20130825_seoulbeats_simondOne of the most interesting things to happen in K-hip-hop last year was the very public diss battle among various rappers. Inspired by American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” Korean rapper Swings called out a few rappers who then began to respond back.

To take a more in depth look at what happened, check out Ambika’s explanations of the various disses broken down into Part 1 and Part 2 with Part 2 containing the majority of what will be briefly discussed below.

The reason this is relevant is because throughout the various diss battles, accusations came to light accusing Amoeba Culture founder and Dynamic Duo member Gaeko of misconduct towards E-Sens, Simon D’s former partner.

Swings later released another track calling out Simon D for his neglect and betrayal of E-Sens. Simon D responded to the diss, however, his rap was rather unspecific as he claimed to be stuck in the middle between E-Sens and Amoeba Culture.

While Simon D seemed to remain on good terms with Amoeba Culture at the time, it’s a safe assumption to say that it played a role in his decision to leave the company.

Who would you want Simon D to sign with? Anyone hoping for Supreme Team to reunite?

(Amoeba Culture)