ask for their help, but it’s immpossible to think like that when you receive a lot of pressure like that, and you’ll insist ask for their help. So the right decision is to betray him and safe a lot of people from jobless than protect him and let a lot of people lose their job. And i’m sure that Woollim CEO is aware of this.

        And i’m glad that Tablo sign contract with YG Ent. because they’re a big company that have a stable position. And no matter how bad is Tablo name because his scandal, it won’t ruin his career if he stayed in a stable company like that even though we won’t see any Epik High and Nell collaboration ever again.

        That’s all my opinion about Tablo scandal. It’s up to you if you want to start looking it from both perspective or not. Despite my horrible english and explaination, i’ll be glad if you willing to read it and if it will change your mind.

        • ian

          I agree with this comment. This is actually how I see it myself.

        • edenhyper

          I’m not assuming to know anything about business practices, but Woolim coming out and releasing a statement defending his artist wouldn’t have made him bankrupted.

          For example: GD posted a picture of a money flower, people went crazy, YG came out and refuted claims about GD being a money whore and said it was a prop. The end.

          I think there is a difference between hiring lawyers to protect your artist, when you genuinely cannot, and releasing a penniless statement saying we stand by our artist and we have the proof so spin on it. I don’t know if Woolim made a statement on the matter or not, from your comment is seems like they though silence was the best option. I can understand why Tablo was so hurt. I’m not saying Woolim is a devil or anything, maybe this was a genuine mistake on his part and he regrets not doing anything. However, it was really shady.

          • natnatow

            i think they meant it as it would affect the company as a whole (i.e. with infinite’s debut) because they might be attacked as well which could financially hurt them? Releasing a statement could be equally a risk as to spending money in protecting their artist. 
            If you think about how the korean netizens and public work. It’s like a game of bullying, one target take down anyone who disagrees with any means needed. 
            And with GD’s case, it was minor in contrast to a whole case of credibility for Tablo. GD posted a photo, he wasn’t being questioned and targeted for the “truth” by a group of people. 

          • edenhyper

            Maybe the GD prop issue is a smaller issue. But the whole marijuana issue was not and neither was the Daesung issue. However, look how swiftly YG came out with a statement regardless. You can probably argue that YG is big enough to take the hits, but loyalty is loyalty.

            The fact remains is Woolim did nothing to protect their artist. It was unfair of them to just sit by and do nothing. If they did it to protect their asset i.e. Infinite then that’s worse. No one knows if that is the case, so I am not saying it was. However, lets be brutal here if one of the Infinite members went through something to a similar extent, and Woolim did nothing would that be justifiable because in people’s eyes they have to protect Tasty and their upcoming group. I highly doubt it.

            I’m not saying Woolim are scum, because it could have been down to being overwhelmed. However, the fact that Tablo had to fight this on his own is sad.

          • natnatow

            it’s probably obvious that the CEO didn’t have any idea what he could possibly do seeing as this is a rare situation to ever occur (and why it occurred was absolutely ridiculous)
            When infinite was about to debut the CEO basically poured out his expenses to debut them in contrast to now as infinite has been more noticed and recognized there is more stability for tasty rather than the whole train wreck of the Tablo/Tajinyo controversy and lack of expenses at the time. That’s what i mean by the probable circumstances that he must’ve been afraid of that would hurt the company overall. 

            No it doesn’t justify the decision but that also doesn’t mean it wasn’t to his own right to make that choice. The guilt of not protecting Tablo would end up on him and i’m sure he knew it.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            I think I remember exchanging a few comments with you on a different Infinite article a few weeks back. Was it the Infinite-H subunit thing? I forgot.

            Anyway, that wasn’t what OP meant because no, Woollim was already having trouble with finances during the time that Tablo had his scandal. It wasn’t that Tablo’s scandal would be the cause of the bankruptcy, it’s that Tablo’s scandal would have further aggravated the situation they are in, furthering their bankruptcy and jeopardizing the entirety of Infinite’s budding career as well as Woollim as a whole..Also, GD’s situation is very different. It’s a money flower. Tablo’s scandal was bigger. Plus it’s YG. And this is Woollim.

          • edenhyper

             Sorry, we won’t agree on this matter. Woolim pulled a shady on Tablo. Nothing would have been aggravated. Woolim pussied out. End of really.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            I agree that Woollim backed out on Tablo big time. And that the weren’t there when what he needed most was support from the people around him, and a reassurance of his path as a musician from his own label.

