• muggle87

    well since u guys only pick 3, i pick 3 debuts too, i like b.a.p, lee hi, and nu’est.

  • http://twitter.com/Plutonium22 Plutonium

    BAP, NUEST, EXO, Ailee, Lee Ha Yi, and Busker Busker are the only ones who made the most noise this year. 100% and JJ Project can receive the runner up.

  • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

    My favorite debuts this year were NU’EST, EXID, and BtoB, though Lee Hi was pretty fantastic too.

    I thought NU’EST was solid, and I’ve enjoyed “Face” and “Not Over You” quite a bit, and the members are adorable.  And I enjoyed their live performances as well, and I’m excited to see what they’ll have to offer in the future.

    I actually enjoyed “Whoz That Girl” and then there was the member change-up and “I Feel Good” was alright and my expectations lowered.  And then “Every Night” came out and blew me away.  I really like the new line-up and I’m hoping that they’ll continue to do more mature looking and sounding songs.  Plus, LE is fantastic.

    I actually really like BtoB and I don’t consider them a “poor man’s Beast”.  Sure, “Insane” was similar to “Fiction” and all that and it wasn’t until “Irresistible Lips” that I really started paying attention to them, but each member is unique and has a unique sound and I think they will continue to do well.  “Wow” was a ridiculously fun song and I loved the lively performances, and thank heavens for Eunkwang and his powerful voice.

    I also loved SPICA…. but “I’ll Be There” happened and they haven’t wowed me since, so I’m hoping they’ll get some more good material because they are fantastic performers.  I didn’t get into the Busker Busker hype even though I really like the Korean indie/rock scene.  B.A.P was a little too overdone for my taste but I’m still a fan.  C-CLOWN has piqued my interest with both singles they’ve put out this year.  And I feel like EXO-K still needs to prove itself.  I liked D-Unit quite a bit but their last single didn’t do anything for me. *tear*

    But it’s been an interesting year regarding rookies.  I’m happy to see rookies being more talented and more involved in writing and producing.  And I’m excited to see their growth in the coming year and whether we’ll see growth in the likes of Block B, M.I.B, and B1A4.  Hopefully. *Crosses fingers*

  • Sophia

    For me 2012 was all about the rookies! K-pop fan for years, i have to say i’ve never paid attention to a rookie act before – (apart from Miss A), but the music company learnt that to stay ahead of the game you have to start big and showed us that even newbies can impress! 

    My personal favourite was B.A.P, never have i fallen so hard or so fast for a group – they even have me calling myself a BABY for goodness sake!!!! 

    Looking forward to 2013 & what is in store for us K-pop fans! Happy Christmas all!

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I honestly don’t get the hype about Lee Hi’s vocals. Her voice sounds so shaky every time I listen to her life performances.

  • http://twitter.com/EveryoneLovesJustKidding Just Kidding?11

    And again ChAOS isn’t even mentioned LOL but they happen to my favorite debut this year. I find that they are well rounded vocal group if you take out Hyunsun who is just your typical idol rapper. SPICA used to be in my top 5 but they slipped when they started doing the typical pop stuff we could have left to all the other rookies this year. 

    Even still Ailee’s voice is the best for me out of this year and I loved Heaven but wasn’t feeling I’ll Show You. I also like only Rokhyun from Baekpercent. Rokhyun is a vocal powerhouse monster much like Soohyun only that he debuted years so he shouldn’t be considered a rookie. 

    Recently there has been Roy Kim and he’s amazing also. Overall this year has been very good for solo artists, it’s exciting.

    • severely

      I love ChAOS. Catchy music, strong vocals, unique concepts. Dancing clearly isn’t their strong suit, though, so I kind of wish they’d ditch that and focus on making unique stages in a different way. Like Secret’s Talk That stage required very little choreography from the girls themselves, but was hella interesting to watch.

      I’m afraid ChAOS will just have a niche appeal — similar to Piggy Dolls — but I love them all the same.

