20121101_seoulbeats_supremeteam_esensThe first part covered a basic introduction to the start of this massive K-hip-hop battle. Ending with Gaeko‘s response to E-Sens‘ “You Can’t Control Me,” arguably the game-changer that made a portion of this seemingly never-ending slew of tracks about more than just pride. Moreover, there have been other tracks similarly focusing on calling out individuals in a more blatant manner, whether it’s about their “has-been” lyrics or tendency to focus on love songs. Yeah, that’s the point of a diss track, but this time seems to have turned into everyone’s opportunity to complain.

Nonetheless, the real meat of what started as a calmer set of tracks has predominantly become about Amoeba Culture, former and current, with the diss track as a medium to get information and opinions out in the opinion that usually can’t be said in other ways.

Warning: As per usual with these posts, profanity and vulgar language follow.

5. E-Sens’ Response: “True Story”

Picking up where the last article left off, we have E-Sens releasing “True Story,” a clear response to Gaeko’s rap, and one that goes into a more intense storytelling mode, adding details to the story while claiming that Gaeko’s second side that audiences don’t get to see screwed him over. A lengthy excerpt follows, but do read the whole.

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Everyone wants an answer to the rhyme that a reporter could have written instead. This is the main event.
When I failed, I said, I’ll give back hundredfold.
I never whined.
2 years later, you gave me the slave contract.

If I give you 200,000,000 KRW and leave quietly, you’ll discount 800,000,000 KRW?
Don’t even joke, I knew you were lying.
You thought I was an idiot and talked as if you were being nice.
I definitely said that I won’t evade responsibility.
Who betrayed who in this story?
Fuck you go to hell.
We tremble asking for a vacation
Your stupid manager was too scared to say I couldn’t go to broadcast,
So he told me to move my father’s burial rites to the weekend.
Fuck you to go hell.
You’re that kind of people.
You knew everything but if I ask, you say “Sorry, I didn’t know”.
Don’t be a dick. You’re the fake, rotting shell.
If not that, you’re a coward who’s scared of your older sister’s skirt.

If you know embarrassment, get out with your role model talk.

What did you do for me? The fact that you tortured me?
Even the money I got from that, you used and threw out.
You’re saying that I made more while I was making debts up than you did?
Do you think I liked doing that?
You knew what I was feeling better than anyone.
I made 300,000,000 KRW doing that sh*t and now I owe 1,000,000,000 KRW.
You said that if I didn’t want to get my mother’s and older sister’s money stolen,
I should just shut up and listen to you.
If you talk about my family again, I’ll really kill you.
A cool attitude that said even if it doesn’t work at first,
You’ll let me do music for 10 years.
The two of your words and actions don’t match.
You say it’s for the culture, but you’re all thugs.
1,000,000,000 is a number you and your friends like
That manager that stole money from the musician is your sister

Now you say I’m pessimistic and that I’m sick for attention
Now you’re trying to line those words up to fix my existence?
Your vulpine eyes are already impure, admit it.
You don’t represent rappers, you represent the dirty entertainment.
Who’s the one who was brave and who’s the one who cheated while hiding?
I’m stepping out. Don’t worry, my passion is still like fire.
Speak up if I lied about anything here.

For reference, the “older sister’s skirt” mention, according to rumor and unconfirmed by any official sources, has to do with Gaeko supposedly spilling the beans on E-Sens’ marijuana use to an older, journalist friend. She’s supposedly the same person through which Amoeba Culture does most of their media play as well, explaining how she would be the one that “stole money,” i.e. taking it for her manipulations.

20130824_gaeko_dynamicduoThe lyrics are clearer and speak for themselves in this track. The details reinforce the ideas presented in E-Sens’ first go: he was asked to pay a sizable amount of money, the treatment while under the company wasn’t very good, and that in order to make money, he did music he wasn’t satisfied with. That combined with the different details of Gaeko’s “I Can Control You,” present sides that are a little more complete. In one corner, according to Gaeko, we have E-Sens as the disrespectful marijuana user who was cut for bad behavior. In the other, according to E-Sens, we have the sly snake Gaeko that manipulated for money, seemingly not being above stooping to blackmail. Neither side is absolved of wrongdoings, and neither side has words that can be taken without any suspicion. However, the level of detail in the allegations not necessarily against Gaeko but against Amoeba Culture as a whole is one that requires a response in order to keep up the appearance of the company.

So of course, as Dynamic Duo is set to perform as part of the lineup of Kcon, a rapid response for this track would be unexpected and unrealistic. Instead, we have Amoeba releasing a statement in light of the more severe attack, firmly stating that E-Sens’ claims were false but also revealing that they were still in discussion about how to deal with the situation as a whole. As the allegations have gotten more serious, it doesn’t seem possible for Amoeba to shrug their shoulders and try to end it by just saying all claims are false, especially since the hip-hop scene is more vociferous in their approval or disapproval which can take a toll on influence and reputation. However they do end up responding, perhaps once Dynamic Duo returns, it will be interesting.

