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In music, we reviewed Taeyeon‘s first solo mini-album, iKon‘s debut ‘half album,’ Xiah Junsu‘s “Yesterday,” Zion. T‘s newest release with “No Make Up,” U Sung Eun‘s “Nothing,” Twice’s debut with “Like Ooh-Ahh,” Kyuhyun‘s latest release and listed five non-ballad performances from Kyuhyun, and, finally, an interview with Topp Dogg.

Lastly, we took a look at our Unsung Artists for the month.

Also related to music, several Seoulbeats writers attended Big Bang‘s MADE concert and shared their experiences.

In socio-cultural articles for the week, there was discussion on how our differing cultures are displayed in reaction videos, examined the role of the leader in K-pop,

There was also the recap of Best of Weekly Music Shows.

Meanwhile, in drama, we recapped the first nine episodes for dramas She Was Pretty, as well as the different way Korea views vampires as seen from dramas. There was also a review of the film, The Advocate.

It’s the details that matter the most in this week’s For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Finally, in Sunday Social, it was centered around K-dramas.

Here are some of our favorite comments of the week:

poppysky on A Promise For The Future In Xiah Junsu’s “Future”

The MV was stunning to say the least! It sets personal tragedies against the background of global catastrophe in an achingly beautiful manner. The stark setting, muted colours, the interplay of shadows and light, the slow bloom of fire and clouds sort of mirror the subdued anguish of the characters, which in turn, allows the song itself to shine through in the most perfect moments! The throwback to the bird from the ‘Flower’ MV (and any other references if I’ve missed them) is also interesting considering the mini album has acoustic versions of his previous lead singles, so it feels like a reaffirmation of his musical oeuvre as he heads off into the unknown- life wise and career wise.

The part where the person stepped on the flower felt like the whole thing was going the Attack on Titan route but I think the intention was to bring together the concepts of natural decay as symbolized by the flower and sudden destruction- which again ties into the20151021_seoulbeats_ikon_logo various ways a relationship can break apart. Junsu’s role in the story as a narrator/single-man chorus in the MV is also gripping because he has some unmistakable acting skills! He manages to convey the complexity of treading the fine line between human empathy and detached observation by sublimating the complete despair around him into the art that is his music.

Brilliance, this MV! Looking at ‘Flower’ and now ‘Yesterday’, I’m in complete awe!

JammySmoochie on iKon’s ‘Welcome Back’ Not What I Expected

I thought this was a good release – not mind-blowingly good but definitely above average. With the sole (and major) exception of Rhythm Ta (which was the main title track, go figure), the other songs ranged from good to really good. Standouts for me are Airplane, My Type and Welcome Back. I like how young the album sounds so far.

I think they absolutely need to work on the line distribution. Chanwoo is by no means a stunner when it comes to vocals but it would be nice to hear him more. Same with Yunhyeong. The boy can sing (even better than Jinhwan, I must add) and I want to hear more of him. Maybe lessen BI and Bobby’s lines since they are overwhelmingly present in all the songs? Also tone down on the shade/diss since they are just rookies who need all the support and GOOD attention they could get. Also I need more dance-based songs since iKON really excel in dancing.

Overall, a 3.75/5 album for me.

mijooliet on Twice Turns on the Charm in “Like Ooh-Aah”

I didn’t watch Sixteen because I’ve had enough of survival shows, I know I won’t be able to handle it LMAO. So I just accept the line up the way it is now.

Overall, this is one of the best girlband debut in my opinion! What makes Twice stand out (besides the talents) is the fact that all of them possesses different personas/auras. Each of them radiates different kinds of aura (Feminine aura from Mina, quirky from Sana, fierce from Jihyo+Chaeyoung, etc) and it makes them memorable. Yes, they’re physically easy to differentiate and it definitely helps people to get into them faster, but what matters the most is the differences in the charms that each member has. Strangely, it doesn’t make Twice seem messy or individualistic, but unique and bright. I’m sure we’ve heard a lot of “All of them look the same!” comment everytime a new group debuts, but that’s not the case with Twice. I think why that kind of comment emerges is because all members of the group radiate the same kind of charm. That’s why it’s even harder to differentiate them.

The song is decent, but not too outstanding. Still, as I said before, their biggest weapon is not the song, but the members themselves. Plus, all of them are talented, so I don’t see any problem. Continue to slay, Twice and JYP!

That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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