20140310_seoulbeats_ren_boysday_minahMaking good on my New Year’s resolution to bring Chat Boxes back with more consistency!

On this week’s Chat Box, we discuss:

You From Another Star, and how much we liked/didn’t like it

Music Core‘s 400th episode and why so many girl groups get to swap songs, but why guys don’t do the same, and why they always parody girl groups’ songs

– Our reaction to your reaction of us comparing Exo vs. GOT7 vs. WINNER

– Remember when I made Subi melt into a puddle of tears over her DBSK fangirling? Remember when Nabeela was basically hyperventilating over 2PM‘s Minjun with strong ferocity? At this point, you don’t get properly inducted into the SB Chat Box group until I make you curl up into a (figurative) fetal position over your one true bias. It’s why I became a journalist, after all. So on this episode, it was Gaya’s turn.

I should keep doing these podcasts forever. Who disagrees?!

(Image via Elle)