Last week was the supposed beginning of fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I think someone forgot to tell Heat Miser to chill a little bit. Instead of sweater weather, leggings, and pumpkin spice everything, it’s still in the upper 80s/lower 90s where I live with no end in sight. It’s hard to get in the mood for Halloween when it’s still possible to go to the beach and get a nice tan. Naturally, the influx of fall comebacks is seriously cramping my style because those slightly somber, getting ready for winter blues songs just don’t mesh with the vibe Mother Nature is putting out. Therefore, this SB Mixtape has some songs of the summer that I just can’t let go of, courtesy of one of our latest roundtables and recent releases.

And if you’re actually experiencing some real fall weather, send some my way. Use this mixtape to hold on to those last vestiges of summer because before we know it, winter will be here.