20150118_seoulbeats_infinitehIt’s been two years since we saw the debut of Infinite H, and after keeping fans waiting for an excruciatingly long time, the duo are finally set to make a comeback! Their return was announced earlier this week with a teaser image, setting January 26 as the anticipated day. The unit dropped an MV teaser for “Pretty” today, and if the short clip is anything to go by, it seems that Dongwoo and Hoya haven’t changed too much since we last saw them onstage together. Of course, I mean that in the best way possible. Despite the time gap, it seems that the two have managed to maintain the special qualities that made them stand when they debuted.

Musically, “Pretty” sounds as smooth and infectious as the duo’s last releases. Though the teaser isn’t very long, the track’s fusion of hip-hop and R&B is a good indication that Dongwoo and Hoya haven’t gotten rusty over their two year break. One minor complaint would be the lack of a featuring artist; the assistance of  experienced artists like PrimaryZion T, and Bumkey really helped the duo to establish their sound on Fly High, and it would be a treat for the ears to hear the two jam out with other artists once more.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amPgp4PePEA]

“Pretty” promises to be as fun and lighthearted as the unit’s last MV, “Special Girl.” Although fans probably always had faith in Dongwoo and Hoya to eventually provide us with a comeback as good as their debut, last year’s acquisition of Woollim Entertainment by SM Entertainment did raise some worries about whether we would get to see Infinite H again and what they would be like when they returned. So far, the shakeup hasn’t seemed to have any negative effects (unless you count the wonderful unit group Toheart as a bad thing), and this teaser goes a long way in putting such worries to rest.

Though the details regarding this comeback are somewhat scarce, there isn’t long to wait for everything to be revealed. Until January 26 finally rolls around, feel free to discuss (a.k.a. fangirl) down in the comments, and make sure to watch out what Seoulbeats thinks of the boys’ sophomore release!

(YouTube, Images via Woolim Entertainment)