Welcome to this week’s edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:

Serious News

  • Kim Hyun-joong is back in the headlines again. This week he announced his plans to fight for custody of his child. This announcement comes after months of paternity debates, and testing. It seems the drama between Miss Choi and Kim will continue for the foreseeable future, their next court appearance is scheduled for April 8.
  • North Korea issued a warning this week that it is prepared to launch pre-emptive attacks on the South Korean President’s house. This comes before the annual US/South Korean military drills to take place in March.

Comebacks & Debuts

  • 20160226_seoulbeats_mamamoo_meltingB.A.P. are back with “Feel So Good“!
  • Shinee‘s Taemin made his second solo comeback with “Press Your Number” and the full album, Press It.
  • Ladies’ Code made their much anticipated return this week with the single “Galaxy” and the album, Myst3ry. This is the group’s first return as three members following the tragic car accident in 2014 that took members EunB and RiSe.
  • 4Ten returned with “Severely.”
  • Rookie boy group Astro debuted with “Hide & Seek.”
  • Apink released the new MV for their fifth Japanese song, “Brand New Days.”
  • Starship Entertainment‘s rookie group Cosmic Girls debuted this week with “Mo Mo Mo.” Comedian Lee Kwang-soo also makes an appearance in the debut MV.
  • Mamamoo is back with the sassy yet quirky single, “You’re the Best” and their first full album, Melting.
  • Yoon Mirae collaborated with SM Entertainment for “Because of You” as part of the new Station project.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160227_Seoulbeats_EunBin_CLCShinee’s Minho will be joining Go Ara and Park Seo-joon in the upcoming historical drama Hwarang: The Beginning. 
  • AOA‘s Jimin will soon be making her solo debut with “#OOTD.” It was also revealed that Exo‘s Xiumin will be featuring on the single.
  • Former SNSD member Jessica may be returning to the Korean entertainment world as an MC on the program, Beauty Bible. Reportedly, Jessica has also completed recording her solo album.
  • MBK Entertainment began dropping teaser images this week for T-ara‘s Hyo-min‘s solo comeback. The teaser images later came uner controversy for the apparent photoshopping away of her top.
  • Seo In-guk plans to make his return to music this March.
  • Actor Yoon Shi-yoon plans to start his own agency with his manager following his contract expiration with Taxi Entertainment in March.
  • Got7 will be returning on March 21st with a new album and MV. Following the release, the group also plans to hold their first solo concert in Seoul in late April. Keep an eye out for the album track list on February 29.
  • Fiestar‘s Cao Lou and comedian Jo Se-ho will be the newest couple on We Got Married.
  • CLC announced their upcoming return with two new members. Cube Entertainment then found themselves in a bit of a pickle when they announced that Produce 101 contestant Eun-bin as the seventh member. When accusations arose about the fairness of her competing on Produce 101 when she is already in a promoting group, Cube responded by saying she will not promote with CLC for this comeback, but her place will be held in CLC in case she does not make it to the final group of Produce 101.
  • Lee Hi will be returning on March 9th! Finally.

Other News

  • 20120711_seoulbeats_beast_hyunseung2Singer Juniel has left FNC Entertainment to sign with C9 Entertainment.
  • Beast‘s Jang Hyunseung released a public apology this week following media and internet reports of his recent negative attitude. Hyunseung took responsibility for the “attitude controversy,” and Cube Entertainment also released their own statement regarding the issue.
  • Actor Ryu Jun-yeol came under fire for a caption on his Instagram post that featured a phrase commonly used by Ilbe users. His agency stepped forward to deny the accusations and declare their plans to take legal action against those who started the rumors. The actor also released a personal clarification in another Instagram post.
  • Actor Namgoon Min and model Jin Ah-reum revealed that they are dating.
  • Hwang Jung-eum tied the knot this week with pro golfer Lee Young-don. Congrats to the happy couple!
  • Controversy continues over the direction the TvN drama Cheese in the Trap is taking. Actor Park Hae-jin openly came forward in an interview to ask why his scenes as Yoo Jung have been cut from broadcast.
  • EXID‘s Hani will be taking a month hiatus from broadcasting for health reasons. She only recently began her stint as an MC on Three Great Emperors, but says she will return soon.


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