            Well, I don’t know if you read my earlier comment in this article. It’s somewhere in the first page of comments, about how Tablo’s TaJinYo fiasco could have affected Woollim. Because while I know that what Woollim did was wrong, I also understand where they’re coming from. So assuming that “nothing” would have been aggravated is just really a somewhat ignorant move on your part. Not saying you, yourself, is ignorant, because I am sure you aren’t, but that this particular assumption of yours regarding the situation is a rather narrow-minded way pf assessing the situation.

            Thinking of it more right now though, I can see why people would just be content on going with your line of thinking, because I am sure you aren’t the only one with this particular assessment of the situation. There are people who would rather believe things the easiest way possible. And I get that, but I’d rather know the whys and hows myself, rather than just assuming “nothing” could have been compromised.

            To each his own, I guess. Good day!

          • edenhyper

             You’ll see I added GD’s drug use and what happened to Daesung as well. Big company or not, they stuck up for their artists even when they were actually IN the wrong. Woolim did not even when his artist was innocent.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            I’m not arguing with this point though. Because I agree with this particular part. What I’m saying is that the circumstances are different in all situations.

            If you are so fixated in this part that you are not able to process the other different aspects of the scandals that these three artists were in, then I can’t really do anything about that.

      • edenhyper

        Thank you for explaining this. I didn’t realise Tablo and Epik High went back to Woolim, that is why I was so confused about this whole thing.

        I can understand why Tablo was/is upset with Woolim.

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    Woollim has a lot of creative ideas and a great interest in music quality but they don’t have funds, that is the problem. The ceo pretty much sold his house for Infinite to debut and the fact that Infinite are Woollim’s only stable cash source, I don’t expect their other artists, particularly their newest ones, to be given the same budget that has been invested in Infinite. They just don’t have enough, especially not since a lot of what they do have is spent on Infinite’s activities, promotions, concerts, etc. Nell are a special case as well since the public expects Woollim to manage them well. With Tasty I feel that maybe there was a bit of hesitancy, like maybe they weren’t sure they’d catch on so they were taking them on a test drive first. That having been said, the Korean media seems to be looking at them positively and the boys already seem to have quite a few fans. By their next comeback, I’m sure Woollim would have seen the potential with this duo and present an even better album and music video quality-wise. I rather like the duo’s style and I’d rather see them perfect it rather than try something completely different.

    • ian

      Currently they have 8,000 members in their fancafe which measures more or less the amount of interest they have gotten in the 5 days since their debut. They’re 5th in rank in terms of the rookies who debuted much earlier this year, beating out about 6 other rookies who charted.

      I agree with the style. It seems to be the type of music that they enjoy and I’d rather then pursue that, no matter how ‘unused to’ a lot of people are to it than try to blend in by doing a style they’re not comfortable in.

      • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        How can people ‘minus’ this comment? You did nothing but present a couple of tidbits and bring up a few insights. Lol. I get the feeling there are some sour people lurking around xD

        Too many negative feelings here, it’s chilling. Anyway, best of luck to Tasty and I know Woollim knows what they’re doing. One of the few companies that are in it for the music and not the fame. People seem to be blinded to the fact.

        • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

          It’s actually pretty funny, honestly. This type of behavior happens when we get territorial and feel like something is a threat to us. Or maybe they just plainly disagree that Tasty has 8,000 members in their fancafe right now, not even a week into their debut.

          You can disagree with opinions and thumbs it down because you think it’s not right but for people to thumbs down a comment because it presented numbers… hm.

          • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

            From what it appears, half of the people here aren’t familiar enough with Woollim and their artists or simply dont care about them yet they speak as if they do. Any long-term Woollim stan would know better, and that doesnt mean others dont bring up valid points, but when they start to speak as if they’re right, it makes me suspicious. I get that we won’t always see eye to eye but one must remain objective an open-minded. As for thumbing comments like yours down, I think the same way as you. There can only be ill intentions in such an act, in which case every statement made by those people on the subject loses validity. Some people here i recognize as having always had negative opinions on Woollim and it’s more popular artists, so I dont know how to take their comments. Like you and I both said, it’s fine to disagree with opinions, but people shouldnt speak as fact. It’s only a shame we can’t see who is who here, but I think I can make a dew guesses.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            I posted a comment merely minutes ago and the next thing I know it has 3 thumbs down. Well, it’s their prerogative if they want to go and keep on thumbing down people just because they disagree with the opinion or they feel like they were hurt from what was said. Nothing can be done, really.

          • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

            It’s the same people doing it over and over again so i’m not concerned with the ‘thumbs’ down.

            Ahh, I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Message me on tumblr (because I forgot what your blog is lol. Too many friends on Akp and Seoulbeats have messaged me recently and I lost track if who is who).

  • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

    I’m really not feeling them. They’re rookie groups. They should come out with something unique. Or something that’s good at the same time stands out. This album of them is neither. Too much noise and the songs that are good are a bit generic.

    NU’EST I think has the most tactical debut this year so far. Let’s face it, they’re not really as talented as JJ Project, BTOB or even AJAX, but NU’EST has already established themselves as one of the three most popular rookies of the year. Why? Because from the very beginning they stood out? They made people interested in them. Plus their songs are really head turners.

    I think with the departure of Epik High in WoollimEnt, the quality of their music went down a bit. You could actually see it in INFINITE’s INFINITIZE album. INFINITE or WoollimEnt didn’t even made sure that the songs in INFINITIZE are sang well or if the voice blends with the song (most especially Sungjong). They just want everyone to have a singing part.

    And now with TASTY, that decline of quality showed. The company was lucky that INFINITE became popular but that doesn’t mean those who like INFINITE will like TASTY and this upcoming group.

    • ian

      I don’t see how Epik High’s departure brought down the quality of music from Woollim. Each artist in Woollim is handled by a different producer or they write their own songs. Epik High has nothing to do with how one group will perform music-wise.

      Maybe for you, as well as to some people, INFINITIZE was a disappointment but it isn’t for others. Personally, I like the songs in the mini. I do, however, agree that I dislike the fact that some of the members got lines that didn’t suit their voice. One of the things I like about Infinite is that they give the members lines that would suit them, even if it means not giving a member a line in a song at all (ie Sungyeol). It’s unfair, yeah, but I’d rather not downgrade the quality of a song just to have fair line-distribution. I still wish Only Tears was recorded as a Sunggyu solo or a WooGyu duet.

      Also, I hope you won’t state things like they are fact like this. I respect your opinion and you seem to be a fan of some of these rookie groups but just because they attracted your attention and many others’ means that they are the only ones worth giving more interest to in their upcoming releases. As I’ve said, people have different tastes. I don’t like the music that these other rookies have come out with but I like Tasty’s. They didn’t impress me with their debut but Tasty did. It doesn’t mean that I think Tasty is better or that they will be more popular than the other rookies because I accept that fact that not everyone will like them. Just because something didn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to everyone else.

    • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      Nue’st was actually the least impressive debut for me of those that got somewhat popular this year. Nothing they’ve done has stood out for me. I see what you’re trying to say, but your comment is more opinion than anything else. Though I like neither, Exo and BAP stood out even further musically yet who is it that has been spam winning polls? Nue’st was fans mainly. I dont think groups are becoming popular for the same reasons to be quite honest. People like Bap for their music for the most part, with Exo it seems to be the boys themselves, but Nue’st isn’t outstanding on either of those points. But of course that’s just my opinion.

      • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

        INFINITIZE is a trainwreck of an album. But its the most bought one and The Chaser is the song that won the most music show award of all their songs.

        Question: After all this, do you think WoollimEnt will change the way they do an album if they still are getting the result they want?

        NU’EST is mediocre. We can all agreed on that. But the fact that they are one of the three most popular rookies on 2012 shows how well the company has done for them. Something that WoollimEnt lacked on TASTY. You have also to remember the amount of amazing debuts this year compared to the time of INFINITE.

        TASTY’s debut is like BTOB. The “You know that they’re there but you just don’t care” kinda thing.

        • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

          I’m not going to argue with you, but truthfully I dont think you know Woolliment enough to be so certain of the future. If there is anything I can vouch for, it’s infinite’s and Woollim’s passion for good music. Even if Infinitize was bad, which it wasn’t, not according to the many objective people that I have spoken to, Infinite will bring something much better next time simply because that is what they do. They’re always improving and wanting to show better sides to themselves. This way of thinking is what’s made Infinite the group that it is now, and i dont believe that will ever change. Also you and others should stop insisting that Infinitize was a so called ‘trainwreck’ when thats not the way a lot of other people have been seeing it, and I am not talking about the fans.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

            What’s wrong with you? I’m like the 4h or 5th person you argued here in seoulbeats. INFINITIZE is a train wreck of an album. It is for me. A lot of INSPIRITS do feel that from the music to the MV up to the choreography, it felt rushed. Not as par as their other releases. Quality-wise.

            Can’t you just accept our opinions and just moved on? Dude, you’re picking fights. Seriously.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium


          • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

            I’m not surprise that she has a hater in allkpop.

          • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

            It’s okay to have discussions on Seoulbeats and thats what I was doing. Not once did I feel agitated with something that was said, I’m just trying to keep an open mind. I believe there is a reason for everything that is done and we shouldnt be too hasty to judge Woollim just yet. Can’t we all just agree that we should wait longer until we decide that Woollim is becoming this or that? I feel that a lot of claims are being made without much supporting them, that’s all. Two things correlate so it must be true? That’s the mindset that i’m seeing here. I apologize if I made you feel that we were arguing, but that was and never has been my intention.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

            You said, “I don’t want to argue”

            When you say it like that, what does that make of me? A troublemaker? I’m sorry but have anyone called you a hypocrite? Practice what you preach. Also, please read my comments well.

            There’s a difference between a discussion and someone shoving to your face that you’re wrong and that their right.

          • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

            I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry. What I meant was that I didn’t want to start anything with you, as in if we continued with this discussion it would take us somewhere unpleasant and it would be our own fault for making it so. In either case we both said what we wanted to say, we already put it othere so I am satisfied with ending it here. What do you think? Should we stop now?

          • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

            I believe I said, “I’m not going to argue with you”, didn’t I? As in I wasn’t trying to argue, only sharing an opinion. I apologize if there was any misunderstanding.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

            Apology accepted but you should really read first your comment before you send them. This is the internet. The mood of the statement can’t be seen. I won’t know if you’re trying to insult my intelligence or if you’re really saying something insightful.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            Like what you said, it’s a trainwreck of an album for you. And other people are saying it isn’t for them. That’s an opening for a good discussion on why you have different opinions. Not for you to shove your opinion like it’s fact.

            This is a platform for an open discussion. If you post your opinion on the internet, it means you’re sharing it to a wide range of people with different backgrounds and views as you – it’s fair game for everybody. If you read a comment that you feel like you can contribute to, whether to rebut it or agree to it – it’s perfectly fine because that is what the comments section is for. If you don’t want people replying to your opinion, then why did you post it on the internet where you know that people can read it?

            We’re granted freedom of speech here. You expressed your opinion. Of course people will also express their opinion. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a “fight”. It can be a healthy discussion as well. Having different views doesn’t necessarily mean you need to fight with the other person.

          • Inspirite13elieve

            Can you explain to the class why you so whole heart-idly think INFINITIZE was a train wreck? Also, what are the qualifications to be a train wreck? -__- please, inform me.

        • ariella leemackenzie

          Chill!! Tasty just debut a week ago,,stop comparing them to other rookies. Woolliment know what they are doing..look at Infinite..have faith in them..
          I’ve appreciate good music and I personally like what Tasty bring..It’s new and fresh and risky which I really like. What I love the most is the sound is different from Infinite..

          p/s: Infinitize is not that disappointing, not for me

        • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

          Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. I don’t get why people like to shove their opinions and present them as facts. I respect that everyone’s taste in music is different but it’s somewhat disturbing that people seem to think that their taste in music is the standard, and that their qualifications of a good debut is the right way to measure rookies.

          Also, if you think that Woollim is taking Infinite’s music quality down with INFINITIZE, then that’s fine. It’s your opinion. A lot of other people thinks so too. However, there are also a lot of people, especially music critics and industry professionals who praised the mini album. They are not fans of Infinite, nor do they have a motive to personally say that they admire the mini album because what will they gain? Also, they didn’t praise the group but the music. So it’s not because these are idols that they’re saying the songs are good, but because the producer did a great job with the music’s production.

          What am I trying to say? The bottom lines is just this – we have our own different opinions on matters and we’re free to say them here. This is a public discussion platform for people to exchange ideas. However, we must respect the fact that there are others who have different opinions from ours so we should avoid speaking like what we say are facts rather than our mere observations.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archie.amac.5 Archie Amac

            I never said anything I wrote were facts.

            I THINK with the departure of Epik High in WoollimEnt.

            Yes, we have our own opinions but when someone is pushing you to change your opinions, that’s called something else. I never stated that what I’m saying are facts. So hold your horses.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            You did. And then you proceeded to cite reasons as to why you think that’s the case. And in citing these reasons, that’s where you made it seem like what you’re trying to say are facts.

            Also, in my previous comment to you, I addressed your opinion of it being Epik High’s departure as a different case from your views of Infinite’s music direction. When I said you were presenting things as if they’re facts, it wasn’t because you said it was due to EH leaving Woollim, but to your views of Infinitize.

            I expressed my opinion as to why I disagree with your view of EH’s departure from Woollim bringing down the quality in music in the company, which is that they have nothing to do with it since Woollim’s artists either have different producers working with them or they write their own songs. So if ever you think that the quality of music that Woollim has put out lately (I hope you’re not saying this collectively because Nell does exist, you know?), it has nothing to do witht eh fact that EH left Woollim. I was disagreeing with your correlation.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

            Dude, those are OPINIONS. Seoulbeats is a forum. The first impression on a comment on sites like this should be that its an opinion unless its stated as facts.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            Okay, if those were her opinions then that’s fine. It just so happened that the way she worded them made it seem like it wasn’t just merely her opinion but that what she was stating were the general consensus of the public and that anything that someone says that presents a different side is not true because what she said, her “opinion”, is the one that’s right.

