After starting their 2013 with a contract termination lawsuit against their ex-label Stardom Entertainment, Block B finally made a music comeback this month, returning under a new agency with EP “Very Good.”

Block B is one of Korea’s few boy groups in the mainstream pop scene with a heavy hip hop/rap focus, and their high-octane sound is always energetic and aggressive. “When, Where, How” is a solo track from member Park Kyung, one of the rappers of the group, and the song is decidedly more low-key, sparse with melody and instrumentals. It features sultry vocals from Jo Hyuna, main vocalist of indie group Urban Zakapa, in a nice call-and-response with Park Kyung’s singing, which is not his forte but serviceable for a song like this. Kyung’s strength is his rapping, which has a nice flow and a playful flair to it.

“Very Good” is a solid mini-album, true to Block B’s sound and a reassurance that complications with their contract haven’t hindered their ability to release good hip pop.

(Via Youtube)