    • wan_bforest89

      i read this article line by line to see if there’s any mention of chAOS but there isnt. i totally agree with Just Kidding?11 up there chAOS is such a well rounded Vocal group except for Hyunsun but then he’s a better singer than the role of a rapper given to him.dancing isnt their forte though but still they managed to look awkwardly adorable  while doing so. hehe

  • http://piggy68gal.tumblr.com/ piggy68gal

    I liked BtoB and C-CLOWN the best, I guess. Runners up include SPICA, EXO, B.A.P., 100% and ChAOS. These groups all have at least 1 song that I really liked.
    When BtoB first debuted, I listened to ‘Insane’ and felt that it gave off a very Beast vibe. And apparently many people felt the same way. But after they released ‘Wow’ and my personal favourite ‘I Didn’t Know Anything But Love’, I began to pay more attention to them. Listening to their previous songs, learning the members’ names etc, and I began to like the group :) As for C-CLOWN, I was initially put off by their name, but when I saw them performing ‘Far Away…Young Love’ on MB, I liked the song immediately! The members are pretty likeable as well.
    When SPICA first debuted, they caught my attention instantly with ‘Russian Roulette’. That song is awesome! But then they started releasing more generic tunes, which made me disappointed, because I think that they are the most vocally talented rookie group around, and they can do much more than this.
    ChAOS was also another group that I liked since debut. Their debut song ‘She Is Coming’ is so fun and gave off a very different type of feel as compared to the usual pop songs…and I also loved their most recent release, ‘Kiss Kiss’. I think that this group is very vocally talented as well, and I really love their voices. Sad to see that they are overshadowed/underlooked though, these boys have so much potential.
    B.A.P. debuted really strong with ‘Warrior’. They had such energy on stage! But the only single that I really liked from them is probably ‘Stop It’…The other singles were good too but not exactly my kind of songs, I guess. As for EXO, I like ‘What Is Love’ and perhaps ‘History’, but the true gems are the unreleased ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ and ‘My Lady’. Haven’t really gotten really into the group yet though. They need to make a comeback for me to decide.
    I think 100% had a strong debut. I really loved ‘Bad Boy’ so much that I put it on repeat for days, watched their MV and performances so much so that my brother started complaining. Their latest release is okay, in my opinion, but not really my type of song. I usually can’t get into slow songs/ballads sung by idol groups. It’s just me, I guess.
    Lastly, I liked EXID’s ‘Every Night’ and FIESTAR’s ‘Vista’…but that’s about it, I’ll see if I like more of their future releases.
    All in all, these are the rookies that captured my attention, apart from the soloists and indie bands. I am still not fans of any of these groups yet, but one or two more comebacks may do the trick. We’ll see! :D

  • JammySmoochie

    Oh no. Oh no you didn’t. Where the hell is Lunafly? Seriously guys?

    Shade aside, I really enjoyed this year’s rookies. Standouts for me are B.A.P, Ailee, Lunafly, Lee Hi and let’s be honest, EXO too. Too much hype, yes, but they did get noticed.

    B.A.P is still my favorite rookie though. I breathe for live, strong and energetic performances and B.A.P delivered in spades. Ailee is the best female rookie voice I have heard this year. Stable live vocals, personality and not to mention her banging body – she’s destined for great things. My favorite song from her, so far, is Evening Sky.

    Lunafly. Still can’t forgive you for not mentioning them. Nega Network’s new group did not disappoint especially with their latest release “Clear Day, Cloudy Day”. I wish them the best.

    Lee Hi, known as the monster rookie, had me with but lost me with Scarecrow. But I’m still looking forward to her future releases, hopefully with the rest of SuPearls. As for EXO, they need a comeback ASAP. And they better release My Lady and Baby Don’t Cry. Those songs will turn me into a complete fan. And hopefully they don’t lipsynch. SM, please believe in their talent (I mean, Baekhyun, D.O and Suho have amazing voices). And let Chanyeol rap more. Cuz he’s the best rapper in SM right now.

  • PrincessVictoria

    I agree with most of them, but I really miss Lunafly and AOA :)

  • AcadiasFire

    B.A.P, Nu’est, BTOB, Lunafly, C-Clown, Evol, Hello Venus, Roh Ji-hoon, Ailee, and Juniel really stood out to me. I loved there debuts and their follow ups for the ones that did.

  • AcadiasFire

    B.A.P, Nu’est, BTOB, Lunafly, C-Clown, Evol, Hello Venus, Roh Ji-hoon, Ailee, and Juniel really stood out to me. I loved there debuts and their follow ups for the ones that did.

  • KrisMyStar

    EXO, Fiestar, Hello Venus, and Btob were my favorite rookies this year. 

  • http://twitter.com/Caaaal Callum

    Hello Venus + Ailee <3