            I’ve been around KPop for more than 8 years now, and I’ve been using the internet longer than that. I can tell you that I know how to respect people and their different opinions, especially how my major in uni has something to do with the studying the human behavior across cultures.

            This isn’t the first time that I have encountered someone with a different opinion from mine. People I have engaged in conversations with always provided and expressed their thoughts in such a matter that made me see why they came to such conclusions and I do the same to them. Most of those discussions have always ended well. We disagree with each other but we both respect each other’s side because we understand that everyone has different tastes. However, some discussions have not reached a similar end because the other party doesn’t seem capable to accept the fact that there is a different opinion o the matter other than his, thus making it sound like his side is the only right side.

            If those were merely her opinions, that’s good then and I’m glad to hear that. But it read off as not so maybe there was a problem with the medium used. Sometimes, what we say over the internet is interpreted differently based on how we word our sentences and the context into what we have said it. I’m not saying that she needs to start proofreading future comments to see if they will read the way she meant it, all I’m saying is that it came off as that so that’s how I reacted to it. If it’s not what she meant but people interpreted it as such, then maybe there was a problem there.

          • Inspirite13elieve

            lol what is it called then, genius lol

        • Inspirite13elieve

          Whoa how is INFINITIZE a train wreck of an album? Also, I thought Be Mine was sold a lot more, not sure. But honestly, what was so bad about it? It followed the same usual pattern of their other mini albums, and the reason it one because The Chaser is AWESOME. lol I know it’s my opinion, but saying it was a train makes them seem unprofessional and like they did it last minute

  • ian

    This is about Tasty but it’s also a lot about Woollim’s direction musically so I guess I can discuss the Tablo issue here as well.

    Some of you who might have seen me around would know that I’m a fan of Epik High and Nell’s music way before I got into Infinite . I’m not saying I’m an expert in this matter but I was at least there when the issue broke out. I didn’t follow the whole fiasco like a hawk but being a fan, I was aware of most of the proceedings.

    I agree and dislike the fact that Woollim mismanaged Tablo during the whole TaJinYo issue like what many of you has said here. It’s true. Tablo felt alone with no support from the company that he has trusted and worked with for many years.

    However, we need to look at Woollim’s side as well. Woollim is a small company. During that time, the CEO has invested all of his money on INFINITE, trying to venture into the idol market, which means that not only is his assets on the line, but everyone who’s working in the company as well. It also means that the other artists under his company may also suffer if something goes wrong.

    It says a lot, actually, to how much trust Lee Jungyeop has put in Infinite. All of his artists were on hiatus, being in the army, and the idol market is booming – here’s their chance! So he’s put everything on the line for them. However, great music and talent isn’t the only key to stardom. Infinite received mediocre success upon their debut. They had fans, yes, they sold albums, yes, but no one outside of the fandom is really interested. It was basically a hard time for Woollim. I think this was also around the time that their CEO sold his house to fund the company.

    I think we’re all familiar with how a controversy can destroy a career. Maybe not for life but it will have a scar on your image. It will be revisited time and time again. Sure, people will move on but it will never be forgotten. With Korea’s culture, it’s no surprise that the thing to do is to present a clean face to the outside world. No matter how shitty it can get inside, you need to have a sparkling white image on the outside. Very few gets away with a bad boy image, and even then it’s not purely “bad” and they do get flak for it.

    What am I trying to say here?

    That Woollim was put in a very bad spot. What is the best way to go about this with the least damage for everyone involved? Is it to speak out for Tablo? Give him support? Handle this controversy? What if they do? Will the netizens who love to squeeze everything and anything stop and shut up? Will the media give up? How about their new idol group Infinite? As I’ve said, they’re a small company and cannot handle big controversies like the more established companies in the business. They don’t really have a lot of connections, nor are there huge favors to trade. They don’t hold much weight in the industry. So do they go and help this one artist who have been with them for a long time? It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?

    But I guess Woollim took the Utilitarian route. Majority over individuals. They sacrificed Tablo’s issue for a bigger chance of the company surviving by not getting involved. Some might wonder why would it matter but as I’ve said, Infinite was still a newborn idol group at that time and they needed to do everything to be able to survive.

