20150616_seoulbeats_lay_exoWelcome back to another edition of Week in Review! Here’s your news:

Serious News

  • Koreans are preparing for Lunar New Year on Monday, with a five-day public holiday for the occasion. While many are journeying to their hometowns for celebrations, there is also a rising trend of Koreans booking holidays and travelling overseas as well.
  • Exo‘s Lay has been injured during film shooting in China. Hopefully Lay will get the rest he needs, and feels better soon.

Comebacks & Debuts

  • 20160206_seoulbeats_4minute_jihyun_cubeYour girl crush 4Minute is back with the Skrillex-produced “Hate” and mini-album Act. 7. You should buy it because [insert emotional blackmail here].
  • Winner is finally back with Exit: E. Check out our reviews of “Sentimental” and “Baby Baby;” the “I’m Lonely” review is up next!
  • SNSD‘s Taeyeon kicked off SM‘s new Station with “Rain.”
  • Jung In has released “UUU.”
  • Sonnet Son released “Ms. Burgundy.” Laboum‘s Yul-hee stars in the MV.
  • Rapper Reddy dropped “Think,” which also features Jay Park.
  • Yoo Seung-woo and Crucial Star teamed up for “Whatever.”
  • Wassup‘s Nada has released her 1st mixtape.
  • The JYJ members have been making their return to variety with Fruitful Trip. The show is straight-to-DVD, but is also being broadcast on Naver and V app by C-JeS Entertainment. Are you watching?

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160206_seoulbeats_bap_daehyunMy favourite 2012 rookie group Nu’est is making a Korean comeback! Their fourth mini-album Q is drops on the 17th.
  • Mamamoo is gearing up for the release of first studio album, Melting, on the 26th.
  • B.A.P update: the group has been teasing their upcoming mini-album, Carnival, which will drop on. Check out the album cover and image teasers released so far! There is also a video teaser up for B.A.P’s upcoming world tour, which kicks off in Seoul on the 20th.
  • Rainbow has revealed the names for their new mini-album and title track: Prism and “Whoo” respectively. Check out more block-colour teasers like Jae-kyung‘s (above) here.
  • Brave Girls will be making a comeback with five new members and track “Deepened.” 
  • As discussed last Sunday, f(x) now has a fandom name: MeU, or μ!
  • Seventeen‘s vocal unit will be next to feature in Yoon Jong-shin‘s monthly project, with the Valentine-themed “Chocolate.”
  • 20160206_seoulbeats_aoacream_chanmi_fncReal men will be airing a new female soldiers special. Confirmed guests include Fiestar‘s Cao LuAfter School‘s NanaLee Chae-young and Gong Hyun-joo.
  • AOA‘s newest sub-unit, AOA Cream, is going the magical girl route with members Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi.
  • Fantagio‘s new boy group Astro is expected to debut on the 23rd.
  • Exo leader Suho‘s debut film One Way Trip (AKA Glory Day) is set for a March release. The film also stars Ji-soo (Sassy Go Go), Ryu Jun-yeol (Reply 1988) and Kim Hee-chan (The Producers)
  • Crooner Dean is working on a new album!
  • Block B is said to be preparing a comeback; and while March is being touted, Seven Seasons is yet to confrm a date.
  • And finally, SM announced its highly ambitious new group, NCT. Read Erianne’s in-depth analysis here.

Other News

  • February 4th saw South Korean high schools hold graduation ceremonies for their senior students. Idols graduating from Seoul School of Performing Arts got the most attention: Jiho of Oh My Girl, Yuju and Eunha of G-FriendEunjin and chaeyeon of DIASoojung of Lovelyz and DK of Seventeen.Congratulations to all the new graduates from all schools!

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