I, like many humans, have a favorite sports team. My athletic drug of choice is the Pittsburgh Penguins, who after a rough start are second in the Eastern standings, only two points behind the Capitals. For non-NHL fans, we’re doing good. But as I have watched almost every game this season, I have been forced to confront a true weakness: the music at PPG Paints Arena is terrible.

Actually, most sports teams have really bad taste in music. The best case scenario is classic jock jams from the 90s — “No Limit”, “Pump Up The Jam”, maybe EMF‘s “Unbelievable”. Then you’ve got bland indie rock — hi, Pens!– and finally, the incredibly lazy teams that just play Top 40 hits, looking at you, Madison Square Garden. Look, I love Dua Lipa as much as the next girl, but a hockey face-off is not the right place for “Levitating”.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a playlist of K-pop songs that fit the needs of the jock jam. They pump up the players and the fans, keep the audience engaged while waiting for play to resume, and fit the atmosphere of a sports game, while being songs the audience hasn’t heard a million times.

Seriously, NHL, NBA, Premier League, whoever: have at it, I’m doing y’all a favor.