    I believe that they do know that abandoning Tablo was a bad thing to do. They wouldn’t be able to do much but the moral support would have been a big help to him. However, people need to make tough choices in their lives. And Woollim wasn’t in a position where they could rebel back and double risk everything.

    That being said, I don’t particularly care which company you are in as long as you produce the type of music that appeals to me. I didn’t even knew at first that Nell and Epik High, both of whom I’ve spent some of my very first Kpop fund for, were in the same company. And I only got into Infinite last year during Be Mine so the whole so-called “Woollim family yeah~” doesn’t mean much to me. I do admit that I was somewhat half a YG stan for a few years, maybe 2, because it so happened that all the groups I like were there and I love the music they put out. Nowadays, not so much.

    Honestly, I’m glad that Tablo is with YG now. I think he fits well with the atmosphere YG has going on. Same with Mithra and Tukutz. Though I do hope they appear in a lot of variety because damn are these boys hilarious! Ya hear me, YG!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/sisitum Siti Umi

      this is exactly what i want to say, but because of my horrible english i just couldn’t find the right words to explain it.

      • ian

        I actually read your comment below and yeah! We do have the same opinion on the matter :D

        • http://twitter.com/sisitum Siti Umi

          hahaha,, thank you for reading it. and i’m glad that there still a person who see it from Lee jungyeop perspective too, because he is basically a nice person, and somehow it felt wrong when he didn’t help Tablo when we know how nice is he. but i’m still feel sorry for him to have a lot of hate like this.

  • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

    They’re ok I guess. But the thing is, there are others who debut who are ok as well. Before NU’EST and EXO debuted, they were really the talk of the town. When BAP and JJ Project came out, people started talking about them.

    But with these two, its been a week and not much going on with them. AJAX at least had some news when they debuted.

    I just don’t know. I don’t think they’ll make it. There’s nothing special. When INFINITE debut, their trump card is their synchronization (too bad they lost it now). That’s something of a conversation piece. But TASTY, hmmmm. I just don’t think they will make it. For one thing, their music is a bit generic. Something people has already done.

    Debuts are important nowadays since there are idol groups left and right.

    • Inspirite13elieve

      I don’t think they lost their synchronization, I thought they did at first during The Chaser, but unlike all their other songs, it isn’t showcased in the main dances, it’s more scene in the between sequences/ I guess I kinda agree, but if we’re gonna talk about something special to talk about, what’s so special about JJ Project? Not saying theres anything wrong with them because their song is a high play in my itunes, but what caught me with them is what caught me with Tasty, their live energy.

  • ian

    Personally, I liked the whole single on first listen.

    At first, I was interested because they’re from the same company as Infinite, and since I check out all other rookies anyways, I was pretty excited for it. Not to mention that they are being billed as “Asia’s No. 1 Performance Duo”. It seems like the very perfect set up for a disappointing debut but hey, let me see first, right?

    The first teaser picture was out and hey, they look good. Not bad.

    Then I read their single’s description and said it was going to have roots in the dubstep/electro genre with a mix of dance pop and hip hop. I was a little “meh” at this because how is that going to sound any different than about 90% of all the Kpop songs that are out this year? Didn’t Woollim release that teaser saying “New music, New Sound, New Shock.”?

    Then the teaser video was released and the first thing that registered to me was, “Hey! That looks like a rehash of Nell’s Cliff Parade teaser!” Nonetheless the hook was stuck in my head. Still interested.

    The single was released and man… was I surprised. I didn’t expect to like it. I honestly didn’t but I did.

    – SPECTRUM was a great Intro. Great beat and their voices at the beginning was very spot on to match the feel of the whole album.

    – YOU KNOW ME is I think, one of those tracks that you either hate or love. Since they said the genre will be dusbtep/electro with a mix of dance pop… I was surprised that it actually delivered. It’s not a pop track trying to pass itself off as dubstep by adding a few heavy bass lines, it’s the other way around, it’s actually dubstep/electro mixed with dance pop. Because the base is different, a lot of people might have felt uneasy with the sound.

    – First time I heard SOLO, I couldn’t stop thinking ‘1TYM slow-jam!’. They did say in the single description that it’s going to be an RnB Slow Jam song. Well, it certainly is! I’ve been listening to a lot of my fave 1TYM songs these past few days so it felt a bit eerie to me that this song sounds so much like the type of songs that I love to listen to. I even felt like Danny’s singing the song in some parts or it could just be me (going a bit too far!), haha! Though no Jinhwan-Baekyoung-Teddy rapping made it obvious that it wasn’t the same. SHAME. I want a new 1TYM song, damn.

