20141711_seoulbeats_hyorinxjooyoung2Hyorin is back in the Starship X duet, “Erase”, with fellow label artist Joo Young.

Hyorin started teasing a comeback on November 10th with a mystery image titled ‘Who’s Next’ of her and an unknown man. It was later revealed that the mystery man was Starship X’s new artist, Joo Young. Now, the teaser has finally dropped, creating more anticipation for the duet to release.

While Hyorin’s last duet with Mad Clown was a hip hop track, “Erase” is an R&B track, style much more suited to her type of vocals. In the teaser, Joo Young’s soft vocals lead the way for Hyorin’s emotional ones, creating a build of emotion that leaves you wanting more.

The start of the teaser indulges us with the first meeting of Hyorin and a bartender, played by Cross Gene‘s Takuya, while Joo Young looks on at them from further down the bar. Fans may know Takuya from his ongoing stint on jTBC’s Abnormal Summit. This is the second appearance in a week by an Abnormal Summit panelist with Daniel Sneoks appearing in AOA’s “Like a Cat”.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFH5lIAexIU&w=560&h=315]

Enough has been shown in the teaser to know that Takuya is Hyorin’s love interest but the nature of their relationship is not entirely revealed. Their meeting at the bar is filled with tentative looks of interest, which then flows into a more intimate scene with Hyorin lying on a bed. The relationship could be a serious romance or just a short fling. The title of the song is “Erase”, so the relationship could possibly be one that the characters will want to forget or use to forget something else. However, we will have to wait until the full MV drops on November 20th to find out all the details. So for now, what is your theory for the plot of the MV?

(YouTube, Images via Starship Entertainment)