In an effort to switch things up (and give the girls a break) we have the MV for the new track ‘Hate You’ – in cartoon form! As many commenters here have mentioned, this is a work courtesy of famed graphic artist Mari Kim. I can’t hate on the concept -yeah it’s been done before, but 2NE1’s MV’s have kinda been all over the place lately. This will actually be a nice change of pace.

  • This is definitely a song that hinges on the video; while I don’t care for it, it’s mid-tempo, so I can definitely see this being a calculated move on YG’s part.
  • The fish-eyes are kinda freaking me out, but I like the artwork so far. I think I may like the girls better as their ninja alter egos.
  • So the storyline is this, I think: The girls are bounty hunters chasing after this nondescript bishoneun guy who likes to make things go boom.
  • Was I imagining it, or are they implying some sort of relationship between Dara and the bad guy? Because there is a lot of Dara.
  • And suspiciously little of CL.
  • And now Bom is officially the buttmonkey of the group (literally) dropping the ball with that gun.
  • Ok I admit I cheered when she got that thing working.
  • Uh oh, final boss! Whose bottom they hand to on a platter – the big monster turns back into a sad little man.

Needless to say, I really liked the animated concept and wish we could see more but some advance stills from their next MV ‘Ugly’ take us back to real life. I found the song to be forgettable, but then that explains the MV, no?

What are your thoughts? Liked it? Hated it?