    – I agree with your thoughts on BUSTER. However, their attitude makes up for what they lack in skills. I like this track a lot. And judging by their on stage charisma, I bet their live performance of this in the future would be even better and will make me love the track even more :)

    So at this point, I like their songs & think they actually are pretty good looking but I am yet to see their live performance. For me, it’s the live performances that decides whether a group is for me or not. You can have an awesome song but be totally awkward on stage. I don’t even care if you have weak vocals (though it’s a great plus!) but as long as you can pull it off onstage, then I’m in!

    Honestly, I was actually worried about their debut stage because I was already anticipating it so much that I didn’t want to be disappointed. However, their MCD stage was just – wow. They were confident and owned that stage like they were born to stand on it. They were clearly on their element and that feeling of enjoying what they’re doing translates to the ones watching, making me enjoy their stage as well. It didn’t feel like they were rookies at all. Well, they technically aren’t rookies on stage so that must have helped a huge deal.Their MuBank, MuCore and especially their Inki stage didn’t disappoint as well. Next thing I know I’m downloading their cuts via torrent to enjoy it in full HD goodness. And boy, is it so much better in HD.

    Well, as you can see. I really do like them a lot now. I feel like it’s just a matter of preference, just like how it is for everything. I find that I like their style a lot but others find it either bland, mediocre, disappoint or too much – it’s just not their thing. Nothing can be done about that, right? You can’t force anyone to like what you like. Of course different things will appeal to us based on what we’re comfortable with.

    Music-wise, I hope they don’t stray away from this sound. I like it on them and it suits them. I feel that it’s the same for when Infinite came out. I was impressed with their debut stage and the song but not a lot of people were. They felt like the song sounded too… different or mediocre. But Infinite didn’t change their style. They stuck to it and improved on it. They’ve maintained the same sound ever since and now, they’re pretty much known for that sound that is uniquely theirs. We can’t tell if it’s going to be the same for Tasty but hey, it’s something to look forward to, right?

    On the topic of Woollim changing their musical direction, I feel like it’s inevitable? I actually like the fact that the artists they house have a distinctive sound from each other due to the fact that they either write their own music or Woollim has different producers working with them. I don’t mind it, really. Woollim never struck me as a company who has a “brand” sound like, say, YG or JYP. Instead, it’s their individual artists who have their own “brand” of sound.

  • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

    I don’t think they will make it. There’s just too little charisma and uniqueness for them to stand out. Maybe if they debut last year or the year before that. There’s just too many artists now and if you don’t really have that special quality, you will drown in the pool of idols.

    I’m sorry. From what I’m seeing, WoollimEnt will do what Top Media did to Jumper.

    • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      It’s far too early to tell whether they will make it or not. Most of the biggest idol groups started out with people saying the same thing but look at where they are now.

      • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

        It took INFINITE 5 songs before they became popular. TASTY can’t afford that.

        At the time of INFINITE’s debut, who else were they competing with? TEEN TOP CNBLUE and INFINITE are the only high profile male debuts of 2010. The rest are nothing really. No offense.

        But TASTY has some tough competition. BAP, EXO, NUEST all have gained notoriety in terms of popularity. JJ Project is behind. And AJAX follows. BTOB is also getting some noise.

        Then there’s TASTY who has nothing new to offer. Its not an insult but an awakening to WoollimEnt.

        • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

          I understand your concern, but dont you think we should at least wait a bit longer before proclaiming that they won’t succeed? Tasty has the makings of an appealing group, you just need to allow for others to digest the fact, and you also need give the group the benefit of a doubt. I believe in Tasty and I believe in Woollim. The first thing I said was that I wasn’t going to be blinded by my love for Infinite when judging this duo, and I wasn’t. I genuinely think they have something unique to work with. They just need to develop their style a bit more. Tasty already has a lot of supporters within and outside of the industry, they have good resources, so let’s see what they can do with them.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

            I’m sorry, you’re putting words to my mouth. I’m not concerned. I saw this article and just commented. Pardon my words but I don’t give a damn about TASTY. I just commented.

            It would be pretty difficult for TASTY to make a name for themselves as long as EXO, JJ Project, BAP and NU’EST are around. They would be constantly compared.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            I think your the same person who I exchanged a few comments with on akp, right?

            Anyway, I sincerely hope you read what I replied to you instead of merely saying you can’t be bothered with reading that whole wall of text so you’d just end the conversation instead because what I said was basically what I want to say to you here and imo, it’s pretty tiring to type it up again if you won’t read it anyway.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

            I don’t know. I read the comments on allkpop but I don’t really look at who commented. Maybe I talked to you and maybe not. I don’t know.

            Let’s just put and end to this.

