Hello everyone,

This may not necessarily have been the worst week in the world, but we’ve definitely had better.

I think we’re all feeling the effects of this recent series of events. But, as Barack Obama said, the sun still rises. We still have to get up, get out, and get ourselves through the day.

It’s not easy, especially at a time like this. So this week, I want to ask you: how do you self-care? How do you help yourself?

For me, music and comedy are things that help me greatly when I need a boost. Bob’s Burgers is my go to when I’m searching for a laugh and some love. As for music, I have my own personal motivational playlist, the latest addition to which has been Luna‘s “Keep On Doin’.”

Another thing I am trying to do is to maintain my anger without letting it eat away at me. Anger is a valid emotion that can be used to spur us into action. But we must not let it fester, as that does more harm than good. Be it through donating, protesting, standing up to bigotry and abuse, or something else: how do you put your anger to good use?

(YouTube. Image via: Amoeba Culture)