This week, most of the acts that made comebacks last week continued with their promotional cycles. In other words, we have got another embarrassment of riches in terms of performances to pick from.

So here are a few that I thought were worth watching again.

Nine Muses’ “Gun”, MNet’s M! Countdown, 17th October 2013

The Nine Muses have certainly found themselves a comfortable niche with their forays into retro-pop. The song is as usual easy to like, and it does not hurt that the leggy beauties are nice to watch (so says my sister).

T-Ara’s “Number Nine”, MBC’s Music Core, 19th October 2013

Sure these days, the group has taken a hard battering in terms of public perception, but the reasonable chart ranking shows that everyone is not above a annoyingly fun four-to-the-floor club banger. Plus there are some things about the group that have endearingly not changed, like how the Eunjung-Hyomin-Soyeon trio are still the ones that seem to hold up the whole group, performance wise.

IU’s “The Red Shoes”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 18th October 2013

While I still think that IU (or the people behind this effort) are trying too hard to impress and make her sound beyond her years, a decent song is still a decent song, and some of the artistic flourishes are impressive. Plus she did take a win, which means the public do love this brand of “Anti K-pop K-pop”.

Block B’s “Very Good”, MBC’s Show! Music Core, 19th October 2013

Block B in recent times have gone from strength to strength with each release. By now they have gotten the mix of aggression and polish just right. While I still find the chorus a bit of a laugh, that quality rapping more than makes up for it.

Seo In-young’s “Love Me”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 18th October 2013

It seems slightly unfortunate that Seo In-young for her latest comeback had to go straight against Kahi, cause while I think that Kahi has the edge in performance ability, Seo In-young is not a slouch in that segment either. Plus the song has its appeal for those seeking a more traditional approach to K-pop. I still think that the pink scarf and the dark attire do not match, and its definitely an off day by that stylist.

So here were my five performances of the week. What were some of yours?

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