            Summary of MY OPINION:
            1.) I don’t think TASTY will make it because there’s nothing new to them.
            2.) Their debut didn’t really made a splash.
            3.) People will look more on JJ Project, BAP, NUEST and BAP as the promising new acts this year though there are others who are more talented than them.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            Yeah, I think that person is you because this is basically what that person told me as well. I don’t really look at the usernames of people I have talked to before unless I’ve exchanged a number of comments with them.

            Anyways, it’s your opinion. I know that there are a lot of people out there who share the same opinions as you. I also have my own opinion, which is exactly the opposite of yours, and there are people who agrees with me as well.

            Different views on the same matters, it happens all the time.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

            Probably it is me. I don’t know. I don’t track what I said or when I said it. 

            But it could also be someone else though. I can’t possibly be the only person that feels this way.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            Well, it could most likely be someone else…

            But it was worded exactly like your comments. Word for word. So I thought it was you.

            But then I checked my Disqus dashboard and checked. It isn’t your username. It’s someone else’s username. Only you’re saying the exact same thing that person told me. Using the exact same words.

          • http://twitter.com/TeenTopFever Uranium

            Maybe I read his or her comments and it got stuck in my head. I don’t know. I also read comments so probably.

        • Inspirite13elieve

          lol what, it didn’t take 5 songs…maybe for you, but last time I checked, Over the Top was sold out pretty quickly, trust me, I know, it sucked to see them sold out and not being able to get one. Also you know they won a TON of awards and were already famous after Come Back Again. They got a lot of love especially after BTD.

    • edenhyper

       I have to agree with you partly, they didn’t bring anything new and as rookies this year they do have stiff competition. I don’t think Woolim did them justice. I rather Woolim have waited that shove them out with what is a pretty mediocre song. However, the fact they are good looking guys you know they’ll get some recognition. Shallow is the entertainment music industry unfortunately. However, I don’t think we’re in a position to say they’re not going to make it. Wait and see I suppose.

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)

    They have no real talent but I like them coz they are cute! Specially soryong or whatever

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)

    They have no real talent but I like them coz they are cute! Specially soryong or whatever

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LFD2X4UXV4CM4N5OB3RI526SJE Sres

    r u fakin  kiddin’ meh raight here?! Ta$ty is relly tasty ~ M-m-m

    dats rought wat wat. 
    r u gonna do somethin’ abt this?! whata/// $$

    • http://twitter.com/iwantZICOback Para Kim

      if you wanted us to take you seriously, you should at least write with proper grammar. 

  • Inspirite13elieve

    Lol what’s up with the people saying INFINITIZE was a train wreck? If you gonna go around preaching that, then you better have  long paragraphs describing why it was in-fact such a train wreck, you better go by each song and also tell me how long you have listened to Infinite to come to a conclusion like that. Oh, you can’t? Let me explain why, it might be the fact that you’re happily boarding the band wagon. Seriously, I must have weird taste if INFINITZE was bad, because it’s my favorite after Over the Top/Paradise. The only album that I only ever half loved was one of their most famous, BTD. That’s a huge album for Infinite but it’s still one of my least favorite although I love Can U Smile and Hysterie. Seriously guys, have your own opinion for once. Stop conforming to the masses. I mean, if you honestly just didn’t really like INFINITIZE, that is JUST fine, no problem, that’s your opinion. But calling it a train wreck, that’s not all your comment better say, you better be a little lengthier with your comment if you can just lay that on the table on discuss it.
    -Phew, done raging.

    • http://twitter.com/widchii widchii

      *shakes hand* omg your opinion on favorites album from INFINITE is so similar to mine! 

      • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

        And mine.

      • Inspirit13elieve

        *high fives
        Great minds have good taste xD lol

        • http://twitter.com/widchii widchii

          BTW my favorite songs from Evolution are Can U Smile and Hysterie too! *high fives again* LOL

    • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

      Train wreck. Which is why respected music critics as well as musicians/artists praised it.

      Wow. What a train wreck. I hope infinite releases more train wreck mini albums because they seem to be really good!

      Also, your fave Infinite releases, same as mine.

      • Inspirit13elieve

        lol right!
        These train wrecks seem to be quite impressive, keep at it Infinite, because I’m okay with buy another train wreck. ~_~

  • fallingfire

    Oh my, I remember thinking the title song, “You Know Me,” was weird and repetitive. I agree that if Tasty wants to make a mark, they’ve got to think about their music. Even if the focus is on dance, the music can’t be bad.
    The dance was great though. The boys have charisma that catches the eye, even if the song’s forgettable. They look good on stage and plus! the shoulder move is kinda cute. :P

    Music aside, I’m still very willing to give Tasty a chance simply because I respect and like Woolliment a lot.