20131020_snsd_girl_perfumeHappy Sunday!

Today, let’s talk about ginormous K-pop groups. Cho PD from Stardom Entertainment is preparing to debut his 13-membered Topp Dogg, and we’ve been getting new member profiles almost daily.

His concept is, of course, not new at all. It all started with Super Junior in 2005, and then we eventually got SNSD (9 members), After School when they swelled to 9 members, ditto to T-ara, Exo (12 members), A-Peace (21 members), and the list goes on.

The question for today is: are large groups effective? What is their place in the K-pop landscape, and how will they continue to be used in the future? How do they compare to Japan’s ginormous groups?

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(Images via High Cut, SM Entertainment)