20150205_seoulbeats_teentop_niel_onlynielDear Angels, it is almost time to embark upon the blessing that is Niel‘s solo debut. Currently, there is a countdown timer on Teen Top‘s website with a large silver N slowly fading into a metallic blue hue as the release date gets closer. There are also other dates for the remaining teasers to be seen before his album drops.

The previous teasers included a screenshot from his upcoming MV for the title song “Lovekiller,” as well as a photo for his album cover. Today marks the first of his video teasers, featuring Niel emerging from a van to dance passionately in the rain. Neon signs of “love” and “killer” flicker in a couple of frames as an unidentified woman walks by. Only one line of his song can be heard at the end.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfm02XTMi6Y?rel=0]

Niel is the first member of Teen Top to get a solo. His album titled oNiely sounds unique, but outside of a few teasers, it remains a musical guessing game. No word yet on collaborations, but given the title, he could possibly buck the trend of recent solo debuts that have featuring artists. Not to say it would be terrible if other artists collaborated on his album, but straying away from the idea would be a bold move. Everyone will have to wait and see what he has in store for us when oNiely drops on February 16.

Do you think Niel will have collaborators? If so, who should he feature on his album? Comment down below!

(YouTube, Teen Top Official Website, Images via Top Media)