Yup, you heard me. The group whose sole existence was to defeat outside social pressures over body image has lost weight in anticipation of a comeback on the 21st.

Supposedly, while The Piggy Dolls wanted to be able to express their image, their weight, the epicenter of their concept, was reportedly holding them back from performing to their fullest.

Which is why I can’t climb too high on my pedestal regarding the weightloss-by-late night practice sessions. Formerly, two of the members were really what I consider (especially in the U.S.) average size, so the weight loss is very noticeable on them opposed to the token “big gurl with shades.”

If handeled carefully, they could make it work without too many questions. It looks like the song could be titled “Hakuna Matata” (just the title, I hope) – it gives a sense that the group could still keep a distinctive “love yourself” image. And I think the company wants to keep the focus off the weight loss as much as possible.

Thankfully, they could shave their heads bald, become monks and still have those beautiful voices. Hey, a new concept…

What do you think? Are the Piggy Girls hypocrites for slimming down ? Does talent really trump all?