6. Swings vs. Ugly Duck: “Hwang Jung-min (King Swings Pt. 2)” vs. “Format”

After E-Sens’ “You Can’t Control Me,” came two response tracks. If you recall from the first installment, Swings started the excitement of “Control” with “King Swings” and was quickly responded to by Buckwilds‘ member Ugly Duck. Of course, in response, we have Swings releasing the lengthy “Hwang Jung-min.” There are responses specifically to Ugly Duck, but as this is the Amoeba Culture edition, the focus below will be on Simon D.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypobMW3qkHU]

First, fuck Jung Gi-seok (Simon D)
A retarded dog, this Judas fucker! You just stay where you are
You can’t even stare at me straight in the eye and if you do, you get cut off like the end of a penis does
When Sens got kicked out, you joined both hands with Dynamic Duo
During the time he’s asleep, you’d send in proofs of the contents
And then ㅋ you go on TV and smile while acting like the good guy ㅋ!?
A million dollar slave contract..is it his fault for rejecting the offer?
Ssam D you mother fucker, I knew it ever since you stole Jtong, you mother fucking bag of bones
Sun Joo-kyung, you didn’t know about this, right? The one who apologized first was Ssam D and you were fooled

Why don’t you hop on over to the gay bar with Ssam D and Primary
I’m not done yet. Hold onto to the case and hang on
I took off his case, right? I’m sure that retard will cry
That fucking biaaaatch who always hid and was sensitive during the time I made a big deal
No way. Biaaaatch, okay.
You’re the biggest slave and cunt of Amoeba lurkers

“Hwang Jung-min” also includes Swings’ defense against Ugly Duck’s accusations, an awful lot of back and forth behavior, and a somewhat peaceful ending with respect to any battle against Ugly Duck or TakeOne. But, as you can see above, Swings levels heavy accusations against Simon D, insinuating that the latter was the whistleblower and the betrayer, sucking up to Dynamic Duo for the fame. It’s a clear invitation for Simon D to respond.

Though I’ve put this after E-Sens’ “True Story,” for the sake of separating E-Sens vs. Gaeko and Simon D’s portion, it’s important to remember that this came out before “True Story” and the perspective it packed.

Ugly Duck’s response, “Format,” was significantly shorter and more resigned. And it does have this call for everyone to just air everything while they have the opportunity, something that does happen, as you’ll see in yes, the third installment.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/106819271″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Fake ass mother fucker, acting friendly once you’re in front of people but talking shit behind their backs. I’ve seen it all
That’s why they say being disciplined when you’re young is crucial
Because I learned all of your wings, there’s no sort of talking shit behind someone’s back with me
All of you should come out and fight till there’s dust
I’m sure there’s a couple of fuckers that feel that this applies to them so come out
I never tried to control everyone because my goal is to reset
I honestly hated the fact that you guys would make excuses for yourself
So where did all the brothers from Illest Konfusion go?

7. Enter Simon D: “Control”

Below are portions pertaining to E-Sens for the sake of length. But do take the time to read the entire set of lyrics, which includes a very sharp response to Swings regarding his insults and his insinuations about J-Tong‘s position. And in a move that surprised no one, Swings has already put out on his Twitter that a Part 3 is coming, most likely fully against Simon D.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/107053452″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Label, step back for a bit.
Even if it’s breaking the contract, I have the rights to make a new rule since I’ve rolled like a dog.

The anger that came from lack of attention changed the dynamics.
The dogs that watch say I’m the fox, but wait?
Sens wouldn’t diss me so vaguely. Don’t let your guard down
E-Sens vs Amoeba Culture, E-Sens vs Dynamic Duo
I had a lot of problems with them, too, but they didn’t get along
I couldn’t hold hands with either one
I always held tightly onto my little brother’s wrist.
Really. The selfish fighting. The fighting without an answer is only next.
The painful noise is at the end of the silent scream.
There’s definitely parts that are my fault in the fighting, I admit it.
I always pretended I was winning in the shieldless fight.
I couldn’t do much but make money.
Even outside of the canvas of the verse I grew tired of writing, I had to stand lonely.
It’s funny to blame not being able to adapt now.
I hide both sides of myself, the one that adapted with or without Sens.

You say you’re Sens’ best friend, but you don’t know shit about his feelings
Do I have to say everything? Rubbing your ears.

I pretended to be nice and smiled on the TV
But who’s the one who was doing shit in the back?
Ask your friend if I’m the type to betray people
The one thing for sure is that you don’t have the truth.
Get it, you motherfucker?

First and foremost, Simon D strongly refutes the claim that he sold out E-Sens (i.e. he’s not the “fox”). This is further supported by E-Sens’ tweets about how he wasn’t talking about either Swings or Simon D in his first track that first mentioned the “fox.” Another takeaway from this track and the complete lack of mention of Simon D in either of E-Sens’ tracks is that it seems, luckily, that the two are at least civil if not on amicable terms.

20130825_seoulbeats_simondHis rap confirms that there was discontent on both ends but is unspecific. Simon D admits to staying in the background, avoiding the main issue, and taking advantage of what he could. As there has been no mention of his status with Amoeba changing, it’s the type of response that puts some blame on both sides and doesn’t clear anything up, as expected. Moreover, as the primary objective of his entrance wasn’t so much as to envelope himself solely in post-Supreme Team controversy, but to answer the accusations made by Swings, a conclusive turn on the topic was not expected.

There isn’t much else that can be said about the E-Sens/Amoeba Culture situation that wouldn’t involve taking a side based on the lyrics presented. All that’s left is to sit tight while the ball’s in Amoeba’s court to see how the volatile situation is handled.

But in the meantime, do stay tuned for a third installment that focuses on other tracks released, limited by the translations available, and takes a look at this mainstream vs. underground division that seems to come up frequently in the songs.

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