The New Year equals a whole new round of debuts and 2019 is ringing in some of the most anticipated debuts to come. There are quite a lot of boy groups preparing to officially enter the K-pop scene, coming off the wave of older boy groups slowing down promotions to enter military duty. Not forgetting, 2019 is also the year Wanna One will be disbanding to make their debuts in their respective agencies.

Jellyfish Entertainment has already kicked us off with VeriVery, the first boy group to debut after VIXX. YG Entertainment is wrapping up YG Treasure Box to debut their next boy band in 4 years. And even Big Hit Entertainment is teasing fans with TXT, the highly anticipated boy group to come after BTS.

With this mixtape, we’re looking at past debuts. Some of these debuts were extremely memorable and will forever leave a mark on K-pop history. On the other hand, some of these debut songs are personal preferences of acts that could have made a larger impact in the K-pop world.

Readers, leave your favorite debut songs in the comments below!